Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Lesson in Chevron Stamp Carving

  Hopefully I can get thru this post before yet another thunderstorm comes. It's gotten much cooler since yesterday and it certainly was almost a record breaking cool, no, cold! 46 degrees during the night. Thank goodness it's on its way out . I don't want to have to bring out a sweatshirt and slipper socks again for a long time :)

 Yesterday was special to me. I called my friend Lenna Andrews who's taking Stamp Carving 101 online with me and collaborating on a tag project with me. Actually, I called because I was working on Lesson 5 and needed a break, as all the carving involved was starting to make me a little nutty, not to mention my eyes were starting to blur.  I left her a mssg. and when she called back we talked  quite awhile, like friends do. I love when I actually have the opportunity to speak with an online friend because it's so fun being able to put a voice to a name and photo. Lenna's voice is as sweet as her photos just as I expected!

  Now, for the carving. I've completed Lesson 4 which is a chevron set and am quite pleased with the results. Julie also showed another sample set which is a set of banners. I plan on making them at some point too-especially after seeing Lenna's which you can see here. I just love them!

   These are my carvings along with the stamped images:


  This is a sampler tag I made for Lenna and I:

  And here are my finished tags for us:

   I am so hooked on the Dylusions ink sprays and just couldn't resist using them again. The tags were sprayed with Bubblegum Pink and Pure Sunshine-YUM!! The quote is a Stamper's Anonymous rubber stamp. That's my first carved stamp, a heart from Lesson 1 at the bottom. Lesson 5 is just about completed so I 'll be posting that soon. Until next time...and many thanks for stopping by!

      "What seems to be a dead end may be an arrow pointing you in an unexpected direction."


  1. I really love your chevrons. I need to make some of these!

  2. I adore your chevron stamps, Linda. They are so cool!! I really like the shapes and the way you decorated them . . . and I especially liked talking to you the other day -thanks!!

  3. Linda stumbled upon your lovely creative blog. Your chevrons look so interesting - the stamps make your art really stand out. Thanks for sharing. I will be stopping back.

  4. Briliant Bashar quote and your chevron stamps are really fabulous!


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