Monday, September 28, 2015

Autumn Welcome-Celtic Style!

There was a Celtic invasion in our town this weekend and it was fabulous!! The weather was perfect, thus bringing in record crowds (some areas even feeling claustrophobic-so we stayed away from those places:) Hubby and I walked into town Fri. eve, Sat., and Sun. to become immersed in the music and culture. Here are some pics:

 These were taken during the Parade of the Tartans on Saturday-bagpipe bands representing Ireland, Scotland and Wales competing for top honors. It was heavenly hearing all those glorious pipes!

 There were so many areas providing FREE entertainment (and this is a FREE festival-you only pay for food and drink!) that we just couldn't get to every band we wanted to has grown SO much in the 28 years since it began and we have been going.

 The group "Poor Man's Gambit" playing at a small venue outdoors along Main Street. Genevieve's violin playing, Irish dance and voice is amazing!

 The "Rogue Diplomats" SO much fun! We ended our festivities at our very favorite Irish shop and pub which I have shared about numerous times (Donegal Square/ the Red Stag Pub) and we truly felt like we were in a pub in Ireland! It was loud, there was lots of drinking, and sing alongs. What a great way to end the weekend!

 One last photo:

 This is my friend Joe who owns Celtic Revival and I got to know him thru the years since we first began going to this fest. He is the first one I look for-a true Irish gem who can weave the blarney  yarns, folklore, spiritual tales, you name it and I love him! We both believe in animal spirits and the spirits of all nature and always have one or more things to share on the subject. He is also the only vendor I buy my Celtic jewelry from :)

 Now, for my T Stands For Tuesday peeps I have this:

 Of course I had to bring out my Scottish thistle mug for the weekend along with a traditional currant scone from the pub for a treat.

 Here is a journal page I managed to complete today:

 A whimsical watercolor page for my last entry this month at Art Journal Journey. The curtain is stitched paper, the chickadee a sticker. The quotes says "Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn."  E. Lawrence.  I think you can click on it for a larger view?

 That's it for now. Most of today (Monday) was doing laundry, cleaning and catching up at home, including making a pot of Italian Wedding soup. And my Mom comes home Saturday after her month in France visiting family so I will spend the end of the week cleaning her house (she had her bathroom remodeled while she was away-and we all know what that means-although the guys have done a great job of cleaning up what they could), getting some groceries, etc. to welcome her back. Can't wait to see the photos and hear all about it! I only got bits and pieces when she called a few times and it was so wonderful to be able to talk with most of my relatives and hear their voices.

 Have a great week everyone!

        " Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."            Albert Camus


  1. Love the Celtic invasion! Great shots and what fun! But your art creation is so creative and beautiful! Love it!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. Thank you for sharing the festival photos--i really like bagpipes, too. The scone looks delicious served on your pretty china. I love your Fall leaves and chickadee! Happy T Day!

  3. Your weekend was truly filled with fun, music, and festivities. The photos of the parade were charming and enjoyable. I can almost hear the bagpipes now!

    The scone looks wonderful. I've made them myself before, but nothing looked as good as yours. Of course, the plate and mug may have contributed to the enjoyment.

    Your lovely journal page made me smile, and I really loved the chickadee sitting in the window.

    It doesn't seem that long since your mother left, but I know how excited you must be to see her return. Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend with us, as well as your journal page for T this week.

  4. Lovely post today, great photos of the celtic celebration in your town, and love the pretty journal page. Thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Fantastic photos of the festival Linda and I love your page for Art Journal Journey! Thanks a lot for sharing and have a good T-DAY !
    I would like to have such a scone right now... I am hungry... haven't had breakfast yet.

  6. Wow sounds like a good time for all, Love that cup and saucer

  7. Oh I love Celtic invasion! Love the photos! (there is something about a man in a kilt....) The music is great! I particularly love Irish music. My hubby had a folk band for 15 years (10 man band) and played at weddings and festivals. Now we have moved to Spain of course he has 'retired'. It was always great fun. I love to see him in his kilt. He had one made in Edinburgh many years ago. His tartan is that of the McKays. We chose the ancient hunting tartan as the colours are beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a good Tuesday,

  8. What a great festival! I know you'll have fun hearing all about your mother's trip :)

  9. WOW! What a great invasion to be part of! I do love Celtic music, must be that strong Irish blood running through my veins.

    Beautiful tea cup and saucer, fitting for the occasion. Scones are something I truly love to eat, but try to stay away from.........cause I can not eat just one.......LOL!!!

    Thanks for visiting me and for the lovely comment.....will pass it on to the GDs.

  10. Oooh a man in a kilt, no several men in kilts! I never understood why men don´t wear skirts more often when they look so good in them.

    I really like your autumny journal page and I think that quote by Camus is lovely. Happy T-Day!

  11. I do enjoy bagpipes and kilts! Looks like a wonderful parade and celebration. A really lovely journal page you've made too! ♥ happy T day!

  12. That was some celebration! Your friend looks like he could tell a good yarn. ;)
    Pretty pages and something yummy to eat and drink--lots of goodies in this post.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  13. What fun to have all that Celtic music around! I love your window page-I do love to watch the leaves turn! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. I enjoyed the Celtic festival through your post Linda!
    It took me straight back to the sounds and sights of Our trip to Ireland this year!
    A perfect end page for September with the birdie and Autumn leaves through the window!

    Have a happy weekend with some art time!
    Shane x

  15. What a fun "window into fall!" Great idea to stitch the paper curtain.

  16. Tis a totally wonderful post you've shared here dear Linda.
    What a joy and absolute delight it must have been...
    men in kilts AND bagpipes too = Swoon :-)
    Happy October my friend ♥ it is fun catching up with you!


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