Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Colorful Days

 Thought I'd start off with something pretty. More on this piece to follow.

 First I want to apologize for not getting around to all those I wished to at Paint Party Friday last week, along with those who had new posts up recently. Our phone line and internet was down on Thursday. Called Verizon and thankfully got someone (despite that they are on strike-yeah- what great timing huh?) and managed to get it all back in working order via phone. And then it all went out again Friday eve. Called Saturday AM and was told the first time anyone could come out would be Wednesday. What????
 Sunday in the middle of dinner prep the doorbell rang and it was a Verizon manager. OK then. I explained the current and all previous issues they had to come out for over the years and it was ALWAYS the line running to the box at the telephone pole. After assessing things he told us he needed to come back with a technical person. Monday early AM he was here with a northeast area technical supervisor , another tech and two trucks. After several hours they resolved the immediate issue along with the promise to replace the archaic line and give us an interface box outside the house (which we should have had all along). No cost to us :) Enough of that now.
About the opening art page...

 It's a coloring book page!! My friend LuAnn had bought it for me for my birthday and although I didn't think it was my thing I decided to give it a go one eve just using my markers. And guess what happened....

 I couldn't stop! Mostly coloring while watching TV and then adding some dots and doodles with black and white pens.

 Here's a shot from yesterday AM out at the picnic table on a gloriously warm, sunny day:

 Such fun! So, my question for you is-have you tried any of the adult coloring books out there lately??  And if not, do give it a try-very meditative AND addicting:)
  That wonderful  Citrus Cold Brew tea was perfect for this day. I know it came from one of the "T" gals -Deb I think? (sorry it's been awhile that I have this). Linking to T Stands for Tuesday with Elizabeth and friends.

 Another page in my large art journal:

 It began like this:

 A patterned paper background. Several colors of acrylic paint were brayered over top. Image was penciled in then filled with acrylic paint , lined with Stabilo All pencil. Dress painted with glazes. Butterfly stickers. Alphabet stamps and permanent black ink.

 Also joining again at  Art Journal Journey hosted by Erika this month with the theme of "Journeys", along with Art It Friday- Show Your Face, and Paint Party Friday.  A bientôt!

" Trust in what you love, continue to do it, and it will take you  where you need to go."
                                                              Natalie Goldberg


  1. What a lot of ice art in your post. Love the lady with attitude journal page, thanks for linking to AJJ. Glad you are having fun with your colouring pages. I got one of those books as a present, but it is not really my thing, I am too messy. Glad Verizon came and sorted out the mess for you, let's hope they have really solved the problem now! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. You were lucky to get those technicians so soon, with the strike and all. Glad you did. Love the lady. She looks like her journey is a good one. And I also can see how those coloring books are addicting. I got one for Christmas and once I start, I can't put it down either. Plus it is perfect for sitting outside and doing, since it is often hard to bring out the art supplies. Have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. I've given a couple of coloring books to adults but have never tried one myself. They are very popular these days :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  4. Glad you got your internet issues ironed out...such a pain!
    I can see you are enjoying your coloring book.
    For some reason I am not drawn to them at all (just punny me).
    Your journey piece is really lovely...what a beautiful and trusting angel!
    Happy T Day dear Linda oxo

  5. People who enjoy the adult coloring books all say it is meditative, but there are those of us (myself included) who finds it stressful. I grip the pen too tightly, then color outside the lines. Like zentangles, it takes someone with a loose hand to appreciate the meditative aspect of it. I don't have the grip for it. I'm glad you are enjoying it, though.

    I love your beautiful lady. She looks lovely in her glazed dress.

    I can appreciate the problems with the internet. I've called and called about mine, and, like you, mine is attached to my phone. I can certainly empathize.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful cups of tea with us for T this Tuesday. I agree that if memory serves, I believe it was Debby (CraftyMoose) who had that tea and even shared hers with us for T a few months ago.

  6. Good that after all that pain your internet works properly now - that's so aweful when we have inet problems - I can feel with you!
    Lovely coloring page in your extra artsy style... no I did't buy any of those adult coloring books yet - I looked through them- o.k. but couldn't decide to buy - even the grocery discounter sells some nice books now as cheap as dirt, but I think I really don't need them . But that's for sure a super thing for creative people to bring joy ...why not?!
    Your journey girl is so dreamlike beautiful! Just great dear Linda! And also a wonderful background to this lovely character-
    thanks a lot for linking to the journeys theme at AJJ!
    I wish you a happy T-Day !


  7. What a palaver about the internet connection. Hopefully it has all improved now. We live out in the sticks and don't have a phone line. Our internet is via radiowaves (Beam me up Scottie type thing). It is not a very fast internet connection but it rarely breaks down. (touch wood)
    I love what you have done with the coloring book! Beautiful! I have a couple of those books but I have only a box of children's coloring pencils and those colored markers are so expensive. So I might try the watercolors that i have. I saw that you did the yellow flowers with two different colors yellow. That looks really nice. I have only one yellow in my coloring box hence the idea to use the paints. We'll see. One day.....
    Your journal page is stunning BTW!
    Thank you for visiting and Happy T-Day!

  8. Glad you got your technical issues resolved. I know only too well how frustrating they can be. Colouring was just the thing to calm down with!

  9. Maybe the strike has been a benefit for you.. hoping your ongoing issues have been resolved :) Love your journal page♥♥♥♥♥ ! As for the coloring books I've been buying those books for my grandchildren for years before they were the "FAD" and they were only available online. Our whole family has become addicted to them and it's nice now that they are popular as it's easier to find new books with different themes :) Happy "T" Day!

