Monday, April 25, 2016

Just For The Record...

... there is still time for this month's theme here:

 which is " for the record-inspired by a song". I have had a blast as guest host and visiting well over 100!! entries! It has been so fun learning about songs, some I had never heard of, and all the clever journal pages inspired by music. So thanks for joining in! I have another page to add and share today:

 along with my favorite version to accompany it:

 Besides Art Journal Journey I will be linking this to Moo Mania and More (theme is "floral"), and Art It Friday - Show Your Face.

 For Elizabeth and friends at T Stands For Tuesday:

  I had this Risotto Capasante-pan seared scallops on a bed of saffron risotto and topped with  sun dried tomato pesto. OMG-it was divine!!!
  This was last Saturday night when Bill and I had gone out again to Stefanos- a wonderful Italian restaurant we had been to last month. They have entertainment on Saturdays so we thought we'd have dinner and stay. A local band called "Red" played and were we in for a treat!! Just three guys and they played electric violin, drums and guitar doing many cover songs from the last 6 decades. They were fabulous!! We'll definitely be watching for them to come around again!

 The weather has been heavenly so I actually began planting some flowers-just geraniums and marigolds for now. I got two hanging baskets of geraniums too and want to get two more.

 Wednesday I am supposed to get together with my friend LuAnn for a day of die cutting some newer dies and I can't wait!

 I'll be back for Friday with a post full of art including some I did inspired by a Mandala book I recently received in a giveaway, and I'll have one last entry for Art Journal Journey so I do hope you'll pop in!

 Have a super week everyone!!

" Your heart is just a beatbox for the song of your life".      Sandi Thom


  1. That's a great song and I love your page.this may sound strange, but you really have the nose down. I have been looking closely at face pieces because I want to improve my nose sketches. I haven't quite figured that out yet. And that meal looks delicious-yum! You always seem to go out for good food and music. How fun! Enjoy your week and cut some great die cuts. Hugs-Erika

  2. I'm headed straight for the food (and wine, of course). I would have been happy with the saffron risotto topped with sun-dried tomato pesto. You may have my portion of the scallops. It certainly looked incredible, and it sounds like the music was fabulous, too.

    Back to AJJ. You have been such a wonderful host this month. I was blown away by everything you have done and everyone you have visited. And of course, your own art and songs were most inspiring, too. This was a superb theme, and I wish it had not been in April, because I would have participated every day had I not had so many other obligations.

    Thank you for bringing your beautiful art, your food, and your wine to us for T this soon-to-be Tuesday.

  3. The food looks divine, I just got up, but you have given me appetite. Love your art, thanks so much for another beautiful page for AJJ and for all your hard work this month! You chose a lovely song today. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. wonderful spread, linda! i just got flowers from my husband (we are married for 33 years) yesterday, totally unexpected, just because. he sometimes (not often) does that and never ceases to surprise me. (never on valentine or such, when everybody does...)

    this Food Looks delicious and i wish i could grab it through the Screen for lunch today...
    happy t-day, linda!

  5. What amazing pages and fitting to so many challenges - how clever is this?! Super! And I love that song ! Thank you for all your wonderful support as guest hostess and that you also join Moo Mania & More Linda! The meal looks fantastic - yummie!
    I planted geraniums as well and marigold - I hope they won't be killed by frost now as we got very cold and some snow again - the end of April..crazy.
    Happy T-Day Linda!

  6. Great song choice for your lovely journal page! Your dish looks really tasty (if just have it minus the scallops!) And it sounds like a great night. I love that Sandi tom lyric, I'd never heard that before!

  7. Yum, that food looks good.

    Lovely art... you have been a brilliant host - I have to agree about the nose :)

    Lucky you with your warm weather... sunny but really chilly here. I can't wait to get planting!

    Not complaining with the blue sky and fluffy white clouds though.

    Hope you have a lovely day

    Karen x

  8. That song will be playing in my head now for the rest of the day and I love it just like the art you made to accompany it. Say hello to LuAnn for me. You two are so lucky to be able to art together.

  9. I keep forgetting to work on an AJJ this month...and it's almost over!
    Thanks for the reminder and inspiration.
    Happy T day!

  10. Wonderful journal pages and dinner out sounds like it was fab. Enjoy your day creating with your friend. Will be back to see what you did!

  11. Love your page!!!! ♥♥ Love the song too . I love when great singers perform together. That meal sounds like heavenly and it's great that the music was so enjoyable you'll want to return. I've got to get my husband out of the house more often :)

  12. That food looks wonderful! Our weather here has been good, too. I need to decide on some annuals to plant in my one remaining empty pot, and marigold and geraniums both sound like excellent possibilities. Thx! Happy T Tuesday

  13. It is a lovely song and you have created a beautiful interpretation of it in your very creative art work ~ thanks ~ ^_^

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  14. Beautiful lady you created and that is a great song.
    Yummy Yum Yum on your dinner and how nice to have great entertainment too.
    Spring has certainly sprung hasn't it.
    Your Wed plans sound great too Linda.
    Happy T Day

  15. I love your journal page! What great idea to stay on for the band - I love live music! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  16. Your journal page is beautiful, she has a melancoly look in the lovely eyes.
    I love that song
    Yvonne x

  17. Another great song! A very famous duette. I love it! And a beautiful journal page to match (with that lonely tear...). A lot of songs are significant for people because of the memories of what happened around the time of that song. (well for me anyway).
    That Italian meal looks divine! I lived in Italy for many years and love Italian food. So I'm there with you.
    Have a great week. Looking forward to seeing your Friday blog. Will you share photos of your Wednesday die cutting get-together?
    Thank you for visiting and happy T Day!

  18. The food you have shared here is new to me but it looks yummy. Love your journal page. Have a great Wednesday filled with art and laughter Linda

  19. Hi Linda, great page and I remember that song too! Your meal looks so good!

    Happy T day.

    Cazzy x

  20. Lovely artwork, but sad, too. The food looks good. :-)

  21. Beautiful page and beautifully creative life. Thank you for sharing!

  22. That is such a sad song, but you have created a beautiful journal page based on it. Your food sounds delicious - do you know, I've never tried scallops, but I've heard they are delicious! xx

  23. Oh no, now I have this once loved song in my head!! Beautiful page and song!! Sounds like a fabulous night out with great food! Love scallops but haven't had them in years! I used to make a mean scallop st Jacques!!

    Hugs Giggles

    Hugs Giggles


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