Monday, September 12, 2016

Art Journal Journey and More

  Happy Monday! Hope the new week is starting on a good note for everyone. Here in PA we are experiencing THE most delightful weather. Despite being a bit sad that many leaves are already falling, the daylight hours are decreasing, and the hummingbirds leaving, I am taking advantage by spending afternoons basking in the sun -need that vitamin D you know:)

 Of course there has also been time for art:

 This is a journal page using some vintage clip art and washi tape for the challenges at Art Journal Journey-theme is  "back to school " this month and hosted by the wonderful Elizabeth; along with Moo Mania and More (theme is "alphabet") and Try It On Tuesday (theme is "children"). Looks like I have a vintage theme going too:)

 Speaking of Elizabeth-this is my entry for T Stands For Tuesday which she hosts beautifully every Tuesday. Please do check it out-love to have you join in on the fun!

 I have been addicted to Starbucks coffee for some years now and when I went grocery shopping for my ground bags of regular and decafe ( I mix them so as not to have too much caffeine and yet I'm just not ready to give it up entirely), they were out of what I needed-GASP! Now what? Sorry but I cannot drink the Folgers hubby sticks to-I need robust flavor. I remember someone from T Stands For Tuesday mentioning Peets brand (can't remember who it was though...) so I went for it. And I like it even better than Starbucks!

 This past Saturday hubby and I went to see Celtic Thunder again here in town! We had purchased tickets quite awhile ago thru PBS to help support our local station. But since having the tickets several key changes were made within the group :( . No more Keith ( my blonde surfer boy), no more Colm, and no more Laura (the cello player-she and Colm got married and he's back at university in Scotland). Needless to say I was apprehensive about how good the show would be with new members. WELL,  they were FABULOUS!!!! No pics were allowed during the show but we got to talk with them all and get pics-after the show because a small gathering stayed around awhile out by the tour buses :) Meet the lads...

this is Michael O'Dwyer, the newest member. An amazing tenor,  he was a clown as you can see and so much fun to chat with!

  meet Emmet Cahill (sorry for the bad pic-hubby was taking photos with both his and my friend's cameras at the same time). Emmet was with Celtic Thunder a few years ago but left to pursue solo ventures. He kindly came back for this tour and we were so glad-his voice is phenomenal!

 my friend Carol and I with Damian. What a cutie! He was an original member of Celtic Thunder at the tender age of 13. He left to pursue other avenues and even was a guest on several episodes of the show 'Glee'. Damian McGinty is now 22 and such a sweet young man.

 Carol with Neil Byrne. Neil is a fantastic guitarist and began as a musician and backup singer before becoming a key singer with the band.

 and this is Ryan Kelly, another original member. He doesn't only have a wonderful voice and personality, but he is the kindest and most humble guy. He also writes songs and tours with Neil Byrne and we have had the pleasure of seeing them several times in between CT tours. Ryan remembered us immediately and even talked of going running with hubby next time he's in town.

 Sorry if I bored you but I just couldn't curb my enthusiasm over these guys. I only wish more people in their field would be so open and genuine and take time to meet some of the fans.

 Have a great rest of the week! Will be back soon with a post on another Radiant Faces lesson I completed.

 " The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." 
                                                                                    Alexandra Trenfor


  1. Wonderful post from start to finish, love the art, photos, and just all of itYou all look so happy after that concert! Thanks for making this wonderful piece for TIOT, MM&M and AJJ, much appreciated! Have a great week and a lovely T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Loved reading this happy post. Super photos of you all having a good time at the concert. Its a wonderful journal page, with the sweet childs image. Thank you for sharing it with us at TioT's as well.
    Yvonne xx
    Have a Happy T day

  3. Very impressive entry with FOUR challenges met. Way to go, dear Linda.

    Darla is the one who first talked about Peets, then Divers and Sundry chimed in later with her love of it. I LOVE Starbucks, but I would give anything to find Peets here. Unfortunately, it's nowhere in this silly town I call home.

