Monday, May 16, 2016

Flowers And More


   LuAnn is celebrating her birthday this week by spending time alone in the beautiful Adirondacks in New York so I sent her this card early. Remember the other week when she and I  got together and stamped and die cut like mad? Well, these birds and accessories were some of what we did so I knew I had to make her a card using them.
 Here's a more detailed shot so you can see the dimension:

 On Mother's day I received three beautiful bunches of flowers:

                                 from my son Todd's girl friend Kyra

     potted hydrangeas from my Mom who knew I was looking for a plant to replace the one that didn't make it thru last winter after many years

 and these gorgeous red sunflowers from Todd who knows my favorite color:) I feel like I should try to sketch and paint them in the future.

 Speaking of lovely, thoughtful gifts I received a packet in the mail last week and this is what was in it:

  stamps, papers and a beautiful card from Erika! Thank you so much for thinking of me-you're purging is my gain:) I'm thinking though that I should treat my art supplies as I do clothing: if I buy something I must also get rid of something. Ha! we'll see.

 I don't know about where you live but spring played a nasty trick and disappeared over the weekend. It got COLD and windy along with some rain and the threat of frost, so tender plants had to get covered:(  and it is still unseasonably cold, SO, out came a nice big cup of vanilla chai tea (decafe of course) to keep me warm while preparing backgrounds in my journal:

 I'm joining Elizabeth and friends for T Stands For Tuesday. Bring a cuppa and join in on the fun won't you?

 "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change."


  1. That birthday card is the CUTEST. So adorable, and so well colored, too. I simply adore how you put it together.

    The flowers you got for Mother's Day are wonderful. I am super impressed with the red sunflowers, especially. I've never seen ones that color before.

    Erika is wonderful, isn't she? She gifted me with her stash busting purging, too. I'm so impressed with what she sent you, and of course, I know she was thinking of you when she sent you the Paris inspired pieces.

    It turned cold here, too. First came the hail, high winds, and buckets of rain, then the cold set in, and it's been cold ever since. So sorry it had to hit your area, too.

    Love that background, and the chai tea looks all cozy and warm in that beautiful red cup and lid. Thanks for sharing your art, your flowers, and your tea with us for T this week. I really enjoyed the flowers!

  2. What a lovely post! Your flowers are gorgeous, I have never seen red sunflowers before. Lucky you to get those great gifts from Erika, enjoy! The pretty card you made for LuAnn is gorgeous, you evidently did have fun making it. It's been cold again here these past few days. Enjoy your te, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. your desk cries "be prepared... i´m starting now for great things";) wonderful flowers you got and a nice surprise.
    enjoy the week, happy t-day!

  4. Oh I love your card with the crazy bird! You made it 3D too. Luann is going to love it (and remember the great time you had together).
    I'm sorry to hear you have had such cold weather. We have had a cold spell here in Spain too. I had to get some of my winter clothes out (as we were already in T-shirts and sandals). Strangely enough in northern Europe they had a heat wave and very unseasonal warm weather. Our neighbours from Denmark have come on holiday and are really disappointed that in their own country it is nice weather and they have come all this way only to have cold and pouring rain and storms.
    I love your flowers, especially the red sunflowers. I had never seen red sun flowers. They are truly stunning.
    Yes, a hot cup of chai is the answer to cold weather in my opinion.
    Happy T-Day,

  5. Oh yes, we had that cold weather too. The northern part of NH got snow, but luckily we didn't. Just cold wind. You got some beautiful flowers for mother's day. I've never seen red sunflowers. I love them. Those TH birds are so much fun, and your card is definitely fun. Have a great day! Hope you enjoy the toys, but fi you don't feel free to share them. Hugs-Erika

  6. The card, the flowers are so beautiful Linda. Love the colors you have used on the cute bird. I think you should definitely try to sketch these lovely bouquets.Lucky you,n the gifts that Erika sent are gorgeous. Would love to see what you will create out of them.
    Happy Tuesday

  7. Love the birdy on that card! so cute...and really gorgeous flowers! fun peek at your desk and journal too...happy T day! Here's hoping we get weather that actually matches up with the Season that it's supposed to be!! ;)

  8. Lovely blooms for special you dear Linda.
    Those red sunflowers are stunning and look like a painting ♥
    Sweet to get happy mail from Erika.
    I should get back to clearing out again here Oh My!
    LuAnn's getaway sounds lovely and restorative.
    Happy T Day oxo

  9. Oh and your work table is so neat...L♥ve your covered mug too!

  10. A lovely post to read, a wonderful card and your flowers look beautiful. I like the look of your cup with the lid, a great idea when there is paint around. Have a happy Tuesday.

  11. First let me tell you how much I love your birthday card. Those birds always make me smile!!
    Your flowers are gorgeous and your journal page is off to a good start - it certainly looks pretty!
    sandy xx

  12. Your card is adorable ~ you make the best ones and all those gorgeous flowers you received plus a creative gift packet ~ Wonderful post and thanks for visiting ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  13. Great card Linda and the flowers are beautiful ♥ This cold has me in a funk for sure. I have no energy and it makes me hurt :( COME ON SUN!!!!

  14. love all the flowers and stamp goodies and those cards are lovely

  15. I love those birds and the card you made! Your flowers look great, especially the hydrangea! Your gifted bits and pieces look exciting! Hugs, Chrisx

  16. I'm sure LuAnn is going to adore her card!

  17. Hi Linda, Loving your bird card, the beautiful blooms and your gifties. I am anxious to see what you will create on the pages as well. :-) thanks for your sweet comments on my blog <3


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