Monday, July 10, 2017

...And The Livin Is Easy

 Well, at least according to this fellow:

 This sweet very young catbird thinks my ground birdbath/drinking hole is his own private spa!

 At least a bird or two can sneak a drink albeit very quickly:) He or she has been coming and sitting for up to a half hour several times a day barely moving and I am sitting only about two feet away reading. Love these simple joys of summertime.

 For T Stands For Tuesday I have one last coffee related postcard to share:

  I have given them all away randomly to someone who mentioned how much they liked the postcards and this one went to Canada to Jenn of Just add Water, Silly. Jenn is an amazing watercolor artist who also blogs about book reads and food. Do have a look! Jenn kindly suggested it be a swap and look what she sent me:

 Lucky me!! Fun stickers and magnets, a sampling of QOR high chrome watercolors, two of her illustrated cards, a book mark, along with that gorgeous painted postcard!!!  The postcard is now framed and sitting on a little table by my phone in the sitting room so I can see it everyday. The details are absolutely amazing. Thank so much Jenn-you have spoiled me!

 I have become fond of cooking one meal pots on the grill in my cast iron pan and here is the second one I made:

 A dinner of scallops, baby corn, baby zucchini, hash browns and roasted garlic with some lemon and pesto. SOOOO good!!! This is another recipe from Wegmans, a wonderful large grocery store in our area.

 Of course I have some art to share too:

  The background was made using Distress inks smooshed on a kraft mat, spritzed with water then dipping the tag and moving it over the inks.  Linking with Try It On Tuesday (theme is tags),  the Simon Wednesday Challenge (theme is summer sunshine) and the new challenge at the Simon Monday challenge blog (Distress It)..

 I do love watching You Tube videos for more inspiration and I had come across a few where the artists used a toilet paper roll and q tips to paint and so I gave it a go on this journal page:

 I gessoed the page before painting a sky with acrylics. To make the "wildflowers" I used a toilet paper roll with one end thinly cut into strips to form a brush -like end,  a bundle of q tips, and a liner brush. Although you can't see it in this photo I mixed some pearl medium into the paints to give it a bit of shimmer. The sentiment is an old foam stamp inked with Archival black ink.

 Linking to Art Journal Journey for the theme of Summertime Love hosted this month by Elizabeth, Creative Artiste Mixed Media #28 with an Anything Goes theme all month, and to Paint Party Friday.

 Looks like a busy time ahead helping son and gf move into their new apt. and then reorganizing  for my art room's return. It's all good.  The Tour de France is in full force on TV too! And I'll try and keep up here in between it all:)

      " Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair."     Susan Polis Schutz


  1. That is so nice to see those lovely photos, even the catbird needs some cooling off. And that's one great swap indeed. Warm greetings to you!

  2. I'm not exactly sure where to begin here, Linda. Although I simply adore the photos of the adorable little bird, you would NOT have that here in KS. It's a mosquito magnet, and even one teaspoon full of water will provide enough room to hatch 1000 mosquitoes. You are SO lucky to NOT have that problem where you live. It must be the climate that is so different there.

    I simply adore the postcard. I adore the background and the "table" the coffee cup sits on. You and Jenn must have had a great swap, because, being the recipient of your gifts in the past, you always outdo yourself. I really like Jenn's watercolor painting, too. It's been a LONG time since I was at her blog, so it was good you shared the link with us.

    I wonder if you and Kathy shouldn't "get together" to compare recipes over those one pan cast iron meals. I think this sounds great, but I gave all mine away when I was 19 and dropped one on the floor. It was then I learned I had a rare form of arthritis. Had it not been for the cast iron skillet, I might have gone on not knowing what I learned as a result of that mishap.

    I really LOVE that tag you created for TioT. It's fabulous. I really LOVE the background and was delighted you shared how you made it.

    Of course, I was really intrigued by the beauty of the flowers you created for Art Journal Journey. That is very unique and I must try that technique one of these days.

    Thanks for sharing all your art, your swap items, and lovely flowers for Art Journal Journey. Thanks, too for sharing your coffee cup postcard for T this week.

