Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Spinning Our Threads

 Well, happy Tuesday my lovelies! Hope you had a nice weekend along with cooperative weather where you live. Still very hot and humid here and that's OK with me:)

 I heard briefly from my Mom who left for France Thursday and all is well. Her flights were on time and my aunt was at the airport in Marseille with a friend to drive to my aunt's home in the nearby town of La Seyne Sur Mer. The only glitch was a big tear/hole put in my Mom's new suitcase :(  My aunt is so very happy to have her sister for a whole month and my Mom says this area is sooo beautiful. I have been to the south of France but believe it or not , although my Mom was born and raised in France she never got to the south so I am so happy she is there.

 And speaking of France, it coincidentally ties in to this:

 Here is another view on my coffee mug-the front:

 and the back:

 The lid is an airtight silicone lid I bought at a shop while at the beach. I had never seen these flower lids before so I bought a set of two. Yes, they are airtight! Apparently these are more popular than I was aware of. They are made by Charles Viancin inspired by nature-AND based in -you guessed it-France! They make all kinds of flower tops in different sizes and they make other products too-very cool stuff. The mug is one I received from our breeder when we got our Annie-who by the way is the spitting image of the one on the mug.

 For the art part- here are two more collage and watercolor pages I did about my beach vacation. Again, these were inspired by Dianne's tutorial some weeks ago.

This is how my page started. And this is the finished page:

Another page begun:
and finished:

 Such a fun way to combine water color paint, doodles and collage papers! 

 And one last mention regarding art. Big news!!! Life Book 2016 will soon be opening for sign ups but in the meantime Tamara LaPorte is offering 10 spots in this year long class(all of which you can download for forever access)!!! Visit her blog , along with the rest of the teachers in the blog hop, follow the directions, and you can win one of these spots! I looked at the teacher line up and it is amazing!

 That's it for today. Linking to my friends at T Stands For Tuesday. Can't wait to see what everyone else has to share!

" We are each spinning our individual threads, lending texture, color, pattern to the 'big design' that is serving us all."         Karen Casey


  1. I have never seen these lids! Brilliant idea!
    Glad your mum arrived safely. I'm sure she'll have a splendid time. September is an ideal time to go to the south of France.
    Your art is great! I will try to find that tutorial from Dianne. Did you make it with Gelatos? Or watercolour?
    Have a great T day,

  2. That is one awesome lid. I am in awe of the products Charles Viancin makes. Yes, I clicked on the link. The mug is simply adorable, too. What a great gift to have received from your breeder.

    I admit I love the pages you created. I was especially fond of the color blocking you used in the background of the second spread. It is great, and of course, I liked the beach theme SO much, too.

    Thanks for sharing your mug and your art with us for T this Tuesday. Sounds like you will be signing up for that class, too.

  3. Those lids are a fab idea!! Love what you are doing with your pages as well.
    Happy T day!

  4. Your flower lid is fabulous Linda, and how's this for a coincidence, I was fortunate enough to have received a cup lid in the mail today from a blogland friend?! :D
    How lovely for your mum to be in the South of France at this time of year. I hope she has a fantastic time.
    Your collage pages are excellent, very well done and I love your colours.
    Happy T Day Linda :D

  5. Hello and Happy T Day! How fun for your mom! Really enjoying these collages you are doing, keep them up and keep sharing them please! They look awesome! How cute your mug and lid are, haven't seen lids like that. It's hot here too, ready for a cool break to come in. Take care and thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi Linda. Happy T Day to you. Love your art work this week. Your doggie Mug is wonderful, and the lid is fantastic, what a great idea. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  7. Dianne has certainly inspired you and you are producing some lovely pieces! That lid is quite awesome! Happy happy t day my friend! Hugs! deb

  8. I've never seen lids like those, but I'll be on the look-out. Just the thing! I'm sure your mom will have great fun and come back with wonderful tales to tell. Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Oh that lid is so pretty!!! Love the arat and so glad thie trip is going well for your mom ♥

  10. I have two sets of two lids for my pans like yours, and I had to run and see if they were made by the same company......and they are! I didn't think to get one for my coffee cup, like you did. The next time I see them I will be getting one for sure. I think they are great.

    Your journal pages are turning out fantastic, LOVE beachy stuff.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment this week, can you believe it is September already?

  11. Happy T-Day Linda! Wow..what a nice mug with lid! Super artwork as always!
    Happy mom to be there at this time of the year!

  12. Oh what fun...your collages are delightful! love those colors...beautifully done! I've never seen one of those flower lids before, but what a brilliant idea...fun and practical at the same time. I suppose they keep the beverage warm longer? envy your mom's trip to France...hope she takes lots of photos and you can share them with us! happy T day!

  13. Glad your mom's trip went well--except for the poor suitcase.
    I have never seen those lids but they are so pretty and clever.
    Pretty page spreads--and have a Happy T-Day! :)

  14. That poppy lid had your name on it Linda AND Made in France to boot ♥
    We picked up a collapsible silicon bowl with a tight fitting lid. I was fascinated to read it could go in the oven, microwave (altho we don't have one of those) and boiling water and more.
    Quite the wonder material it seems.
    Lovely to see your beach getaway influence on your journal pages!
    Happy T Day my friend oxo

  15. What a great lid! Thanks for sharing it. I had never seen anything like it before.

    Your collage pages are great, and they make me want to go to the beach. :)

  16. Hi Linda! I am so happy that I visited your blog today! What an amazing post. I love both works of art that you created. I am currently enrolled in Lifebook 2015 and have not gotten to any of the tutorials in months! Life just gets in my way!!! I wish your mom the best while she is visiting France, too. And that lid for your coffee - it's pure genius!

  17. Your mug is delightful and your artwork is adorable!I am glad your mon is in France. Travelling is one of the best things in life!Love your quote too!Happy T-Day! :)


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