Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's A Henley...

   teapot that is!!

  Last Tuesday I shared photos of my lunch and shopping at Donegal Square in town. If you missed it you can see it all here.  LuAnn and I both ended up buying this medium sized original Henley teapot. Believe it or not, with all the tea we drink around here I don't own a single teapot so I think I was justified in this purchase :) I also bought some loose leaf decafe Irish tea which is what I was enjoying here along with a new recipe I made for a Spanakopita Quiche.  Both the tea and quiche were excellent!! Even hubby liked the quiche very much (just please don't tell him there's fat free feta in it-he claims he can't stand feta cheese:) The teapot holds enough for 3 nice mugs of tea. And the Irish Breakfast blend has a nice strong, malty like flavor. If in the future I should have to give up my caffeinated Starbucks I would definitely accept this in its place.

 As for some art I just have a few painted backgrounds I did with leftover paints I had on a palette:

  That's all for now. I have been very busy planning, preparing meals ahead for hubby, cleaning, doing laundry, packing some clothes and food ingredients to take for the days I'm in charge of dinners- AT THE BEACH!!! My two girlfriends and I are heading to Fenwick Island , DE for 4 days of girl time! I haven't been to the beach since last Sept. so although I will miss hubby and our dog not being with me I just cannot wait to breathe in that salty air and get my feet wet on some long walks along the shore. I'm sure I'll have some great photos to share next week. Until then, happy "T" day everyone. Feel free to join in with your favorite beverage of choice at T Stands For Tuesday with Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

   " I cannot imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun."   Chuck Swindoll


  1. Your backgrounds look as good as they are! That looks a good teapot, with a sensible handle. It's so good to bring back a memory of a lovely occasion, especially if it is useful. Have a good time at the beach - should be good for some sketches.

  2. that quiche looks tasty. i like your new tea pot: the shape, the spout, the handle, the finish. very nice :) the beach? i'm jealous!

  3. Oh wow, Linda, that's a gorgeous teapot. Like you, I prefer loose leaf tea to tea bags, and yours looks yummy. Of course, I'll share a Starbucks with you any day, too!

    Those backgrounds make me want to play. They are so fun. They truly remind me of spring.

    Thanks for sharing your quiche, teapot, and backgrounds for T today. BTW, have fun at the beach. I've never been to a northern east coast beach, just ones in FL. and SC.

  4. I LOVE your colorful mug.
    Hope you have a super great time at the beach with your friends.
    Happy-T-Day, thanks for the visit and the lovely comment.

  5. Love the photo of your quiche, tea pot & mug! absolutely a great purchase, and a colorful mug too...also colorful backgrounds. I am a big fan of bright colors...these will make wonderful art! happy T day!

  6. Linda the tea pot looks so charming. Wishing you a wonderful time with your friends at the beach. Are you and your friends doing any art together?, if so it would be great.
    Happy Tuesday

  7. Tea pots are such fun ~ glad you have one ~ Love your flowing artwork ~ great colors ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (a creative harbor)

  8. a very stykish teapot wow.. graet backgrounds Linda..
    I wish a wonderful girlstime on the beach!

  9. You always have such yummy looking pics--it always seems I visit around, close to lunch time. But I really come to see the plaid and the thistles :)
    Happy T day and have a wonderful trip with the girlfriends! Love the saying by Swindoll

  10. A gorgeous lunch today - yummy quiche.
    Lovely tea pot and I'm sure it makes a great cup of tea!
    Tea people - don't read the next sentence!!!
    I've got an old silver teapot that I now use for flowers (naughty aye! but the squat shape is the perfect receptacle)!!
    Lovely backgrounds!
    Have the time of your life at the beach dear Linda - you'll come home regenerated!

  11. Perfect quote and your Henley teapot is wonderful Linda!
    I have a plain jane stainless teapot that I picked up at a funky little hardware store in a tiny Irish village from my first trip to Ireland. It keeps the tea really hot. I usually disguise it in a tea cozy...but your pot is so handsome and I bet it does a great job too!
    Know you'll have a lovely time at the beach with special friends.
    You are so good to prepare and store food for your sweetheart (the quiche is making me hungry!)
    Lovely backgrounds...
    Happy T Day

  12. The beach sounds like the perfect place to recharge one's batteries! I think the new teapot is adorable! The quiche looks good, too, and since we like feta, I bet it tastes delicious!

  13. That quiche looks amazing!! I love quiche...every time I see it I think"why don't I eat that more?" Have a great time at the BEACH!!

  14. Hello Linda!! What a yummy looking quiche, and pretty table setting. How nice to have a day out! Lucky you getting to go to the beach for a girl time, YAY!! Hope you will be taking art stuff too. Have fun and thanks for sharing today!

  15. Happy T-Day!
    oh that quiche looked yummy! Those are lovely backgrounds. I need to learn to let loose and try that out. The beach and girlfriends sound like a great get away. Can't wait to see pictures.

  16. Quiche and tea look delicious. Tea mug wonderful in thistle! Tea pot.....oooohhhh wonderful too!
    I am so thrilled to hear you are off to the beach soon. Yay! I hope you have a wonderfully refreshing break.
    Your backgrounds are fab!

  17. Hi Linda, what a charming teapot. Your backgrounds are lovely.

  18. Love your backgrounds ♥ Nice teapot too... having a nice teapot really makes drinking tea so much more enjoyable for some reason. I envy your trip to the beach...home it's as great a trip as you hope it to be... I'd be in heaven :)

  19. Even when you are busy you are still beautifully creative! Have a great time at the beach! and big, big hugs!

  20. Love the handle on the teapot and the quiche looks delicious! I hope you are enjoying the beach. :) Happy belated T-Day!

  21. Lovely post Linda ..... and fab pages.

    Karen x


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