Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Treats

   Spring is getting closer but everything still looks so drab so I did a bit of shopping to brighten up our kitchen table and our bedroom! The best part is that I was able to double my savings that day with a special sale and coupons.

   I purchased these Fiesta table mats and I love how the colors say Spring and how they brighten up the wood table:

  And the new comforter set:

   I love it! The other set we had was mostly a brown with some blue and beige patterning. We had chosen the dark colors because of our dog :). But she no longer can jump up so high since getting new mattresses and she sleeps in the spare bed or downstairs.

  I'm not drinking tea today but I did make a teacup for T day:

  It's a traditional Japanese style origami paper teacup. I found this great site for creating origami projects and love to try something out once in awhile. I have already done lotus blooms, butterflies and foxes. Try something yourself! My only advice is to make sure the paper you use is thin. 

 This cup is the perfect size to hold a gift card or ATC as you can see here:

                                Or how about sending someone a few teabags in the cup?

  Last Tuesday  I mentioned a night out with a friend to see a live taping and show with Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder. Some of you kindly asked about it so here are a few pics from that evening. It was a long but awesome night!!! This was the third time I had the opportunity to meet up with him. Since this was a small gathering there was plenty of time for some of us to chat with Ryan at length (lucky me:). I mostly talked with him about the original songs he wrote for his latest solo CD, and about our shared love for animals. Ryan is just the kindest, most genuine person and he truly appreciates his fans.


 He signed my official CT sweat jacket,

               and his latest solo CD :)

   My hubby says I am now an official "Thunderhead" which is what they call the Celtic Thunder fans. He's not far behind though as he loves their music and meeting up with them as much as I do-well, almost (wink).

  I'll be stopping by for a "T" break with you and our wonderful hostess Elizabeth.

  Oh, thought I'd mention- it will be not just my birthday this coming Saturday (the 15th) but also my 2 year blogiversary so I will have a special post up announcing three giveaways!

  Linking to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday.

     "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."           Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. Lovely new purchases. It seems change is always in order for spring. Love the origami. IT reminded me that I totally forgot to share our treasures from Japan...oh well...next week. :)
    Happy Tuesday

  2. it's been a looong time since i did origami, but i used to enjoy it. i liked looking at the offerings at the site you linked to, and your origami tea cup is beautiful! :)

  3. "Thunderhead" how fun is that!
    You look so lovely in your photo with Ryan Kelly dear Linda ♥
    What an exotic and lovely origami tea cup and card holder = fabulous!
    A bit of retail therapy can certainly lift the spirits...lovely lotus candle holder too...
    thank you also for sharing the FDR quote
    Happy T Day to you

  4. A paper tea cup, that is so cool, and I love the idea of using it for ATCs or tea bags.
    Thanks for visiting this week.
    Happy T-day

  5. I like your shopping treasures and your origami cup. I'll definitely check out that site, since my son and I both enjoy origami. Happy T Day and Happy early Birthday! :)

  6. Hello Linda, how pretty this teacup is, what a fun and clever idea. I am soooo very happy to tell you my ATC from you came yesterday!! Linda, they are amazing and so sweet, even the envelope was so pretty!! Thank you so much for sharing these with me, truly love them!! I will be sharing them next week on my ATC, since my post was already up before the mail came. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Will be sending you some goodies too!

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing all these pretty's with us.

  7. Great spring treats all around ~ such fun and an autography too ~ thanks, xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  8. Those goodies you bought to welcome in spring are just what you needed. I'm sure your ground is much like mine, all brown and lifeless. Hopefully it won't be much longer, though. Until then, enjoy that new look on your table and share an origami cup of tea. That's a really clever origami idea, too.

    That's an awesome photo of you, Ms. Thunderhead. Such a sweet pre-birthday gift, in my opinion. Glad you had the chance to go to the taping.

    Happy birthday a few days early. And thanks for bringing a bit of spring into my world today for T(ea), dear.

  9. Advanced Birthday Wishes Linda. But I'm sure I'll be here again on Saturday-:) The flower on the table mat looks beautiful. Love your origami cup. Something new to me.
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. Those are very happy place mats!! Your new comforter looks much like your March calendar....did you manifest that I wonder? You are an adorable Thunderhead too!! Love that photo of you!! Very fun!! I am sure he is thrilled to know you are such a big fan! Many musicians are just as humble as most artist!! Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. I've never seen an origami tea cup...what a clever idea for gift giving...that is gorgeous paper! lovely photo of you and the celeb...and can always use some Spring color-thanks!

  12. That's a great little origami cup :)
    Have a lovely Birthday on Saturday :)

  13. what a great buy ... I love that mat. It has all my favorite colors. Nice origami cup.
    hahahha I bet you would have like that night to be even longer. Sounded like a great time.

  14. Great buys! I've never heard of an origami teacup. I'm glad you showed how it opened up because I couldn't have imagined it. Cool!
    Happy birthday early!! This is my birthday month, too--but not till much later. Happy T-Day!! :)

  15. Love your new purchases, Linda! And, the picture of you with Ryan Kelly is such a nice one! I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

    The origami tea cup is very clever - I only know how to do an origami kimono!

  16. I am liking your table mats. They remind me of some similar ones we had at home. That origami cup looks fantastic. Sounds like you had an exciting night.
    Happy Birthday.

  17. I like the Japanese cup, very cool. And I love Celtic music, I will have to check them out!

  18. The origami cup is great. I love origami. I even do it with fabric! When I have time, of course.

  19. What a beautiful lady you are Linda! I love seeing all your new home inspiration! Much needed today as we are pelted with another 8-10 inches of snow!

  20. Lucky you Linda...wow! Love the way you've brightened up your home. Hope spring is soon on your doorstep.

  21. The new comforter set is lovely!


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