Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last Hurrah Of Summer

   Fall arrives on Sunday and the signs are all around us. The leaves are rapidly falling and changing colors, the garden veggies are dwindling as are the flowers. The ducks are migrating, along with the butterflies and hummingbirds. The squirrels (oh those darned squirrels) are all over the place gathering. Mornings have been chilly enough to warrant putting the heat on a few hours here and there. But the sun is still warm enough to allow for an outdoor morning coffee and here's who joined me a few days ago:

  Oh joy that I was able to get a few photos for the first time this year! Last year they were gone by Sept. 24th so I know they could be gone any day now. These are two females. Haven't seen the males in the last week. Thank you little ones for keeping me company Sunday morning.

  Got into a bit of digital play again. It began when I had a bowl of glass pebbles on a newspaper drying out on a table outside. thought they looked kinda cool so I took a few pics.

  This is the first pic-the original:

and here's the same shot after some photoshop play:

   Added orange color, "multiply" under the layers tab, then "craquelure" under the effects tab.

  Original photo 2:

and after first layers of digital manipulation:
   Added orange/red color, "color burn' under the layers tab, then "twirl" under the effects tab. Changed opacity to 77%. On top of this I then made more changes:

   Here I added more orange, changed opacity to 89%,, then added "luminosity" under the layers tab. This one reminds me of marbled paper.

  Photo #3;

  And another photoshop manipulation:

   Here I chose gradient fill-Diamond, then orange color layer, then "linear burn" under the layers tab, "extrude" under the effects tab, and changed opacity to 62%. I'm continuously amazed at what photoshop can do and yet have only touched the tip of the iceburg so to speak-what fun!!

  I'm also continuing my series of wabi-sabi canvases inspired by Serena Barton's book and Keith Harkin's original songs. You can see my previous projects here, and here.

  This week I chose techniques from Chapter Two along with this song:

  Background Layers:

  Layer 1 began with a combination of Golden transparent Iron Oxide, Iridescent Bright Gold and American Bright Yellow mixed together. Layer 2 I added My Studio Vanilla and wiped back. Layer 3 I added Country Accents Soldier Blue and as I was wiping away a happy accident occurred . I had my fingertips on the canvas and when I lifted them away they also lifted the paint, causing the whitish blotches you see. In true wabi-sabi form I embraced it and left it be :). Next I mixed Adirondack Watermelon reinker with water and with an eye dropper allowed the mix to drip from top to bottom then from side to side. A wet cloth was used to spread some of the color and add into the background. A heart shape was painted in the center with US Artquest Duo Adhesive then a scrap of gold leaf sheet was applied over it. A little more tweaking with paints. Stamped compass (Judikins) onto tissue paper with Jet Black Staz-on ink, torn and adhered to lower right. Typed sentiment (the song title), aged it with inks and paint then adhered it to the heart:

"Don't Forget About Me" -  5" x 7" canvas

  On a final note, Bill and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this Saturday. Not bad considering we only knew each other 5 months before eloping and it was the best decision I ever made. Love you dahling ;)

  Have a great weekend all, and happy arting!

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                                               "Departing summer hath assumed
                                                An aspect tenderly illumed,
                                                The gentlest look of spring;
                                                That calls from yonder leafy shade
                                                Unfaded, yet prepared to fade,
                                                A timely carolling."
                                                                             William Wordsworth


  1. Amazing photography and I LOVE your wabi-sabi piece!! It's gorgeous!!

  2. Belated anniversary wishes Linda. 30 years is indeed a blessing and best wishes for more...Those pebbles are lovely. The background looks beautiful with the heart and and the stamped image on the bottom.
    Happy Fall

  3. LOVE your canvas Linda, beautiful choice of color! HPPF!

  4. loving everything, thank you for sharing Linda, Happy PPF, Annette G

  5. Many many congratulations to you both for tomorrow!!

    Love your birdie photos and your glass pebble photo play looks fun! Your artwork is beautiful, really rather ethereal.


  6. Beautiful, Linda, and a terrific save! The fingerprints actually add a lot to the effect.

  7. Hi Linda...those digital photos would make great backgrounds for....anything.

  8. Your lovely bird photos are delightful Linda. Yes Autumn is here.... long sigh..The digital photos are cool sepecially the swirly one. It reminds me of swirling melted boiled sweets. A wild trip to willy wonkas sweet factory!:)

  9. Happy arting to you too and have a great anniversary!

  10. Great photo manipulation with some lovely results. Wabi-Sabi is such an interesting concept. It is something I would like to look at and may buy the book you mentioned. I love the wabi-sabi artwork you have created.

  11. What a plethora of joy around here!! Love all the digital manipulations and of course the birds are also wonderful but my favorite of all is "Don't forget about me" ...BEAUTIFUL...and how wonderful you have been happy 30 years!! Good for you!! Happy Anniversary! Not many make it that far... I admire those who do! Wishing you great things!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. I love your mix of art mediums these week. Your photographs of the hummingbird and the altered pebbles are fabulous, but I'm especially drawn to your striking heart painting. Blessings!

  13. Hello Linda,
    Sweet hummingbird girlies! Lucky you to get to see them. Your digi art play is very interesting. I sometimes forget all the tools I have to play with. I am loving your wabi sabi canvas "Don't forget about me"... Beautiful!
    Congratulations on your 30th anniversary!

  14. Lots of wonderful photography, art creations and great post ~ carol ^_^

    ps. I keep missing Post Cards from Paradise ~ never sure when she posts ~ do you know?

  15. Lots of exciting art here. Love that digital play and it has produced some beautiful results. And the wabi sabi art tones in so well with the colours of autumn.

  16. Forgot tonsay: huge congratulations to you both!

  17. Happy Anniversary!
    Such wonderful playing in photoshop. I really must try it.
    Love your canvas!

  18. The swirled glass pebbles look really interesting, I'm going to have to try to play with photoshop filters some. I love your painting, and the explanation of your layers and techniques. The finished result is great.

  19. Congratulations on three points! Your photos, your manipulations (divi play) and your anniversary:)) Such a happy and also adventurous post!! My favourite is you MoM contribution!
    Thanks for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday :)

  20. Wonderful post Linda.... I love how you 'played' with that picture.

    Sweet birds... and I love your artwork.

    30 years :) 5 months and an elopement ..... how romantic :)

    Karen x


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