Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunrise At The Beach

  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Perhaps you were able to watch the Kentucky Derby Saturday or celebrate Cinco de Mayo or catch a glimpse of the "super moon".  Click on the link for a description of this occurrence.

  I was at the beach with friends Lynne and Chad over the weekend and was invited to a Kentucky Derby cocktail party and viewing of the event hosted by a really lovely couple (thank you Ray and Barb!) in the community. We were told to wear hats and fortunately Lynne had several beach hats we could use. Another couple (Larraine and Tom) were invited with us so off we went. And did we have FUN!!!

   This is a picture of Larraine and I taken by Lynne. As you can see, my hat is big enough that I felt like I was also celebrating Cinco de Mayo at the same time! We left a few hours later to have a wonderful dinner. Unfortunately the misty, cloudy night sky did not allow us to see the moon but we did get a great view of it Friday night. It had a beautiful, rainbow-like aura around it. Then on Sunday night we got another view of that beautiful moon surrounded by a starlit sky over the ocean. What more could one ask for? Ahh, but nature has a way of constantly aweing one with its masterpieces and I was blessed to experience this awe again with a gorgeous sunrise over the ocean before leaving for home Monday morning. Here are some of the photos I took, along with a haiku I was inspired to write upon watching this miracle of nature.


                                                   "Morning sun rises
                                                    Over a calm, vast ocean.
                                                    Nature's glory shines."

          Thank you my friends for another inspiring and fun weekend. I truly am blessed and grateful.

                             "Hope is like the sun, which as we journey towards it,
                               casts the shadow of our burden behind us." Smiles


  1. Hi, Linda! You are just the cutest little thing! Thanks for the beautiful photos of the sunrise. Love your haiku, too.

  2. Isnt she though!!!? Such magnificient talent!

  3. looks so wonderful Linda, and you are very cute in your big hat! We had that big moon and weird tides while at Cedar Key for the boat meet this weekend!


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