Monday, June 12, 2017

We're Havin a Heat Wave...

 ...and no complaints here although I do have the luxury of getting respite indoors with AC when I need to. These temps do not factor in the humidity/heat levels of over 100 F. As you can see it will cool off a bit later in the week. Been spending time outdoors(not in the sun though) and reading:

 Got these from the library and yes I am reading all three at once:)
                                       What are you reading?
                   Do you like to read more than one book at a time? I imagine that if there's  a story line to follow it would be difficult to read more than one at a time.

 Oh my-looking at the titles it just dawned on me-together they are found poetry!:
                                         Designing your life
                                        One soufflé at a time.
                                             Divine dance.

 Still playing with my Coffeetime stamp set:

 Linking to T Stands For Tuesday and the Simon Wednesday Challenge (theme is "masculine").

Products: white, kraft cardstock; patterned cardstock-DCWV; Coffeetime Stamp set (Darkroom Door); inks- Sunflower, Jet Black (Archival), Tea Dye (Distress); heart shaped paper clip.

Mixed Media art journal page:

 This wasn't quite what I had in my mind but as I began working with and randomly pulling colors and just painting I started to see land, buildings, sea and sky-the world. There is some darkness, white for light, red for strength, blue for calm. I added a bit of gold rub on on one of the gears and a bit around the page.

 It began with a wash of white gesso. Made some marks with graphite then a coat of matte medium. The die cut gears and corrugated cardboard were lightly painted with gesso and glued to the page along with book text. I used acrylic paints, black gesso, watercolor crayons, stencil and gold rub-on to complete the page.

 A few detail pics:

  We CAN come out of the darkness cast upon our world today. "Hope for the world" is what was running through my mind as I completed this page.

 Linking to Art Journal Journey (theme is "circles"); Creative Artiste Mixed Media (anything goes); Paint Party Friday; the Simon Monday Challenge (theme is "touchy/feely") and Try It On Tuesday (theme is "steampunk/mechanical").

 Thanks so much for popping in, for leaving a comment and for sharing your thoughts. If you ever have any ? about a products or technique, etc. feel free to contact me. A bientôt!

"The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human beings with a sense of  destination and the energy to get started."  Norman Cousins


  1. Such an awesome page. I love all your creations! That is definitely found poetry...awesome, made me smile when I read it. Hot here too, wishing you a happy day, especially after sharing such wonderfulness!

  2. Wonderful page! Love the design and the colour combo you have used!
    Thanks bunches for sharing it with us at TioT this time.
    Lula oxo

  3. our coffee card is wonderful Linda and the Mixed Media page is just GORGEOUS - adorable colors on that anfd fantastic mark making!
    Happy T-Day to you and a BIG Thank You for joining AJJ's circle theme!
    Happy rest of your summer week!
    oxo Susi

  4. Terrific steampunk project. Thank you for joining us at Try it on Tuesday

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Glad you are enjoying the heat! Beautiful art, thanks so much for joining us at TIOT - love the colours. And of course, the coffee art is right up my street! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. Its a fantastic Steampunk page, the colours look awesome. Thank you for joining us all over at TioT's.
    The coffee time stamps you used look great, just right for a male card. I always have difficulties making cards for men.
    I am impressed that you can read three books at the same time. I love reading, but have to stick to one book at a time.
    Happy T day tomorrow.
    Yvonne xx

  7. I'm glad YOU like the heat. I, for one, hate it when it gets over 75F. Those are our nighttime temps, now. Like you, the heat and humidity have been high here, and the winds have been relentless. Nothing worse than hot winds.

    I guess the type of book you are reading would influence whether you read more than one book at a time. I'm reading a mystery right now, and can't imagine reading anything besides it. To me, that's like trying to watch three tv shows at once and not understanding/following any of them.

    Your steampunk inspired page is wonderful. You mastered the concept so well. I am not good with steampunk, so yours really impressed me.

    I still love that coffee stamp. Your winning that was not just a blessing, but has truly led to some awesome art. Thanks for sharing all your art, your books, your heat wave, and your coffee card with us for T this week. Hope it cools for you, because there's no relief in sight here.

  8. That is a really cool piece for TIOT Linda. I like the darkness of it, which is a relief from the heat-we have it too! I've been reading too, and I do read multiple books at once too. How is the One Souffle at a Time book. It looks interesting as I like cooking book and even like to read cookbooks. :) Hope its a wonderful T day-inside with the AC. Hop the super heat doesn't last too long. But better that than too cold or snow. :) Hugs-Erika

  9. Wonderful coffee card, Linda, and your journal page is amazing.

    Thank you for linking to ART JOURNAL JOURNEY

  10. Very inspiring post Linda..... Hope for the World ... yes, I believe so. I love your art piece for this.

    Hope you are still keeping cool.... it's getting warmer over here too.

    I read more than one book at a time too sometimes... reading in the garden ... bliss.... and in bed too my favourite reading spots. I can't read while Barry is watching tv :(

    Your book poetry made me smile :)

    Keep cool


  11. Wow, I can't believe you are reading three books at once and it is a good job there are no storylines as I think I would get confused with the plots too ... lol 😀. Your journal page is beautiful, I love the colour and the shimmer you have created, it fills me with hope too 😀. Great card design and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  12. Love the art today! Su h beautiful colors ❣ It's been super hot here too.

