Saturday, September 8, 2012

Another Stamp Carving Lesson and AJED

  Just a quick reminder that I'm having a Summer Inspiration Giveaway ! You have thru this Sunday, Sept. 9th to leave me a comment here  and let me know which giveaway you'd like.

  It's Saturday and that means it's time to link up to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's AJED (Art Journal Everyday). She posts the challenge along with the linking up on Fridays. Whether or not I have something to link up with I really love checking out the participating artists links-there's always something new to learn and be inspired by! Check it out for yourself.

  This is my journal play this week:

  I can't even begin to tell you all that went into/onto the pages but I can give some insight -(sometimes you just get into the zone and don't even know what all you're doing-know what I mean?) It began with pages already partially covered with leftover paint, spray inks and stencilling. I added more Dylusion sprays, Dylusion stamping (punchinella and alphabet), script circles I stamped on white cardstock and cut out. Then I did some flower-like doodling with markers and paint pens. Added the lg. UM stamp image (Tim Holtz stamp) at upper left and an older Stamper's Anonymous shadow image on the lower right after finding the quote I wanted to use. I was SO going to type the quote and put it on the page as I don't like my writing but then I gave myself a quick talking to. If I could create a page with such abandon, why not just write with abandon too? So in case you can't read it-" Don't ask what the world needs. Ask for what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Howard Truman

And here's a detail photo:

  It's been awhile since I last worked on my online class Stamp Carving 101 (also with Julie Balzer) and decided I needed to get back to it lest I forget the  lessons I've been learning.

  I finally completed my alphabet and number set of stamps, along with a border I carved for fun and practice. So here are the completed stamps:

  My friend Lenna Andrews is taking the class with me and we decided to do a project together by making tags for each other representing each week's lessons. We'll get to see each others' carvings and have a nice fat tag book of samples when we're finished! My previous carvings and tags beginning with the first lesson can be found on previous posts or on my Flickr photostream.
  Here are the tags:

  Dylusion spray inks on the background. The buttons are vintage with the exception of the blue ones.
I'm working on Lesson 8 which is definitely more challenging-scripted words.

  Have a fabulous weekend! See you Monday with the names of the winners of my giveaway.

             "A bird only flies. It does not turn to another bird and ask 'am I doing this right?' "
                                                                                          Mary Anne Radmacher


  1. ooohh I LOVE your wild abandon journal pages today, Linda!. Fabulous job with the written quotes, it always work when you let go :). The carved stamps are sooo sweet. Love them. I must start carving again :).

  2. Perfect bird quote and being in the zone seems the way to create to me too...
    your pages really SING dear Linda...the colors and motion are fabulous...
    with such depth too...

    Your carved stamp collection is impressive and very inspiring as well!

    I have more to catch up with you Missy!
    Happy rest of the weekend to you and yours

  3. There's nothing wrong with your writing Linda... it enhances your gorgeous pages. Such colour! Delish!

    Love that quote of Mary Anne Radmacher also.

  4. Love your journal pages, Linda... looks like you had a blast making them. The details and layers of stamping are absolutely wonderful!

  5. Hi Linda, thank you for visiting and commenting. I really like your blog and your work! Glad to 'meet' you! I am now very interested in that Stamp Carving 101 course...I love to carve my own stamps, but want to learn to be better with details. Enjoy your weekend, kathy

  6. Good composition, I like. Really exquisite double page. Greetings.

  7. The colours on this are gorgeous. Love those flower doodles, too. That quote is so true - when you are being fully you, you are exactly what the world needs.
    Keep creating with abandon!

  8. I REALLY love your spread. The colors, the stamps, the colors, the backgrounds, the face in the corner! Did you carve that? Even your own writing.... you did great! I love it all!

  9. absolutely incredible journal them :) And I just had a small lesson on stamp carving and I NEED to get going on it! lol Great tags and letters you have carved- wow!

  10. Hi, Linda! What a wonderful post! I love your journal pages - still "wishing for" some of those dylusion sprays!! And, your stamps are just so much fun to see - you've done a great job carving. Have a great Sunday, dear friend. . .

  11. Soo colourful, and sooo cool. Love the funkiness and the brightness. Love love love it. Big fan of yours.
    I am a twelve yearoldwho just made a log and would love to hear your opinion.

    Have to become a follower

  12. Wonderful words and art! your stamps.

  13. Wow! so much of texture and color in here Linda.I can't pick one as my favorite. The whole page looks awesome.
    Love your alphabet stamps Soon I'm going to make them too.Thank you for sharing all these.

  14. The background is just amazing. I like the feeling of movement in your page also. :)

  15. This is so beautiful and vibrant! The stamps and colors are very funky and bright! This is a fantastic page...your blog is really incredible..I'm a twelve year old girl who made a blog and I would love if you could drop by:

    Your new follower,


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