Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Beach Inspired Tangle Art

  Happy Tuesday! So good to be catching up again with my T Stands For Tuesday friends hosted by Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover.. We had been away for 5 fabulous days at the beach with our friends and we were blessed with mostly wonderful weather -a bit cool at times, yet warm enough to walk barefoot-and dip toes in the water albeit briefly:) Here are a few pics:

  On the first evening we went out to eat in nearby Ocean City, Maryland at Fager's Island. This establishment recently celebrated 40 years and is a very well known spot for dining and watching the sun set over the bay. You do NOT want to visit in season though because it apparently gets pretty loud, and packed with people! Hubby took the pic of the restaurant from a pagoda. It was amazing to watch the sky change while enjoying excellent food:

 Bill and I had the crab cakes and our friend Lynne had the fish tacos. We were all very pleased with our choices and I know next time I go I am getting those fish tacos:)

 It was a joy to have coffee on the ocean side deck in the mornings and to still see dolphins go by each day. I saw that branch on a beach walk and couldn't resist trying to decorate it with shells (totally inspired by Patty:) but it was a bit windy and not easy. I was even inspired to make a mandala salad one evening. The beach also gave me art inspiration along with this book:

 I had ordered it to support  Simona Cordara whom I got to know through blogging and Paint Party Friday. It hadn't arrived before I left for the beach but I did find sources online to try a bit of tangling practice:

This was my very first attempt at a tangle called "Phicops in a Circle" by Ellen Wolters. I didn't want a perfect circle which was a good thing because it wasn't easy to do on heavy watercolor paper in my journal without any rulers or a protractor. Then I tried a few more tangles on a sheet of scrap paper:

 Since I had some pre painted pages in my watercolor journal I decided to make some seashells. It began like this:

 Once I returned home and poured through the delightful Tangle It! Journal I finished my page:

  I was not anticipating going into yet another art style but tangling is quite fun and I would not have tried it if it wasn't for Simona and this book. There are tangles to try, pages of inspiring shapes to tangle on, lots of prompts and inspirations to do right on the pages if you wish. I love that it is a small book- 5 1/2" wide by 8 1/2 " long - perfect to carry anywhere! Oh, and there are Facebook groups on which there is much more information, patterns and such. Please go to Simona's blog for links. Wishing Simona and co authors Alice Hendon and Ina Sonnenmoser much success! Linking this to Paint Party Friday.

 The beach, along with this book also inspired me to create a "nature girl". Of course I only got as far as a pencil sketch but hope to have her all painted in by later this week:

 Can't wait to catch up with you and see what you've been doing lately! And as always, thanks for stopping by.

                  "Stretch out your hand and take the world's wide gift of joy and beauty."     
                                                                                               Corinne Roosevelt Robinson


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of your holiday, looks like a great place to be, and then such lovely food to top it all - great. The tangles are fun, love the tangled shells. Have a good week. Have a lovely T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Thank you for share your vacancy. Beautiful work art... I like mandala.
    Much love for you and family.
    Sorry my bad language english.


  3. Yummy Yum Linda.
    We've stayed at Fager's Island in the lighthouse before in December and February for their oyster festival. It is really lovely there on the water.
    Your seashell doodling is great as is your lovely beach girl.
    How fun that you found some shells and a branch that needed decorating :-)
    (thank you for the shout out!).
    Your mandala salad is just perfect too.
    Happy T Day dear Linda oxo

  4. I don't think there is anything more wonderful than the beach on the off season... Infact its the only time i like to go... Empty or nearly empty beaches... walking for miles listening to the surf...chasing shells as they wash up... fun fun... gosh i might have to go now!! LOL Happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  5. "coffee on the ocean side deck in the mornings and to still see dolphins go by each day"

    Sounds heavenly! I've never been there, and your pictures make me think I should :) Happy T Tuesday!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos today, both of your trip and your art. There is nothing quite like visiting when it isn't crowded to really appreciate nature. I've always enjoyed seeing tangles but have only doodled my own. Happy T Day!

  7. OH ... you must have had a wonderful time at the beach - gorgeous..and fantastic food and your tangles all look super! Thabk you for sharing this all with us Linda!
    Happy T-Day dear friend!

  8. Beautiful beach photos......and coffee on the deck....with Dolphins??? Priceless!!

    I still love to tangle, so relaxing. Pinterest has tons of them to look at. WARNING! Tangling can become very addictive.....LOL

    Happy T-day

  9. I adore sunset photos over the water...yours is beautiful! Sounds like you enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather to the fullest...your tangled sea shells are terrific, love the bright background contrasting with the pen drawing! happy T day!

  10. warm enough to walk barefoot... this Sounds so good to me! so nice you had a few days out!
    your tangling is beautiful... and i´m sure very Relaxing!
    happy t-day!

  11. what a lovely place and I like your zentangles

  12. Looks like you had a great time at the beach as well as with your tangling.

  13. Thanks for sharing your vacation photos. It looks like you had a great trip. I also like your idea of doing zentangle doodles on watercolor backgrounds. Happy T Day!

  14. Oh so wonderful the creations you have made ~ love the tangle art and your beautiful choice of colors! Glad you enjoyed the beach!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  15. Beautiful photos of the Island and where you ate. I've never had a fish taco, and I've never EVER seen one on any menu here. We are really quite backward when it comes to Kansas, where beef and wheat rule.

    I'm so glad you like this book. I know lots of people claim this is a calming activity. I, for one, simply can't grip my pencil or pen, so I've only made one zentangle in my life. However, your shells are gorgeous and your lovely beach lady is adorable. I hope to get back in time to see it completed.

    Thanks for sharing your beach photos, your lovely food, your tangles, your beautiful lady's face, and your coffee on your deck with us for T this Tuesday.

  16. Oh my goodness! Today you have come up with so much of goodness to share. Your tangle art is wonderful. Those shells have come out so well. But my favorite is the nature girl. I'm waiting to see her completed.

  17. What lovely beach photos. Thank you for taking us with you over dinner and to see the sunset. Beautiful.
    I 'tangle' too. I love that book. I have ordered it immediately! Will let you know when it arrives and we can 'compare notes', eh I mean tangles.

  18. Your beach vacation looks so relaxing and enjoyable ♥ Love the art this week too. I'm still not up to par but new blood worked shows my thyroid levels are real low so they have changed my meds for that and hopefully I'll start feeling alive again .

  19. Lovely drawings to go with your beach vacation!

  20. Gosh those beach photos are beautiful! I really like your Tangle Shells - I can't get my head round tangling at all, wouldn't have a clue where to begin! You did a great job on that gorgeous background.

    Looking forward to seeing Nature Girl finished :)

  21. Lovely drawings, very soothing if you are sitting for a while and your time at the beach looks like it was very well spent indeed!

  22. What pretty shells and what a sweet girl. It sounds like a lovely adventure!

  23. Great photos and of course even greater art

  24. Thank you sooooo much for your support, dear!! <3 Your tangles are amazing!!


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