Monday, September 8, 2014

Mug Sketching and Gelli Prints Pt. 1

  Hope everyone is doing well, and for those with children adjusting to a new school year I wish them a great year!  I did get some art in but not as much as I would have liked due to some  issues that took priority lately and got me a bit discombobulated. But, that's life and we all go through it.

  In joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for T Stands For Tuesday I'm sharing another lesson for the online  Draw Your Awesome Life Class (badge on sidebar).

 I've shown this mug before but I wanted to show you the front and back as this is the one I chose as my subject.

  I started by drawing the mug four ways on one page and then in its entirety on the second page. Just beginning to add color.

 Pages with the water coloring done. It was not easy getting the same effect as the actual mug but I found that by doing wet on wet the colors pooled and flowed much better.

  I've been using up my printed deli papers and was more than ready to make more so last week when I ended up with free hours I got everything set up and out in my art room and the printing began!

 This is only one part of the space I was using-even put newspapers on the floor for putting down drying prints:) Here are some of the papers (the deli paper prints are already glued onto my newest journal book pages and I have some finished art coming up in the next few posts):

  This last photo shows some prints, and some papers where I just wiped off my brayer with. Here I decided to try using Strathmore Rough Newsprint Paper (14" x 17" sheets) . I cut some sheets into 4 equal size papers. I do like this paper because sometimes you really want a thin, easy paper to work with in collage.

  In my next post for Friday (as long as nothing else comes up unexpectedly this week again) I will share a technique I discovered (by experimenting) for using one gelli plate -rather than buying the different ones available. Much as I love this product , the $$$ adds up and you really don't need every shape and size available :)  Hope to see you back then!

   " Practice and repetition are as essential for building creative muscles as they are for physical fitness."
                                                                                                          Marta Davidovich Ockuly


  1. Love your mug pages, Linda! And, your gelli prints are beautiful; it IS very addicting, isn't it?

    Seems like those unexpected bumps pop up all the time here,, so I do understand. Other things do take priority over my "play" time but it is always good to get back to creating!

  2. i always delight in your art work ~ such lovely colors, textures and designs ~ I need to get back to my art work ~ Happy Week to you! xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Love you r sketches and all your prints. I have never taken a drawing class- might be fun!
    I f you have a poetry journal page, please link up to my Poetry Journal Monthly

  4. You did an excellent job with your cup. That is something I could NEVER do. I'm having enough trouble making abstracts. I could NEVER create something realistic. But I was simply blown away by the grid showing all sides of the cup.

    I wanted a gelli plate for over three years, and when I finally bought one myself (since no one else thought I was serious), I didn't care for it. I guess I'll have to try it a SECOND time, since I only used it once. I guess I just need to figure out how much room I need and make sure I have a brayer I like. Having said that, if mine had turned out as good as yours, once would NOT have been enough!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely art with us for T and your beautiful cup, too.

  5. Wow mug painting is awesome, so abstract. Love the papers, must remember to do that when i start crafting again
    Bridget #3

  6. A fabulous post with so many art today! Lovely! I am looking forward to Friday! I am curous about what you wil show us! xxxSusi
    Happy T-DAY!

  7. Happy T Day! Linda, the mug is so cool, love that you did it. I like seeing the process page with 4 different looks of it, great idea. I've wanted to create art on a mug before and now seeing yours I should try it.
    Hope this week is easier and not so crazy for you, they are never fun are they. The kids are settled into their schools and schedules now too, thank you.
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing.

    p.s. almost forgot, the gelli papers looks amazing!!

  8. Great sketch!....and a beautiful mug to draw. Love your Gelli prints too.

  9. Beautiful results in your drawing class Linda...
    you must be so pleased with what you're learning and putting into use!
    And your monoprinting is brilliant too (can't help but notice how neat your work area is!)
    Sending all good thoughts and wishes your way...
    Happy T Day

  10. OH Linda I really do love than mug and the journal pages you did with it. Your Deli pages are beautiful. I have yet to get a gelli plate mainly because of the expense and Like I really need another addiction :) Your pages do tempt me to take the plunge and get one.... RESIST Carol RESIST :)

  11. I think you did a perfect job of capturing that mug. I would find that mug a cheering one to have my morning coffee in :)

  12. Enjoyed seeing the process of the piece with the mug. I really like watercolor but it does take some getting used to. Now you have lots of papers to create with as well.


  13. What a gorgeous mug!! You captured it quite nicely in your journal! Awesome deli papers too.

  14. Your mug pages are devine and those papers!! Woof! LUurve them! So, so pretty. Happy T day :D

  15. Linda, what a super fun idea to do painting on your own mug! Now that's creative. And I love the splashes of a watercolor look. So pretty. Happy T-day!

  16. Your journal definitely rival the real thing!
    Great prints too.
    Happy T-day

  17. I love your mug drawings! So lively and the colour really flows. And needless to say the gelli printing made me want to rush out to the studio and do my own!

  18. Your Gelli prints look so lovely - I'm sure you're having fun with them.
    Great work on the mug - I like the watercolor effect.

  19. Wow! Linda your mug sketches are so awesome. Lovely gelli prints too. Will be back to see what you have to share about the gelli plate as I totally agree with you on how costly these gelli plates are .

  20. Awe, I LOVE your sketches - and that mug! Such a wonderful concept too - to draw your life - I love seeing what you've done! AND thank you for the sweet message - I hope you win a spot!!! xoxo

  21. Looks like you had a lot of fun Linda! I have been kept out of my crafting room too ...but you know when circumstances are out of your control you just have to go with the flow. Love these papers and sketches\! Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs! deb

  22. fun journal pages...and gorgeous gelli prints!

  23. lovely work this week Linda, neat mug and mug sketches.

  24. Fun mug sketches and your gelli prints are gorgeous. You created some great layering and even a little bit of movement.

  25. I have some serious mug envy happening here... love the page you did but now I am thinking you should be submitting another mug to the cuppa project... I would so love to see that one in the pile as I just know that one day i would want to paint it... it is gorgeous...xx


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