Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Batch of Prayer Flags Blowing in the Breeze

  I recently participated in my second prayer flag swap-this one hosted by my friend Lenna Andrews.
It was a 3/3 swap and my flags arrived over the weekend. Today is such a beautiful sunny day and was perfect for photographing them on my washline. As a seond part to the swap Lenna has asked that we share a picture of the flags hanging and she has set up a place to link on her swaps blog. Feel free to check out all the fabulous artwork from Lenna's various swaps, along with this one on Creative Swaps.

  The flags left to right are from: Jan Brown -love the repurposed embroidered cloth, and the lavender wand is heavenly! The affirmation is "imagine the possibilities". Thank you Jan!; Kim Tedrow painted and printed her beautiful, vibrant flag and added a felted house and heart to match the "home sweet home" message she wrote around the flag. Thank you Kim!; Julia Wolcoff made the "explore" flag and I do believe it was meant for me-the base of the flag has a transfer of a map of Paris on it and on the back is a transfer of part of a story (in French!) along with an Eiffel tower image. Thank you Julia! The last one is an extra I made for myself. I made similar ones for the swap and you can read more about how I made them and see the others in this post.

 Thank you Lenna for another fabulous swap! You truly are the best hostess! I look forward to catching your next swap in the future.

  " It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."
                                                                                                                Mother Theresa


  1. Got my beautiful prayer flag in the most amazing envelope ever! Thank you so much for the wonderful treat!

  2. What a lovely sight. Mine haven't arrived here yet and I hope that by the time they land the weather might have improved enough to hang them outside.

  3. Your flags from the swap plus yours look soooooo beautiful Linda! I really appreciate you taking a photo of them hanging in your garden and then sharing them with us. They look so lovely together ; 0 ) I will be catching up with you soon via email, it has been a bit of a whirlwind here as of late! xo lenna

  4. Oh WOW, they are all so gorgeous!!. Beautiful messages to lift all our hearts up :). TFS!

  5. This is just lovely and look so cool hanging on your clothes line - they all seem meant to be together...J

  6. These flags are so unique and bright! They look really cheery and at the same time, spiritual!

    Beautiful work!


  7. What a gorgeous selection of Prayer Flags, they look so pretty hanging in your garden :)

  8. Beautiful flags! Each one is so gorgeous, and so vibrant! They look so lovely outside together! It truly was a wonderful swap to participate in.


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