  3. You have a lot of luck Linda. You seem to win prizes and have lots of blog swaps. :) And I love that little catbird. He looks like its part of the birdbath and he's cute. Loving the latest art and I tell you, your scallop dish looks delicious. I haven't had scallops for a bit and I would like some now. :) Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. Lot of wonderful art again, and great art received from Jenn. Thanks for joining us again at TIOT with that gorgeous beach tag. Have a wonderful week, enjoy your good food and sunshine, and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Happy T Day to you

    Lots to see and read about today..the little bird is having a lot of fun for sure.

    Your makes are fantastic as well

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Such a lovely bird - so nice! The art you show today is all amazing - thank you so much for joining AJJ with the lovely page-
    I saw this technique at Maremi's YT recently - great that you tried that - looks beautiful here.
    And the postcard is lovely as well and congrats on this wonderful win!
    The beach tag is amazing and I say thank you for joining TioT!
    Happy T-Day my friend!
    I would love to taste your dinner--looks tempting to me!
    Have a good week!
    oxo Susi

  7. What a fabulous post Linda - the food looks very, very yummy.
    I would have loved sitting watching that adorable 'catbird' (not heard of that before, what a lovely name) as I did the same the other day sitting beside a woodpigeon while he ate for ages.
    Your tag is a real beauty and I love that vintage image.
    Thanks for sharing at 'Try It On Tuesday'.
    Gill x

  8. a lot of enjoyable things going on here... love your art pieces and i totally can relate to the bird taking a refreshment here:))
    happy t-day!

  9. Your little bird really seems to enjoy his swim. I love watching the birds and critters that stop by. On really hot days a squirrel cools off in the birdbath! :-D Love your tag and the colors of your wildflowers. I love scallops might have to try that recipe. It looks delicious! Have a happy T Day

  10. Your Catbird is so cute and it looks like it has found a new home in your spa ... lol 😁. Your scallop dish sounds and looks deliciously wonderful - yum! Lovely postcard, crafting goodie, tag and flowers, such interesting medias too 😉. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  11. nice to see those lovely photos and your art work

  12. A lovely post to read as well as see you fabulous art pieces.
    Thank you for sharing the beach tag with us at TioT's this time.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  13. I haven't seen a catbird in years! I like how you've set up this birdbath to have some color. In the summer I use ceramic plant saucers for 2 birdbaths and may try to imitate what you've got here for one of them. So pretty :)

    Happy T Tuesday

  14. What a cutie pie!!! You are certainly spoiling Love seeing all your fabulous artwork... And i'am a happy recipient of one of your coffee Postcards... thank you very much!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  15. what brilliant photos of that cute bird, love the tag and page too

  16. Aww, the bird is charming - his own private spa - lol.

    Very cute postcard, Linda. What a clever phrase - just perfect for T-day.

    What a lovely bag of goodies you got from Jenn. I don't even know what high chrome watercolors are! I hope you'll make something with them to show us. Jenn's postcard is beautiful!

    Your one pot scallops meal looks delicious. Hubby and I both love scallops. Did you know that sea scallops are much healthier for you than the smaller bay scallops? I was surprised to learn that.

    Love your summertime tag and I'm very impressed that you hit 3 challenges with it!

    You're not losing a son. You're gaining a art room ;-)

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  17. That little cat bird is adorable and WOW you made a haul with the swap :) Love your art today and the wildflower painting is great ♥ Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words.

  18. Such a cute bird in his/her private spa! That must be lovely to look at when you are sitting nearby!
    Very cool technique you used for the flowers - they look really beautiful!
    Happy week! Rike x

  19. Wow, I never would have thought of using a TP roll as a paintbrush. I don't think anyone would ever guess that is how you made those flowers. Thanks for spreading the word about this technique.

    Happy T-Day, and have fun hanging out by the "private bird spa." :)

  20. Well, wasn't that a successful swap! Lucky you! I would have framed it too!
    Happy T-Day,
    PS Love the bird 'spa'!

  21. What a treat of post! I love the Bathing Belle tag and so pleased you joined us at Try It On Tuesday!! Are you getting the live pictures of the tour de France? Today's was right through the stunning Dordogne area! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  22. There is so much goodness in this post! Love the summer tag and the birdie spa. :) We can't leave standing water around at all because of mosquitoes. IT's crazy how little water they need to multiply.
    Happy T Day!