  13. i LOVE your art Piece, linda!! the texture, the Colors, everything about it.
    mostly i only read one book at a time (and mostly in the evening). i switched to E-Books (i had rejected for a Long time), because they Keep the page i´m reading when they fall out of my Hands when i fall asleep;)
    have a great week, enjoy summer!

  14. Have a very happy T DAY

    Love Chrissie xx

  15. Wow! That page is awesome! I love it. Yes, there is hope for the world yet.
    I like your choice of books. I know Richard Rohr. I susbscribe to a daily meditation which arrives in my in-box every day. Some of it is very philosophical, which goes way over my head, but mostly I enjoy reading them.
    One souffle at a time sounds just the sort of book I'd like. I looked it up but it was too expensive to buy (Kindle edition $10). Are you enjoying it?
    Do I read more than one book at a time? no, never. I might start a book and decide I'm not in the mood for that sort of thing and change to something else and read the first one on another occasion. I read mainly fiction. Once I get stuck in a story, I want to finish it. I'm reading a thriller at the moment. I don't do thrillers very often as I read in bed. Too much excitement will ruin my sleep. This one is called: Don't wake up, A dark terrifying thriller by Liz Lawler. And terrifying it is! I'm on 46% so nearly half way.
    Happy T-Day,

  16. Love love your fantastic page Linda! A creative design with a fabulous combination of colours. Your coffee card is great too.
    Thank you for joining us at Try It On Tuesday. Mar x

  17. Heat wave here in New England ~ hopefully will cool off tomorrow ~ Your coffee creations are delightful ~ my favorite though is your journal page ~ Love the abstract look to it ~ very creative ~ Stay cool ~ ^_^

  18. Right there in the heatwave with you... So sorry i can't visit longer.. super super busy... But i wanted to wish you a happy T day! Hugs! deb

  19. Heatwave here, too, but I'm not complaining. You don't ever have to shovel heat and humidity. No AC, yet, but there's a nice breeze in the sunroom. Really enjoyed the process you used to build your page. Delicious colors. Thanks for sharing. Stay cool and Happy T Day!

  20. I'm working through King's Dark Tower series right now, but yes I always have more than one book going. I'm enjoying our heat right now. It suits me much better than the cold weather.

    I find it interesting when artists talk about the evolution of a piece, how it started off with one thing in mind and then ended up going in a different direction. I love how it ended up :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  21. Linda, I love your found poetry! It's beautiful. You need to make a page with that. I couldn't read more than one book at a time. I have trouble enough following one story line! Recently I've been reading Adriana Trigiani and find her books quite engrossing.

    That's a lovely peaceful art journal page. It's neat when you don't have a plan or have something else in mind and the page sort of takes over. This is a good example. It's very calming to look at.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  22. Im reading the Wrong Boy by Willy Russell..cant read 3 at once though but prefer library books to your page and we are supposed to be getting some sun tomorrow

  23. Love your journal page - such a wonderful blend of colours and marks and hope for everyone! So pleased you linked to Try It On Tuesday! I don't think I could take heat like that but then we don't really get it that hot - at least, not for more than a day or so! As for reading more than one book - I have one at home and one at the caravan - to save carrying back and to - usually quite different books so following a plot is easy! I also have the occasional craft or cookery book around too! I usually only read in bed - either at bedtime or if I wake up early but at the moment Girl on The Train has me picking it up whenever I can!! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  24. Your coffee card is beautiful, I love that you added the heart. Your journal page is wonderful, great colours and amazing textures! Thanks too for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment, I really appreciate it. Anne x

  25. Wonderful creations! Love the fab card and the journal page is amazing! Love the colors!!

    Thank you very much for joining us this week at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog!


  26. Some like it hot and I'm one of them! So envious of that lovely heat and wish it came this way but those sort of temperatures are seldom seen in Scotland. When when the sun shines I too read. At the moment it's In the Company of Women, mixed in with a Donna Leon detective and Dolce Vita about Rome in the 50th and 60th. And the latest edition of the Bella Grace magazine. Now I just need the sun!

  27. Your Mixed Media art journal page is gorgeous! And the "Making of" very interesting!
    Best wishes, Rike

  28. Hi Linda we are in a heat spell as well-very very humid with temps in the 90s plus the heat index-so I am mostly indoors these days.
    I am reading but I read them one at a time unless I am reading history type books-which I enjoy in hard covers. On my kindle right now I am reading about highlanders with Amy Jarecki who is my favorite author for that.
    I enjoyed your journal page and thanks for explaining the steps.
    Have an awesome day-I missed the T party yesterday but am visiting today

  29. A gorgeous journal page. Great paint textures and the colour blends look wonderful.
    Thank you for joining in with our June challenge "Anything Mixed Media Goes" at Creative Artiste Mixed Media and good luck x

  30. Happy PPF Sweetie, have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  31. What a great page. The colours are just fab! Thanks for joining us at Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge blog this month.
    Good luck
    DT Lynda x

  32. Beautiful art this week Linda, 3 books at once? Good for you!

  33. I love the journal page and the words of Norman Cousins that go with it. The muted colors give the piece a calm effect.

