Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eat That Frog!

   Back for my second post today and this one is for Art Journal Everyday.

 My pages are about procrastination and decluttering. The excerpt I typed up on the right page is from a book titled "Eat That Frog" published by Simple Truths. These books were introduced to my husband and I by friends and we now have our own little collection of inspirations. They are short, quick reads which get to the point and many of them include a short CD with accompanying sweet music, photos and sayings.

   Eating the frog is about tackling the biggest tasks head on, first thing during your day. After reading The Oprah magazine for March (De-Clutter Your Life was the running theme) I realized what a sentimental clutterer I am-and if you're reading this my dear hubby-yes,you are too (just not to the extent that I am)! I needed to finish my above pages and begin tackling my frogs-one cabinet, one area, one closet at a time. I have already begun and hope to do get to at least a little each day.

  So I'm done for today. Heading downtown to a Mother's Day sidewalk art show. Wishing all mothers out there a beautiful and blessed Sunday.

  "Everyone you meet comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack."
Thank you Bill, XO


  1. Love your pages, Linda! I think we all fight this battle of too much stuff!!! I have been purging, too but have a long way to go!

    Happy Mother's Day to you, my friend.

  2. This post along with your great pages resonate with me on so many levels dear Linda...even about your Mr ;)

    Hope you had a lovely Mother's art show sounds very nice!
    p.s. there is so much I could say about emotional clutter + OY

  3. This post is so meaningful Linda. Procrastination and clutter are two of my curses. I love the 3 little frogs you have on the right.I read the excerpt and I think I too have to take a look at these series of books.
    Thank you for visiting Ariel.

  4. What great advice and familiar territory. I avoid eating frogs like crazy. I am so looking forward to having the slow pace of summer to dive in to the frog pit of my life - fork in hand!

  5. thanks for sharing about the books. I am one who does not like clutter around me, even though I am creative I try to keep things I stated "try", my creating area is the only area that is a little messy for a short while. I do not let it get out of hand.

    I hope you have a fabulous week!

    enjoy *~*

  6. Oh Linda

    you're a girl after my own heart!
    Sentimental - I seem to keep eveything with memories - too hard to let go.

    But, I've made a pact with myself to have a HUGE clean out when I get back from France and DECLUTTER - much as I know how hard that will be!!!

    Hope your week is happy

    Shane xv

  7. Fun post, Linda! A similar phrase that I have to ask myself often is, "How does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time." I love the idea of taking on big tasks at the beginning of each day. Love the idea of an art journal, too. How inspiring! :)

  8. Oh, and thanks for linking your blog up to the Moxie Fab World Blog Roll! I'm going to love stopping by from time to time to say "hello!"

  9. Great journal pages! I happen to love frogs but not to eat them. I have heard of this book and now you have inspired me to get it and maybe try eating at least a frog leg for starters.


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