  23. Wonderful artwork here
    Thank you for joining us at TRY IT ON TUESDAY.

  24. Love the cat bird photos ~ sweet and your tag art for Try it on Tuesday ~ ^_^

    ps. looking for something artsy and may give Try it on Tuesday ~

  25. Linda am looking for a Tag Art linkup ~ any suggestions? thanks, Carol

    1. Thanks, Linda for info ~ am going to try and make some tags ~ Rain for the next few days may help me in doing so ~ ^_^

  26. Beautiful flowers. Lovely design. Thank you for joining us at Creative Artiste this week. Hope to see you back here again soon. Judy DT

  27. So many awesome things Linda...cute bird in the bath, worth 2 in the bush? ;) I wonder is that where cat bird seat comes from; need to look that up. Great techniques, thanks for sharing. Love your art work as always. Going to try your recipe too. I am very envious of your mail swap! Wishing you a terrific Thursay!

  28. That little bird looks so relaxed in his 'bath', great photo, and I love the coffee postcard - and such a great swap
    Thanks for sharing the summer tag at TioT, its a wonderful image against the hot colours of the background.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  29. Your recipe sounds yummy ~ and love all your art work ~ thanks for commenting on my blog ~ ^_^ ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xxx

  30. Happy PPF Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  31. Lovely work and a great swap gift...lucky you...visiting from ppf...xx

  32. Thanks again for stopping by ~ and sending sweet comments for me and Zoe ~ your artwork is always so lovely ~ ^_^

  33. Thanks for sharing yourlovely week. Oh the joys of summer!

  34. Hi Linda! I love the 2 works of art you created for AJJ! The tag is gorgeous - what a beautiful background - I love what you did with the fringe, the photo, and your sentiment. And WOW! Your flowers turned out very beautiful. What a cool and unique technique. I will definitely have to try it. Oh, and I love the sentiment there, too. Looks like you are enjoying your summer! YAY!

  35. I have not heard of a catbird! This little lovely has found a paradise in your bath. Lovely photos, food and art this week! xo
    ~~ Irene

  36. Love your summer themed art. I especially like the bathing beauty. (Looks like the swim suit I had to wear in college swim class!) Your bird photos are so neat. I hope you aren't sitting outside today with heat index in the 100s. We just got Wegmans about a year ago. It is a great store with lots of unusual things.

  37. What a collection of art and food(love scallops), loving the bird bath!
    Happy weekend!

  38. What an adorable bird! Lovely post and art.
    Happy PPF 🌸

  39. that bird is absolutely adorably awesome! If I were her i'd be pretty thrilled to have my own wading pool in a friendly back yard. You captured great pictures. Thank you for all the lovely words,it was a great swap. Your art looks terrific and fun. Have a wonderful weekend Linda! (thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, you make me like the flowers much more, maybe I should cut them out and do some sort of assemblage, it's the background I really am not thrilled with.) I'll have to consider that!

  40. oh such a sweet catbird! I guess it loves your hospitality :) and I love your tag and the flowers! how genius to paint with a toilet roll! I might try that.. You inspire me. and your dish looks yummy!

  41. Must be fun seeing that bird enjoying its bath 2 feet from where you're sitting :-) I love summer too, and they forecasted a long hot summer here, but up until now we only had one week of really warm weather ... Hope that long hot summer will still show its face! Lucky you to get so spoiled by Jenn! I really like your toilet-roll art. Looks like an intriguing technique. Have fun reorganizing your art room :-)

  42. Lovely art and post Linda! Love the photo of that adorable bird! The tag and wildflowers page are brilliant as always.
    Thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday!
    Mar x

  43. just goes to show you can make beautiful art with humble supplies.

  44. What a stunning post!! Love the adorable birdy... this would fill me with joy too!! Your coffee cup is adorable..and I love the idea of using that toilet roll... can't wait to cut that just to make marks!! Your one pot meal looks sooo yummy...haven't had baby corn in years either... Jenns are is gorgeous that was so generous of her and you too of course!! Thanks for sharing all this Summer happiness!!

    Hugs Giggles

  45. Lots of artful goodies to look at! I do however love that catbird sitting in his spa, lol That's too cute!

  46. loving your summertime Distressed Tag Linda and the photos of that cute bird are adorable...thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge...hugs kath xxx

  47. How cool that you used a toilet roll as an art instrument! It turned out so well too. I might try that technique! Pretty summer tag too :)

  48. a private birdspa :) Love the idea :) Great post.


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