  34. PS. Yes I do often have more than one book going at a time. I usually get the ebooks from the library on my Kindle, so I can easily switch from one to another. Mostly mysteries. Sometimes Cozy Mysteries, but often C. J Box, Nevada Barr, Paretsky, Grimes, Maron, and others.

  35. Linda this is a wonderful post. It is always interesting to know what people are reading. The art is just amazing this week. Love it.

  36. A great journal page. Stylish design and clour.
    Happy PPF and weekend 🌸

  37. oh Linda, I love that mixed media piece! The texture, the colours, the thoughts behind it .... Beautiful work! Funny about your found poetry :-) I read a lot but never more than one at a time. Unless it's more like an instruction/study book... Enjoy the sun! We're having some beautiful weather too here :-)

  38. A fancy cup! And I love your painting, I was happy to see the process! I loved that you used a cardboard, it gave such a wonderful effect. I have to try that. I sign your Hope for the world! Books.. I seldom take time to read them, and if I start to read one I never fulfill to read the whole book. But now I have got some books about painting, and I read several books at the same time.

  39. That's a great looking coffee cup Linda!
    Gorgeous art and mixed media page too:D) You've so many strings to your bow.
    No, I couldn't read more than one book at a time - I always have to recap after picking it up again ;D)
    Cheers and enjoy your weekend and thanks, as always, for sharing your creativeness. Happy PPF!

  40. Hi Linda! I love that you are reading 3 books at once! Sounds like me . LOL! I am reading "A Room With a View" and a mystery novel given to me by my sister called "A Golden Cage." And WOW! I absolutely love your gorgeous mixed media page. The colors and your design are just beautiful. And what you are doing with your coffetime stamp is so creative and fun!!! Have a great weekend!

  41. Mixed media artwork is gorgeous and I fully agree we could all do with 'hope for the world' A great inspiring post and lots of fantastic artwork Linda.
    Thanks for sharing and I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.
    Happy PPF to you

  42. Linda, I love this mixed media piece! I think we all need some hope and love that you were mindfully thinking of that as you created. I can see that it is infused with your beautiful message. I do read more than one book at a time. Right now I don't have a paper book on the go but I am listening to a neat surreal Japanese audio book (translated to English - sadly I don't know any other language) on my daily commute, and I am also reading a wonderful book by one of my favourite authors, Joyce Carole Oats on my iPad (using Kindle). It would not be unheard of for me to also have a paper book on the go at the same time - I think three is the limit. :). Sad about your baby birds. Some birds do actually move into other birds' abandoned nests. I actually had that happen at my place once - I had a tragedy where the mother bird died. The eggs never hatached but a new family moved in a year or two later. The babies hatched and as far as I know flew away one day.

  43. Oh my I love your mixed media journal page. Your explorations are wonderful. The weather here is also warmer than is my preference...

  44. it is hot over here as well. I stay inside in the day and take walks in the mornings. Love your mechanical art :)

  45. Love your coffee card (I'm a card maker as well) and your mixed media piece is beautiful. The colors and movement are very calming. I just gessoed over a 12x12 canvas that I decided needed a do-over and the original work is showing through the Gesso in a ghostly way. Seeing your piece makes me want to get going on it. I am hooked on audio books in my car and now can't drive without listening to a story! I just get them at the library. I'm always reading my Kindle too.

  46. Lovely texture! I like the elements you used to make it and the colors you have chosen. Thank you for joining Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

  47. Hi Linda! Here it is Tuesday morning and I am still visiting for PPF! This is a wonderful journal page - love seeing the process. Great colors and texture and I really like the gears. I love the new blog header - perfect for summer. I like to read also and can read multiple books at once- but not if they are novels. Hope you have a great week and stay cool!

  48. I never know what Fahrenheit temperatures are, but they always look hot to me :) But this certainly looks very hot! We're having a hot week here too, with temperatures of 34 degrees Celsius most of the week, and unfortunately, it can get very humid here too. Unlike you, I'm complaining a lot about it. I'm absolutely not a summer girl, and we don't really have ac much here. I'm sitting in my office with a gold old ventilator on and trying to move as little as possible... I'm usually reading more than one book too, usually one or more art and creativity related books and a novel, which I read mainly while commuting.
    Your art work is gorgeous, I really like the colour and mood of your journal page!

  49. Fantastic projects Linda! Love the mixed media work of art! Happy PPF :)

  50. Fabulous page and wonderful words of inspiration. The layers you have used create stunning colours and draw me in. I have just arrived back in England from Sunny Spain and am now looking out at the pouring rain in contrast to the 35 degree heat of yesterday in Spain! Oh well!
    Thank you for joining us at the
    Creative Artiste Mixed Media Anything Goes Challenge. Good luck! Love Denyse (DT)


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