Thursday, March 22, 2012

A 4x4 for Lenna

  First a quick note-Shane and Ronnie please contact me with your mailing address to claim the piece of art you won in my previous post-thanks!

  I've been a part of a private yahoo group since its inception-hmm...2006 perhaps. Though some of the artists have changed it's been such a learning and gratifying experience. I am honored to have these books filled with  art from such wonderful creative artists. Each year we choose a shape or size and then add personal preferences. We have already done gothic arches, houses, skinny pages, etc. This past year (with 16 members) we chose to make 4x4s for each other. Each month we have a partner to create for until everyone has received from everyone. This is my next to last 4x4 for this round and I'm thrilled to have had  my friend Lenna Andrews to create my page for. She is a wonderful artist and teacher and hosts the best swaps-check out her impressive blog sites. I happen to know a few things about her :) and so in working with her theme of quotes (also a love of mine) I also made it a personal piece.

 The base was made with fabric. The image is from ARTchix Studio  a favorite place of mine and Lenna's. I remembered that the theme for her wedding to Steve was stars so I thought this was a perfect choice. I added star sequins, glitter glue and a tiny ceramic heart. The quote "Don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars" is a very favorite of mine from the movie "Now Voyager" with Bette Davis. In the movie she plays the part of Charlotte who utters these words to her lover. I'm not going to reveal the second side of this 4x4 because I want it to be a surprise. I love surprises don't you? A bientôt... 

                                     "Friendship? Yes, please." Charles Dickens



  1. Oh Linda! I have really NOT been paying attention, as today is the first time I have seen this wonderful creation. I notice you have already had it posted here for almost a week!!! So sorry for my delay in finding it and expressing my gratitude -I was busy with the bead swap, an art exhibit, etc . . . but I am so glad to get to your blog again and am terribly excited to receive this beauty of a 4x4! You have always created such beautiful, personal pieces for me filled with meaning. I love that this is a fabric 4x4 and the image from ARTchix is perfect, so romantic. Thank you!!! xoxoxo lenna

  2. Linda - what a beautiful piece of art for Lenna! I see, not surprising, that she is thrilled!


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