Tuesday, April 22, 2014


   of the washi kind that is. And it's all JoAnne's fault! In one of her classes she recommends lining the journal page edges with washi tapes-for reinforcement and for added color. I have had a small bunch of washi tapes for awhile but didn't use them as much as I thought I should. Not any more! Matter of fact, I got super lucky and the day I went to Michael's they had a 60% sale off their washi tapes. Since I am now also lining my comp. book lettering journal pages with tapes I certainly felt justified in purchasing.

  The whole top row and first three in the second row are the new ones-some paper and some fabric. I bought them along with this perfect container to store them in for-get this-under $15!!! The right set in the second row are designed by Aimee of artsyville. I had won those in a giveaway. I love the designs and colors!

 Here are some of the pages I've been doing in my comp. journal book using lessons in the book The Art of  Whimsical Lettering :

                                                          inside cover and intro page

     I did these pages (as if you didn't guess) when I was at the beach. I never thought a plain ole composition book could be so much fun!! What I'm doing is making each lesson /prompt page on a separate comp. book page then pasting it in my comp book journal with the washi tapes. I do this because being the paper is so thin many of the markers and paints etc. bleed thru. I'll be posting a bunch more later this week if you're interested.

  Speaking of the beach I'll share the other two dinners we had during our stay. You can visit last week's pics and post about it here.

 On this eve Trina made tuna steaks, asparagus and a green salad. Drink of choice I believe was a pinot noir.

                 On the last night I made a chicken piccata. This is at the end of preparation. To see the plated dinner go here.

  And today my drink of choice is a large bottle of filtered water which I fill (or almost fill) each morning and drink throughout the day. A great way to keep track of how much water I drink :)

  Linking up to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday. I'll be around to see what everyone else is drinking...

  " We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to top ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."        Ray Bradbury


  1. i'm having trouble commenting, so if you get 2 from me just delete one, please :) i am inspired by the lettering project. i can see all kinds of applications for that. thx for sharing the bradbury quote. i like his work but don't remember this quote.

  2. Hi Linda!! I am happy to see your comp pages, they are so fun and colorful!! I love your idea of adding the pages after with tape, wish I had thought of that. The first year I did 30 days of Lists was in a comp book and I didn't like my makers bleeding thru.
    I need to get to Michaels, seems everyone has been going there and getting the coolest things. Have fun with the new tape!
    YAY for yummy food and art at the beach, bet you had the best time.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day!

  3. WOW! great finds in the Washi tape and the storage container. I had read before that the Washi tape around the edges of the page really help re-enforce it

    Your lettering journal really is putting mine to shame.
    Thanks for the visit this week.

  4. Lucky you and your washi tape. I bought two rolls at JoAnne's recently, but they were not at 60% off like Michael's. I love what you did with yours and how well they fit with your lettering. Well done on both counts.

    And of course, if I wasn't hungry now, I will be after seeing all that wonderful food. Looks like you fared fine, even without a working stove.

    Thanks for sharing your beach inspired washi tape and food with us on this T bEARTHday.

  5. Nice collection of washi tape! Good to see that you are using it as well...not just collecting. ;)

  6. Love the use of washi tape around your lettering pages, Linda! You and your friend certainly enjoyed delicious food while at the beach. Hope you had a good Easter!

  7. Hi again, just saw your comment on my post and came back to respond. YAY, so happy the surprise ATC made it to you. I had so much fun learning those little birds in Alisa's class and couldn't stop making them. I think everyone needed a little happy spring mail right now. So glad it's finally starting to warm up and feel like spring.
    Have a great week!!

  8. Washi tape collecting is addictive!

  9. Your washi tape looks so pretty you could be excused for not using it and just looking at it!!!

    Love your lettering :)

    Karen x

  10. Love your comp. book pages! all that tape looks really fun...and awesome quote by Bradbury1 happy T day!

  11. Lucky you. What a gorgeous collection and you're putting it to such good use.

  12. What a great way to use washi tapes. And that looks like a fun class. I can't use composition notebooks because the bleed through drives me crazy. I know they say to glue or tape pages together for that reason, but I have never tried that.
    Happy T-Day and a Happy Earth Day! :)

  13. Now you have a fab supply of wahsi tape! They work so well in that container. I always forget I have them as they are in some draw somewhere...? I think I have a few of the same. I love edging with them too.
    Your lettering journal is coming along really well. Even better doing it at the beach!

  14. Happy T-Day!
    OMG ... $15!!!! What a find!
    Love your lettering pages. The tapes around the pages really added more fun and framed the pages very nicely.

  15. Most of my tapes are handmade, since I have an endless supply of double sided tape and always have painted papers to use up. Using tape can be very addictive, as I see you probably are aware of now!

  16. Beautiful collection of washi tape. Your journal looks colorful and fun. I've been investigating the Craftsy (JoAnn) classes online, but haven't signed up for one yet due to time crunch. Hope you had a happy T Day!

  17. Wonderful collection of your washi tapes and wrack is great ~ Journal pages are gorgeous! ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol, (A Creative Harbor)

  18. I really should not have looked at your blog whilst hungry! I NEED food now!
    Love your collection of tapes. I don;t have many because I don't use them nearly enough to warrant buying them. I do wish we had JoAnnes here in the UK. I shall have to look out for one in New York for later this year - fingers crossed!
    Happy Tuesday.

  19. More fun lettering. Will watch and learn!


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