Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Sassy Art Journal Spread

   I've been following Julie Fei Fan Balzer's blog for a little while now and try to participate in her Art Journal Everyday project as often as I can. She is posting it weekly this year making it much more attainable (for me at least). My previous spreads can be found here on my photostream on Flicker.

  This spread is my sassy spread. I took the word block from an Oprah magazine (lower left pg.). I had color blocked my pages quite awhile ago and knew that one day it would come together somehow. For me writing is almost as therapeutic as creating art so I typed up each word separately and decided to use every one of those words in a "poem".

    I knew I needed to add art of some kind and once I came across these little bits (2" x 2" -twinchies) I'd made quite awhile ago for a challenge on Helga's blog I knew they'd go perfectly on this spread. Here they are close up:

I do love how the vibrant colors and words mesh so well!

 When you have a moment please check out Balzer Designs. Julie offers a plethora of art, tips and  techniques to motivate the creative part of you. She also offers online classes and I'm soooo close to signing up for her Stamp Carving 101 class-it looks fabulous!! I just need to be sure I have the time to commit along with other projects I'm involved in. If anyone has taken this class I'd love to know what you thought of it! Thanks so much for stopping by...

"Do what you love-it's what you were meant to do."


  1. Beautiful Linda!
    I did a journalling course with Pam Carriker and enjoyed it.
    Embroidery is my first love now - I find stitching very calming and therapeutic!

    love your vibrant jewel like colours!!!

    Shane x

  2. Love your colorful (and, yes, sassy) art journal spread, Linda! I check out Julie's blog quite often. She has a lot of tips and techniques. Haven't done any journal or collage work in a long time - may have to remedy that in the near future.

  3. A wonderful journal spread, Linda. the colours are so vibrant and I love the poem - story you made with the words. Helga's art is a perfect compliment!
    You know, I am on the same page with you about Julie's Stamp carving class . . . I have been thinking of signing up forever, but want to make sure I have time to devote to it when I do sign up!

  4. Your color choice for the pages is great....red draws us right into it! As somebody who does not journal, I am always delighted to see other people's work. Adding the little images is brilliant....a great use for them.

    Great pages, Linda. Sassy is sweet!


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