    What a fun time I can tell you had at that concert, and that the guys took time to spend time with you, too. Just goes to show when you are a PBS donor what good things happen, right?

    Thanks for sharing the coffee and all the fun things today for T Stands for Tuesday. And of course, I simply adore the AJJ (along with MM&M and TioT) entry because it is so vintage and nostalgic.

  4. What an exciting evening out. It sounds like it was so much fun. And you have those great photos. I am loving your school piece too. What a cute little scholar. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. beautiful entry for ajj... and i LOVE your enthusiasm for the guys and their Music. Looks like a LOT of fun you had after the Show.
    i never heard of peets, i do not think it is known over here.
    happy t-day and happy late summer (we also have the sunniest September ever so far...)

  6. It looks like you had such a great time at the concert, I love your happy photos! Your vintage school piece is lovely and the quote fits the page beautifully! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  7. Looks like you had a totally wonderful time! Great to see.

  8. Linda i can feel your joy just pop up off the page! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time... I still have a few hummers hanging around.... but Fall is definitely approaching fast... Feels so good!! Love your ArtJournal page. the little boy in the tophat is just adorable. Hugs! deb

  9. LOVE the sentiment on your AJJ page!!

    What a great concert time and all the lovely people that came out to meet the fans.

    Thanks for the comments on my painting.
    Happy T-day hope you have a fantastic week.

  10. Great art piece. Perfect for AJJ. Our leaves are turning and falling here in MN too. I do enjoy the crisp mornings though. Now all we need is a hard freeze to kill the mosquitoes and cut down on my allergies. :) Then it can warm up again for a bit.
    Happy T day!

  11. I'll be forever grateful to Darla for cluing me in on the Peet's coffee. We drink some of the Italian blend every day, and it can't be beat. (I'll admit I think our local Ugly Mug Hardy Passion blend ties it for taste, but I'm showing my local pride ;) )

  12. What a fun post! I enjoyed looking at the photos of the members of Celtic Thunder. Of course I had never heard of them and had to Google them. I love Irish music too. My hubby used to lead a 10 piece folk band that played mainly Irish folk music. I'm afraid it was a lot more raucous than the pretty version you get, but fun nontheless. So sweet that the guys were willing to be photographed with their fans. Exciting!
    I can't comment on the coffee. They haven't invented smell mail yet. I didn't know you could get Starbucks coffee in the shops. I only know Starbucks as it is the (extremely expensive) coffeeshop at Malaga airport.Their coffee tastes good though, I must admit and even the small size is enormous. I like the fact that they ask your name and write it on the cup. The waiting times are very long (usually about 20 minutes, but at the airport you have nothing better to do...) but at the end of that time you know everybody's name!
    Happy T-day,
    and a good week ahead,
    PS Your page is great.

  13. Love the quote at the bottom of your post! And that little boy on you journal page is so precious. Happy photos and such a fun time!
    sandy xx

  14. Love your journal page and so happy that you had such a great time with your one of your favorite musical groups ♥♥♥ The weather here is fantastic too but I'm also sadden by the ending of summer.

  15. What a fabulous journal page with your very serious looking boy! Thanks for linking to Try It On Tuesday! I got a bit distracted as I followed your link to Celtic Thunder - I can see(and hear) why you are such an avid follower! I think I would enjoy a Peets coffee too - we get Costa for our machine and it's OK! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  16. Lovely collage work ~ so creative and wonderful group of human interest and loving photos ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  17. Thanks for joining TIOT, MM&M and AJJ with this wonderful piece, always much appreciated and great to have you with us dear Linda ! I love how much you enjoyed that concert and like to see you and all the lovely people-- thank you for the photos! Have a great rest of the week!
    oxo Susi

  18. Another lovely post Linda :)

    Loved seeing all your photos... It is really great that the band get to know their fans and seem such good fun. Glad you enjoyed the new line up. You make a cool 'rock chic!'

    Karen xxx


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