Thursday, August 29, 2013

Moving Along Into September

  Hard to believe it's almost time to turn the calendar page again. I certainly hope our summer continues into  September! Monday is a holiday here in the US- Labor Day - and many will have an extra day off. Hope it makes for great outdoor weather wherever you are and whatever you do, whether it's a picnic or one more trip to the beach.

 This is the background I made for my Sept. calendar spread for Kate Crane's 2013 Calendar Project:

  Pages were sprayed with Dylusions Lemon Zest, Squeezed Orange and Vibrant Turquoise Ink Sprays. Added some Caran D'Ache water soluble crayons. Black Marble ink spray was used for the black spatters. Some were outlined with a uni-ball Signo white pen. I used an old Magenta foam stamp with white acrylic paint and a bottle cap with black acrylic paint for more mark making.

 Ready to go:

  The month and weekdays were cut from an old calendar. The card stock squares were outlined with Caran D'Ache water soluble crayons. Numbers are stamped and from an old rubber stamp set.


  One of the two art technique books I took with me on my beach vacation was Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop by Serena Barton. LOVE this book! First of all I love the wabi-sabi (Japanese) theory of  "an approach to life and art that's in harmony with nature, one that values handmade and rustic and recognizes the impermanence of life." Embracing imperfection. That's a good thing. Serena's many techniques and projects provide great springboards in creating your own art using a wide variety of mediums-including cold wax (which I'd never heard of before). There are detailed step outs and product explanations through out, as well as lots of gallery art showcasing these techniques. Also, Serena has chosen the most beautiful haikus which are sprinkled over 120 some pages for further inspiration. Thumbs up!

  This is the first project/technique I pretty much followed on pg. 74:

                                                    Things Both Ancient and Modern (5" x 7")

  Products used: 5 x 7" canvas board; gesso; soft matte gel med.; Yellow Ochre Fluid Acrylic; water soluble crayons; walnut ink; coffee granules; champagne mica flakes; Distress Vintage Photo and Black Soot inks; white mulberry paper; fiber/yarn strand; found object.
  I found that rusty round object on the ground on a walk recently and immediately knew I wanted to work it into this particular project. Bet you didn't think I was capable of using such a muted palette eh??

  Besides the techniques from this book my next project came about because of this song:

  I recently played Keith Harkin's CD again and for some reason I could not for the life of me get this particular song " Orange Moon" out of my head! So I had to do something about it :)

                                                     Underneath An Orange Moon (8" x 10")

  Printed out map of the area mentioned in the song and adhered to the canvas. Outlined 'Sparta', 'Dover', and 'New York' with a black Sharpie. I then added many layers of glazes, reinker glazes and stains. An orange tissue paper circle was glued down then a bit of orange water soluble crayon was added to it. Now, my ? to all of you is- does this look finished or not, does it look disconnected because of the floating words, should I add something(s)? I'd SO appreciate your input. In the meantime, I'll just let it be-it did get the song out of my head so I could get to sleep ;)

  Do any of you own Serena's book? Tried any of the techniques? How do you embrace imperfection in your art? I'd really love to hear your thoughts.

  Linking up to Art Journal Every Day, Paint Party Friday, Show and Tell Saturday, Mandarin Orange Monday, Glue It Tuesday, Kate Crane's 2013 Calendar Project. I've got some serious art partying to do the next few days with my blogging artists peeps!

"Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
 There is a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in". 
                                                                                            Leonard Cohen


  1. Beautiful work, my fave is things ancient and modern. Valerie

  2. I love the first one, you are so clever with these- it makes such a difference to the finished item. Happy PPF.(I love the word Wabi-Sabi)

  3. Beautiful artwork LInda ~love the colors, design and textures ~ also love the idea of wabi sabi ~ great creations there too ~ happy weekend to you, carol, xo

  4. Love the ancient, very beautiful work on all.:)

  5. Linda, love all your work, but especially love the first piece from WabiSabi, that's incredible!!

  6. I am in love with the boldness and passionate colors of the first piece Linda! The sprays and the Caran and then the stamps...Phew Just gorgeous! And to be inspired to lovely is that! Your piece of perfect/not...brilliant. What a great juxtaposition piece. HPPF and have a great weekend my friend. xox

  7. Your posts and artwork always resonate with me dear Linda...
    so much so that I am often overwhelmed with the details of expressing just how much...
    today at the risk of a very long comment I will try:

    first listening to Keith H was a real delight...I know you had a memorable time seeing him in person this summer!
    music and lyrics can be so inspiring and uplifting I find too...

    We are very excited that we'll be ringing out August with a John Mayer concert this Saturday = woot woot...

    Wabi Sabi is something that really speaks to me and I thought of the Leonard Cohen quote as I was reading and enjoying your art piece only to find you'd included it at the end of your post ♥ the other thing that came to mind is Japanese pottery that has gold filling in its cracks (name escapes me!)

    Less is more along with a more subdued palette is something that has been much on my mind as I tea stained some new journal pages recently...yet more connections between us!

    Your September calendar looks beautiful and full of promise already!
    I am not letting go of summer quite yet :)

    Your moon creation is especially wonderful using maps is something I ♥ too (see!!!)

    Oftentimes when I am undecided about a piece needing something I first walk away for a bit, look at it on the computer screen or upside down even ... amazing to see how it speaks to me then sometimes telling me it is fine as is...

    Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend dear one...

  8. Some beautiful art work here, Linda. I especially love the calendar pages. Wow, I just gotta have me some of those Dylusional sprays. I love the intensity of the colors.

  9. I absolutely love these calendar pages - the background is fabulous, all the colours are so gorgeous. I am intrigued by what you've described of wabi sabi - it sounds very interesting and like something that I would like very much. the book is cover is really lovely. I like the moon painting as it is - I like the random aspect to the floating words!

  10. Excellent abstraction, exquisite shapes! I love " Things Both Ancient and Modern"!

  11. lovely work this week Linda, Happy Sept when it comes!

  12. Nice work Linda. Loved the piece from Serena's got it. She is a lovely person and I had a chance to take a class with her. What a doll. Happy PPF xox

  13. Linda love your calendar page background...and yes lyrics and music often inspires both art and writing in the best ways...especially when I am alone in the car!! I have certain spiritual areas I pass where my intuition is's the oddest thing...always the same spots!! Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. The months are going so fast! Your Callander is fantastic, I love the colours!

  15. I can't believe its time to make another calendar page! I love the colors and how cheery September is. Lovely work, all around.

  16. I LOVE the pattern and colors in your September page! The textures in the both ancient and modern piece are amazing too. Blessings!

  17. Wabi-sabi? What a wonderful word and way of life. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces. September is such a beautiful month -- and not just because it's my birthday and my daughter's birthday -- it's a somber and colorful month of delightful changes. Your calendar honors all that.

  18. I love all of your pieces Linda but especially Under the Orange Moon. It is beautiful.

    I continually tell myself that imperfection is a part of life because it really is. I am learning to enjoy the mistakes. Many times they are what makes the painting interesting.

  19. These are beautiful inspiring pieces! Happy Ppf!

  20. Hi, Linda! What a wonderful post - I love your artwork this week. Wabi-Sabi is something I have read about and now I think I must get Serena's book. I love your "orange moon" piece. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  21. gorgeous calendar pages~!
    love the abstract quality that you have achieved with the circles and squares floating about. i have been considering getting some of the Dylusions Ink Sprays . . . after seeing your background i'm thinking i may not be able to live without them~!

