Tuesday, February 25, 2014

All About Bunnies

 well... mostly anyway. Funny how this theme came together by my taking photos of a special set of coffee bowls and then my son sharing the most delightful You Tube video with me. But first I want share the gorgeous Valentines I received:

   From the top -a gorgeous digital collage from Debby in Canada, a pretty card with a vintage image from ARTchix Studio from Sallie in CA who shares a love of  ARTchix images, a stunning felted card that shimmers like magic -and those ocean colors had me swoon-from Patty  in VA,  the beautiful card with the awesome intricate die cut is from LuAnn-who actually lives only a few miles from me in PA-however, it took her card an extra week to get here arriving only last Saturday. Can you believe it? Thank you lovely friends for thinking of me with your special hand made greetings!

 On to the bunnies. I've always adored bunnies -especially the lops ( the long-eared ones) and have a bit of a collection of  bunnies. I'll only share a few I thought you might enjoy. But first,  you must watch this very short video. And my son is right -this could SO be me :)

  Here is a collage of a set of coffee bowls I bought in France some years ago:

  And to give you an idea of the size here is a pic of me at my aunt's house having breakfast in a typical bowl for coffee the last time I was in France (almost 6 years ago):

 This is a cute but unusual bunny that was gifted to me-do you know what makes it unusual?? Take a guess. I'll show you at the end of this post.


    And this is a small table vignette-books and bunnies :)

  Since St Patrick's Day will soon be here I wanted to start by making a fabric hanging to decorate:

 Asst. fabrics, transparency ( Paper Whimsy), crocheted lace, 4 leaf clover button, vintage buttons, rubber stamp, hand dyed ribbon, dowel, glitter glue. Too bad I couldn't capture the lovely look of the glitter glue all over the lace bottom. No, it's not sewn with any precision and there are loose threads but that's the way I like it and I'm sticking to it! 

 So did anyone guess about the bunny? It was a gift for my baby shower and here's what's special:

                                    His ears are a baby spoon and fork! Now how cute is that?

  Please feel free to join me over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard's for T Stands For Tuesday and see what all the lovelies are sharing this week. And now I will get a hot cup of tea while I hop along the link ups :)

      I thought this quote quite appropriate to end this post since it is flurrying at the moment.

              " In every winter's heart there is a quivering Spring..."  Kahlil Gibran


  1. Hello Linda, what a fun post this is. First, I want to say thank you for the comment on your ATC's, how neat that you have done these too. I would love to trade with you!! I will leave my email at the bottom of this comment.
    How cute these bunnies are, those dishes are pretty and the last picture is so dang cute. I love the little ears silverware, how clever. I guess you do love bunnies. My daughter loved them when she was younger and outgrew it now.

    I read the post below and love the drawings from your class, this is still on my list to take. Enjoyed all the other wonderful art you've shared too.
    Happy T Day to you and have a good week.
    Here is my email: rikm@adelphia.net

  2. p.s. forgot to mention, your St. Patrick's Day piece is perfect and I love the words on it.

  3. Linda love your bunny collection. Yes, I did watch that video. I think it is in Japan and it was so adorable to see that many bunnies following her. That was a lovely surprise to see the baby spoon and fork as the bunny's ears. But I think my favorite one is the bunny on top of the books.
    Have a lovely week

  4. Cute video.
    Those are some large tea cups!! and I love the little surprise your bunny holds.
    Thanks for visiting this week.

  5. Your quote is so true and makes me giggle as I quiver here with falling snowflakes ;)
    Aren't you sweet to showcase your valentine's...thank you for the kind mention dear Linda ♥

    I too ♥ bunnies and what a fine array you've shared with us here with that darling fork and spoon wabbit!!!
    I saw that video on FB and wowee what a gaggle of rabbits that is!

    You are so wise thinking of St Paddy's Day already with that gorgeous hanging...
    I can hardly believe March is this weekend!

    Extra cute picture of you cherie!

  6. Lovely array of photos ~ valentines, french pottery and St Paddy' Day creations ~ love your baby shower rabbit ~ it is special ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol

  7. Isn't Patty the greatest and most thoughtful? Her art always makes me smile.

    Your gorgeous Bunny cups would be about the right size for my first cup of coffee in the morning. Lucky you to have these as part of your bunny (and possibly cup) collection.

    I adore that St. Patrick's wall hanging. You have me in the mood to make a few of them, too. Had to laugh at the baby shower bunny. It was the icing on the bunny cake, so to speak. Thanks for sharing these during T today. Everything was simply adorable.

  8. My hubby and I like large cups for our cups of tea. In our family, they are called buckets! I love your bunnies and especially the little cultlery one

  9. What a gorgeous collection of sweet bunnies, and what fun that you can de-ear one of them! Love the art too and your beautiful collection of Valentines.

  10. The video clip reminded me when we were on vacation years ago and I stepped into feeding some deer after our then little girl changed her mind. The swamped me, but it was cute and funny!

    I would love to have a cup of tea in one of those cute bunny bowls! Loved the adorable bunny ear surprise!

  11. Thank you for sharing your delightful bunnies and all of your other wonderful projects and valentines.

  12. Lovely bunny collection...but that video is quite mad!

  13. i think that video would make a good trailer for a horror movie. it reminds me of trying to feed the ducks when the kids were little, and the ducks weren't willing to wait for the kids to give them the bread. they _took_ it instead. by force and with great determination! funny now, but not so funny then.

    your bunny collection is wonderful! i've never seen anything like the baby spoon and fork bunny ears. sweet :)

  14. Hello, I didn't manage to make it around to all the T Day blogs yesterday, so here I am on a Wednesday. Better late than never. :)

    Are you feeling ready for spring, with all those bunnies around? Your collection is wonderful, and I especially like the coffee bowls. They look like they would hold a lot of delicious coffee--just what I like for breakfast! :)

    You got wonderful Valentine cards, and your St. Patrick's wall hanging is so pretty. I guess you're set for all the holidays. :)

  15. Beautiful valentine cards from your artistic friends Linda.
    I love those bunny Latte bowls!
    Some great inspiration here for Saint Pat's Day and Easter too.

  16. Such pretty cards! The bunny video is amazing! Those are not naturally wild bunnies, though--how strange to see them running loose like that. You have some very pretty bunny mementos and the ear baby utensils! How great is that! :)
    Happy belated T-Day!

  17. Pretty cards. I only had one!
    Love your cups. I remember drinking hot chocolate out of similar when in France - sooo long ago.

  18. Bunnies!!!! Your bunny collection is such fun, particularly the bunny ear cutlery!

    Have you seen Wallace and Gromit and the Were-Rabbit?


    Great fun :) :) :)


  19. So sorry I am late in turning up, but here at last and so glad, love your bunnies but the little baby cutlery eared one is such a fabulous gem! I would never have guessed it did that. You made out like a bandit on the cards for Valentine's too!


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