Monday, July 25, 2022

Feelin HOT, HOT, HOT!

 Oh my- it's been so hot - too hot for even me! And unfortunately though there were many rain/storm threats and warnings they did not relieve our area- they all went above and below us 😞. Seems like this heat wave has been all over the US and even across the pond in Europe as well. Hope you're all finding ways to stay cool.

 Again we've been quite busy continuing to help our son and DIL with their new home. And now I'm beginning to make favors for the baby shower which is in just a few weeks. Exciting times for sure😁! But it also means that blogging and participating in my favorite challenges and link ups will be sporadic.

 Outside of doing my index card challenge I've had little time for art journaling. I did manage to squeeze in the first lesson of 8 from the free Collage Fodder online classes. They only ran for a limited time. I wanted to try this one so badly so here it is:

 I really loved the idea of making a peace catcher and putting the wishes out in the breeze. I purposely chose soft, muted colors (which kinda remind me of the mountains and southwest colors though I've never been). I'd love to make a few more in the future. I made a nice little video of it hanging and blowing in the breeze on one of our trees in the back yard but it just wouldn't upload here. I did share it on IG.

 Before I bombard you with my index card art I'll stop to say hello to the wonderful T Stands For Tuesday peeps. I've missed everyone and will be happy to catch up again! Here's my ticket:

 Cold water with lemon and a frittata are my go to's when it's hot and humid. Often I just sauté some of whatever fresh vegetables I may have on hand for the base. For this one I sauteed mushrooms with a bit of olive oil, garlic, herbs de Provence, salt and pepper. I whisked two eggs and put that over the mushrooms cooking until the eggs were set. I added torn pieces from a slice of vegan smoked gouda cheese-yum!

 And now for the ICAD catch up...only one more week after these!
Here are the last ones from my series with a vintage theme using mostly Tim Holtz and ARTchix Studio imagery:





  ICAD 46

 And here was my next little series (Series #6) using a common theme and supplies. For these I began them all with Dina Wakley paints then stamped with black ink using a variety of my background stamps before adding collage and sentiments:






 ICAD 52



 I'm happy to join Rain's Thursday Art and Dinner date later this week. Wishing you a good and cool week ahead.🤗

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Monday, July 11, 2022


 and the days are flying by! I meant to post last week but it just didn't happen. Hubby was off all week so we did some fun things in between helping son and DIL pack and clean and begin moving in to their first home. 

 As you see here, my intentions were good- I made this journal page for Try It On Tuesday and Tag Tuesday for last week:

 This is the first page I've done in the new Dina Wakley 8' x 10" kraft journal. Outside of my index card art I haven't had the time to create which is a shame because there have been some really wonderful free art lessons (for a limited time, hence my problem) online! I've tried to at least watch some and hopefully remember the steps to try some in the future.

 Sunday after a long, busy few days prior we had my Mom's 80th birthday dinner. She celebrated with various friends and family throughout the week so the dinner I had was fairly simple and only our son and DIL were with us. Here are the only pics I have:

 I made a vegetable lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and for dessert her favorite French cake. It's made with bittersweet chocolate and only 1/4 cup of flour. Since I had cleared the table and have no drink reference I will instead share this next photo for T Stands For Tuesday:

Yes, it is Tour De France time again!! First time using this TDF mug- one of three in a set I bought last year. Bill and I are following all along the way and enjoying every bit of the race as well as the scenery (thankfully we can record it each day in case we miss a morning 😁). Anyone else watching? I'm pretty sure Chris is 😉. Cheers!

 Now to catch up with my index card art so far for the ICAD 61 day Challenge:

ICAD 28/61

ICAD 29/61

ICAD 30/61
 The above were the last three in my mini series of themed art.

 My next series is vintage style using mostly Tim Holtz and ARTchix Studio products. Lots of layers using collage sheet images, transparencies, collage tissue, washi tape, Paper Dolls and Small Talk stickers (sentiments). Here are ICADS 31-41:

 I'm so happy to be using lots of bits from my years of collecting vintage ephemera😜.
And that's all I have for now. My posts may be a bit sporadic with our son and DIL's move and her upcoming baby shower, in addition to watching the Tour De France everyday but I will try.

 Also joining Rain's Thursday Art and Dinner Date, and  Nicole's Friday Face Off. I will be around to visit! Until then...

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.”   John Lubbock