    i'm familiar with the idea of Wabi-Sabi. if i understand it right it's embracing the imperfect as perfect; darned socks, using what you have on hand, and developing an eye that embraces what we might normally think of as 'flaws', etc.
    i use the darned socks example because that is something that i do and am totally in love with the look of a beautifully mended just about anything. i think that my recent experience with art journaling has been very Wabi-Sabi and i love that it is a very process oriented activity and embraces experimentation. a page can start out seeming quite random and yet somehow can begin to take on a life of it's own . . .
    i like what you've created from the book and will have to put that one on my wish list too.

    i look at "Underneath an Orange Moon" and i like it. i do feel that there is a very minimal quality about it but that is not a bad thing. i really like the scattered words and think that adds some movement to the piece. the map is very subtle and the colors are lovely. i think that "letting it be" for now is a good idea. it's easy to overwork a piece and stepping back gives one time to consider and then come back to it with new eyes.
    i'm not sure that was very helpful but i did have fun studying it.

    i have enjoyed visiting your creative space~!

  22. I always love your calendar spreads. So vibrant and full of life. Best thing to do when you're not sure what else to do to a painting is let it sit somewhere you can see it every day. It'll speak to you and you'll know what to do. To me it doesn't look disconnected, the words look like stars to me....

  23. Wonderful work in this post! Especially I like your September page!

  24. hi linda, i have enjoyed visiting you here. although i am familiar with wabi wabi i did not know of the book. i am excited to check it out. as for your piece finished or unfinished? i could go either way but loving to layer as i do, i'd say, if you are questioning it, perhaps you sense that it is not quite finished. perhaps let it sit for a few days and revisit. see how you feel then. thanks for commenting on my blog. happy holiday weekend.

  25. Really beautiful works, love the intriguing simplicity of Things Both Ancient and Modern ! <3

  26. Great piece - jumped right out of the gallery at Artists in Blogland. Going to have to check out that book.

  27. Beautiful work. No I don't own the book, have never even heard of it...and I think the words look like bright stars in the sky, they are supposed to be there...?
    Anyway, have a lovely weekend.
    xx Monique

  28. Your September calendar spread is looking great. Even I hope that the weather will continue to be good for the next month.I don't know about Serena Barton's book I think I should check it out.

  29. ooooh these are so magnifique! I'm loving how your work varies from piece to piece. dont be overly critical of your work - take a step back and come back to it with new eyes. :)

  30. Linda your September calendar pages are gorgeous, so colorful and warm, summer looks like it's still lingering well on here! Funny, I had just been browsing on amazon and had come upon this wabi sabi art book, it has been put in my wish list. Very inspiring!

  31. Hello Linda! I really adore your wabi sabi piece... gorgeous!

  32. ps. ~ I ordered that book Wabi-Sabi ~ hope it motivated me like it did you ~ haven't done 'art' for many weeks ~ just photography ~ carol, xo

  33. Happy September! I love your latest journal pages - the color combo is fantastic. I also love your Orange Moon piece - very cool.
    Fall is definitely upon us today here in Michigan! Happy Labor Day!

  34. Great autumnal colours for your calendar pages....

    and I especially love your beautiful moon piece.

    The book looks interesting, I have added it to my very long Amazon 'Wish List'

    Karen x

  35. Your calendar is very creative.

  36. these colors... they are awesome! perfect blend of bright and earthy. love.

  37. Love your creativity! I need to try coffee granules sometime.
    Hugs Kelly

  38. So much here to enjoy. The bright happy images at the beginning and the subtle textured orange moon pic. Beautiful work.
    Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  39. WOW! Love your color palettes. The calendar is such a great idea! Found you though Show and Tell Saturday!

  40. I love how you have your calendar. I now wish I had stayed with a journal, rather than file folders that limit the size of my calendar. Your squares are awesome and SO colorful.

    When I first saw "Things Both Ancient and Modern," I thought the background was plaster. It is beautiful.

  41. I don't know how you find the internal resources. You are so inspired.
    And inspiring. I first began sketching sitting with sleeping hospice clients. This is just beautiful!
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario

  42. Lovely bright calendar pages - perfect for the start of Autumn! Chrisx


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