Friday, September 14, 2012

Be Open To Whatever Comes Next

  I'm starting a new art journal as my other two are about filled. I've been using the PRO ART sketch books for about 7 years now.  These books come in several sizes and personally I love the spiral binding which allows me to open the book completely flat. I've slowly and gradually progressed from the smallest size to the next and the next but found that in order to have more space for my calendars for Kate Crane's Calendar project  I needed to go even bigger-yikes!! But time to take the plunge. So I bought the 8 1/2" x 11" book. The pages are somewhat thin so I glue two pages together. I used to use UHU glue sticks to glue the pages but with these large pages I decided to go with spray adhesive.

  Usually I just open to a random place in the book to begin a spread but in this case I wanted to start on the first page and wanted to set a kind of tone. Given I've been doing so many pages lately with freedom and abandon I chose to reel it in a bit and try a more balanced, thought out, minimal approach.

 It began with three acrylic paints-yellow, peach and pink. I wanted to add a little more color so I cut and tore shapes from tissue paper. I kept thinking how the turquoise bit reminded me of a mountain.  There was a magazine clip out on my desk, along with the sentiment and it was all the page needed.
 I cut out the image and painted it with black gesso as I wanted a silhouette. The sentiment was stamped with two different alphabet sets in Jet Black Staz-On ink. And you know, just as when I do pages with wild abandon and the energy is in harmony with it, the same can be said for this page.It was done with a calm and peaceful energy. Does this happen to you too??
 Linking this up to Art Journal Everyday.
  I cannot end this post without mentioning two  special young ladies I had the pleasure to "meet" simply because they left me a comment on one of my posts and thankfully left me a link to their blogs. I'd like to introduce you to these lovlies from Pakistan. Please stop by and leave them a comment. There is nothing like leaving a kind and encouraging word or two to support these very young talented ladies.
  Welcome to blogland: Hadiyah-
                               and: Duaa-
                              "Don't go through life, GROW thru life." Eric Butterworth


  1. These colors and shapes look so wonderful together. Kind of Miami, kind of Abstract Expressionist. Love it!

  2. Exquisite composition, I like shapes.

  3. Wow, this is so beautifully calm and peaceful, Linda...I really LOVE it. And, I love how you made it happen. Have a great weekend!

  4. Quite refreshing, Linda! I like it a lot; but I still love the wild and abandoned look best. Have a great weekend, dear friend! :-)

  5. Beautiful page with a great sentiment. I'll visit those ladies right now :)


  6. liked the colourful tissues.nice effect.

  7. What a great way to start a new journal and I'll be trying to keep those words in mind! It's not always easy.

  8. Such a lovely and wonderful page. Love the words and blocks of colours.
    I really really don't know how to thank you for such LOVELY words of encouragement, you have no idea how much they mean to a twelve year old girl. Thank you oh sooo much!!!! And also for leaving my friend's link.
    And i dont know how i forgot to follow you because you are an amazing person. When i become a successful and passionate artist, it would be because of you, credit to you.

    Again , thank you.

    Load and loads and loads of hugs,


  9. Great design Linda...and thanks for the links...interesting.

  10. Ooo this is exciting Linda, moving up to bigger and bigger pages.
    Your cover page is a taste of what the inside will reveal... expectation, and I can't wait to see what your next pages reveal!

    I'm off to see Hadiyah and Duaa.
    Shane xox

  11. I like the cleanness of the lines on this page - simple and uncluttered. Have fun working with a bigger canvas!

  12. Thank you so much for your encouraging and lovely words! Your really kind and I'm really glad I know someone like you who is an incredible artist and person...The art jounal page looks really nice..the colorful blocks, the silhouette and the quote all go really well's very simple yet really funky ! thank you again for the kind words are a really talented artist and I'm really excited for when you'll next visit!

    your new follower,


  13. Wow! Linda you've taken a minimalistic approach on this page yet it looks so complete and elegant. I can find a total balance of all the elements you've added here. And as always you've added a very meaningful quote to the page.


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