Tuesday, September 16, 2014

As The Season Changes...

 so do my thoughts for richer colors, warmer clothes, and comfort foods. How about you? Do your color choices and food choices reflect the seasons?

 Our days now consist of very cool mornings and nights but the days still hold the beautiful warmth of the sun. I woke up really chilled the other morning and decided it was time for a comfort food for our Sunday breakfast:

 I made a platter of blueberry pancakes! Doesn't this remind you of a mandala? Anyhow-this is a heart healthy version using a reduced fat baking mix, egg white, fat free milk, olive oil and a reduced fat, reduced sugar syrup. Honestly you would NOT know the difference-really yummy. Of course we had several cups of coffee with a few of these but I didn't get a pic. I know Bleubeard and Elizabeth will forgive me as I link to T Stands For Tuesday:)

 Much of Sunday was spent changing around the clothes in the drawers and closet in preparation for the cooler weather. I even had to put on a sweatshirt and socks for the first time since summer began

 I've been baking most of the weekend too-also making chocolate cream cheese cupcakes and two loaves of zucchini bread! Good thing I don't go for sweets-but I still freeze some because after all it is just hubby enjoying it. Good thing he's a biker, runner and lifts weights!

 Even my art lately is reflecting the warm, rich colors of autumn.

This is another page in my DYAY journal. We were prompted to use the list of points to practice- but in a bit of an artful way rather than just listing them. I chose to draw tags for them:

 Oh, and if you are interested , I posted a Pt. 2 of gelli plate printing and techniques in my last post.

 As the days are getting shorter and cooler quickly I am going to be taking in as much of these gorgeous September days as I can, so if I am MIA a bit more in the next few weeks you  know why. Of course, I'll share more in due time. Thanks for your visits, it's always a pleasure!

                               "Life fails to be perfect but never fails to be beautiful." 


  1. Your pancakes look yummy, Linda! It is chilly here in the mornings, too. I do love fall but I'm not looking forward to winter. :( Love journal page with the artful tags!!

  2. Yummy...your house must smell really good with all the cooking and baking going on.
    I bought plums to try and make my Mom's special German plum cake...
    it is nice to not have to worry about turning on the oven.
    I noticed I am needing house slippers again for my otherwise bare feet with the change in the weather ;-)
    Your tag page is so beautifully done Linda...
    now I am off to see your gelli part deux ♥
    Happy T Day

  3. Pancakes look yum! Fall has not yet arrived here.....i'm trying to be patient ..really..i'am... lol... When it does i'll be announcing it too! :) And there will be much baking going on...I tend not to bake all summer and i'm ready to do some baking!! Hugs! deb

  4. It's the same weather here.. and I have almost the same thoughts .. I baked a lot of applepie and put it in the freezer and cut lot of slices of apples for winter fruit-cakes too and made apple sauce . I would love to have such a great breakfast with you -- yummie!
    I love your journal page ... lovely and inspiring is each of the little tags for me!
    Happ T-Day dear Linda!

  5. Oh how beautiful. I agree that the pancakes look like a mandala, and they are heart healthy, too.

    Your art is gorgeous. I love the way you incorporated art on your prompts. You definitely took to this one well.

    It's still hot here, although the weather person tells us cooler weather is on the way. What is "cool" for most people is "just right" for me.

    Thanks for sharing these beauties with us for T this Tuesday. And of course, I'll miss you until you return. Now I'm off to see your second gelli post.

  6. Those look like yummy pancakes. We must be thinking alike as I had Blueberry Waffles (not homemade, but still a healthy variety) for breakfast, decorated my dining room for Fall and have been getting the urge to work with yarn now that the evenings are cooler. Happy T Day!

  7. Hi Linda, yes, absolutely my tastes and scents totally transition with the seasons too and fall is my absolute favorite. I agree with Joy though, I'm not looking forward to AFTER fall and the cold, cold, snowy winters!! Happy T-day!

  8. Oh YUM! those pancakes look divine! I can smell them from here....LOL
    Thanks for the visit this week
    Happy T-day

  9. oh those pancakes look so yummy! I am not quite ready for cold weather though...love your tags...sentiments that I need to remember!

  10. Yummmm! Everything sounds so good. I think I need to eat dinner--LOL! ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  11. I love pancakes!! I always makes extra when I mix them up. I make mine from scratch so as long as I'm making...make lots. :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Happy T-Day!
    Love your blueberry mandala pancakes. I love blueberry pancakes and yours looked yummy. OMG sweatshirt! We've been having 100 degrees weather lately. That's our fall!
    Love your tags and the writings on them are wonderful!

  13. As I set here all bundled up in my winter robe this morning those pancakes sure look YUMMY!!!! I am so not ready for summer to end but I guess it has and the cooler weather is here. Time to clean up the garden and put it to rest :(

  14. As you are cooling down we, on the other side of the world, are heating up. I'd be having those yummy pancakes with ice-cream.

  15. *Sssniffff* - nope, didn't work - smellyvision is a myth! Lol :D Your pancakes look delish and very mandala-esque too. I really like yor tag page, the colours are lovely. Autumn has arrived here in NE Scotland and we even had an early frost this morning, but the day turned out beautifully. Thank you for you lovely message on my painted cup Linda. I really appreciate your kindness :D xo

  16. I could so fancy one of those yummy looking pancakes!

  17. Nice to back over here.... those pancakes look delicious as did the tomatoes a few posts back!

    Great art as always.... loved all your gelli prints btw... mine will be coming out very soon :)

    Karen x


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