  10. what fun your coloring pages are...and love your art journal page!! well can understand your frustration with the internet people. been there. finally we broke down and got our internet through the Cable people because the phone lines are indeed what you termed them -Archaic! hope you're all fixed up now... happy T day! breath easy and enjoy your beverage ;)

  11. Well i'm so glad they are taking care of you. Seems like all you have to do is get someone involved that gives a darn.... thats surprisingly difficult to do sometimes... I find the coloring books very intriguing and i think i would love them. I would love to color them while watching TV in the evenings however...... currently that is the time i spend sketching in my sketchbook and i could easily see the coloring book taking over the sketch book because its easier and i don't want that to happen so i haven't bought any... So good to see you having fun with it though... Happy happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  12. So happy to see your art again!

  13. Love your journal page ~ so creative and expressive ~ I have a coloring book but am not amoured with it but can see you made creative use of it ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  14. A beautiful journal page and your colouring is lovely as well. I have a book away with me , but not coloured anything yet.
    Happy Tuesday

  15. I love my colouring books - one at home and a different one at the caravan.My GD and I also started a Winter wonderland one but that has been put away until Winter! I love your journal page -a beautiful drawing! Hugs, Chrisx

  16. You have done a wonderful job with the coloring Linda. I've the same feeling as you said. I'm yet to get interested in coloring books. Somehow I feel I'm taking someone else's art and finishing it:-) But I've seen some beautiful books at the art store, hoping to get past this feeling and buy one in the near future.
    Happy T day

  17. Great works, Linda. You did a great job on the coloring book. I did try it but found it stressful rather than relaxing. Maybe I went about it wrong.

  18. Love your Girl. Beautiful piece.
    Happy PPF 🌞

  19. I have not tried the adult coloring books for that reason. I know I will get addicted! But they sound like great fun.
    Happy PPF

  20. cute page for AJJ Linda and looks like you had fun with choosing pretty colours for the colour pages too! Internet problems are the worst. I always think my backup can be the library!

  21. Modern technology frustrates me Linda - I'm a DIY fix it type of person and computers and connections are just too smart for !!
    I love your angel, she has a resemblance to you!
    For some reason I'm not drawn to the new colouring books. Just yesterday I was in a book shop and picked one up - it was Even a Paris themed book but I put it down again!
    However, I think I will go back today and buy it - then who knows I could be inspired one day to get back into arty things!
    Happy weekend dear Linda, I always appreciate your visits when I do a post on things French!
    Shane xx

  22. Love all those coloring pages. I have had similar problems lately with the Net. After 3 visits the INternet company finally fixed it. Technology can be so frustrating.


  23. Sometimes, Verizon customer service is okay. I am glad they gave you the box free. Coloring books are fun becoming very very popular this year. According to NY Times there are 2000 coloring books published in 2015 compared t0 200 in 2014. Every professional artist is publishing because Photoshop has made it easy to create these pages. Anyway, glad that you are enjoying them. Lovely girl piece.

  24. I did not think I would like the coloring books either... but now I do find them quite addicting! Mindless therapy is what I call them. All for it. Lovely journal page!

  25. Glad you got it working... what bugs me about my cable ever being off is how addicted we all are to it... Funny, even if we aren't using is at the moment because we're doing something else...we want it when we want it! You may have some issues while they're striking anyway! Lovely pages...and I bet they are inspiring your art too. I bought Pauline Legers book but haven't done any pages yet.... I tidied up and put it somewhere. Another friend printed off a ton of pages at Christmas to colour and haven't done those either. I usually like to create my own thing. Cupcake has several colouring books that she loves... I shall give it shot just because of this post! Thanks for sharing all your pretty art and colouring!

    Hugs Giggles

  26. Those flowers would make a great print for summer dresses!
    And yes, we'll trust our journey! Great piece!

  27. First glad you got your internet back. Coloring books. OMG! I started playing with them last year and now have a stack of them. Got some for my birthday and a friend gave me one of Game of Thrones. On top of that gifts and buying sets and sets of gel pens. Yes I am hooked. LOL

  28. What a pain it is when we loose internet these days, right?! It always seems to happen at the worst moments (like Thanksgiving when every shop is closed...).
    I have not tried coloring books, however I have thought about making one - LOL - isn't it great to finally be able to create and paint outside?!
    Happy PPF on a Saturday!

  29. I love your art journal maiden page, she is lovely! I'm glad you have your internet connection back, it's so frustrating to lose it. Your coloring pages are beautiful too.

  30. Internet is a problem everywhere.I am glad it is back.I have some adult coloring books but just because of the drawings.My books are a source of inspiration for me.Love your page.Your girl is sweet!

  31. Yes, i love to color, but always find i want to make my own pages to color. I have the game of thrones one as well, a gift from my daughter, yours is so pretty!

  32. Oh we're lucky - no internet problems. Hopefully yours is working better now.
    I've tried coloring books...it's fun every now and then but I prefer to draw, paint from the scratch.
    Have a creative week ahead!

  33. Oh how annoying about your internet problems. I hope they'll fix it once and for all soon. What wonderful colouring pages! Those patterns looks so pretty. I have never tried a colour book, I think that many of them do look very pretty, but I rather make my own drawings and paintings. Your art journal page looks lovely too!

  34. Your patterns are full of floral kindness. They are really touching. I like your gentle page for journal with such suitable for everyone quote.

  35. Glad you got everything sorted out eventually.....

    Yes, I have one of those 'colouring' books.... I am always too impatient to colour it in - I get a bit bored with the repetition.... which probably means I should persevere and relax a bit more with it.... so I have got it out and left it on my
    desk.... tonight!!!! Thanks for the reminder!

    Loved your journal page girl :)

    Karen x


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