Tuesday, October 11, 2016


 Hello lovelies! What a week it was. It began with internet troubles big time. The plumber (also a friend) came to replace some pipes in the main bathroom as hubby is renovating and redoing the flooring. OLD house= OLD pipes= more work than anticipated. OK. Let's get this done right. (Hubby at work below)

 Next day had someone come in for annual furnace maintenance - to find out  we CANNOT run the furnace  because of cracks leaking carbon monoxide! Yup, need a new gas furnace ASAP. It IS over 30 years old so it's not too big a surprise, but...cha ching $$! We are expecting our first frost and still need to schedule installation now that we've chosen the furnace. I'm cold already.
 So, we can use the shower in our main bath even though everything else is torn apart. And we can use the toilet and sink in the half bath. Until I went to flush the toilet and heard leaking in the tank-WHAT??? I am NOT about to resort to using a bucket to go in. Thankfully hubby knew what it was and repaired a seal in the tank making it good again. He's definitely a keeper:)
 Finally got through to Verizon and within one day we were sent a new router at no charge. Set it up and all is well now with internet connection:) Other minor issues came up the remainder of last week so hubby and I said out loud "OK, we surrender." Just wondering what the universe was trying to tell us.... Enough of all that though, let's have some fun here!

 A few more Cape May photos:

 First stop after settling in we went for lunch at this very well known establishment - a place where most everyone goes to experience. All the years we have been going to CM and we never ate there thinking it was a typical tourist trap. We LOVED it!! Yes a bit pricey but we had so much GOOD food and we got two meals out of it. Definitely worth it all around.

 One of the more unusual things we did was visit an alpaca farm-which we just stumbled upon on a drive:

 we visited the shop before wandering over to the alpacas. Glad I did because the owner was very knowledgeable and even gave me carrots to feed them:) Some of the wares :

Meet the alpacas:

These were all females. This particular one was very pushy. And after I gave her a carrot -she spit at me-hmph!! Hubby was hysterical because it's the first time any animal didn't love me as I love them. And yes I was a bit shocked! The others were all SO very sweet though:

Photos courtesy of hubby. I could have stayed all day! As it is I ran out of carrots before visiting the males.

 Now for some art, and if you're still with me thank you!!

      Got out my stash of Halloween supplies again and made some ATCS.
If anyone wants one let me know-but just USA addresses this time. Let me know if you have a preference -first come first served.

 Along with an autumn inspired journal page:

  Background is a napkin. I splattered it with an olive green ink and white ink. Image is from Paper Whimsy which was trimmed with a round punch and glued to a paper doily.

Joining the following places with this post. Please do stop in and would love to see you link something up too!  Art Journal Journey ( theme is Indian Summer/Golden October/Autumn); Moo Mania (theme is drips and splatters); Paint Party Friday; Simon Wednesday Challenge (Halloween Inspiration Board); Try It On Tuesday (theme is scary and spooky); and T Stands For Tuesday.

" Be loyal to what you love, be true to the earth, fight your enemies with passion and laughter."
                                                    Edward Abbey


  1. You have much troubles - I am thinking of you Linda! Hope all will get fixed and there will still left some money for surviving!
    Older houses! I am familiar with this ...believe me!
    Wonderful art Linda- super ATCs and the page you made and linked to AJJ & MM&M is unique! I love it!Thank you so much ! ♥♥♥
    Fantastic restaurant and I love to see this cute alpakas!

    Happy T-Day - Best for the renovation and fine that at least the inet works properly now again!
    oxo Susi

  2. Well done you on covering so many challenges with your lovely Autumn lady collage!
    When it rains it pours comes to mind with all you've had going on.
    Gosh! Sure hope your renovations go smoothly now and nothing else goes wrong. Yay on getting back on line too.
    The alpacas look innocent enough NOT LOL. I had heard about spitting being a common occurrence. That must have been a BIG surprise to be on the receiving end. The wool is sooo soft and luxurious feeling isn't it.
    Glad you had such a nice time.
    Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures of you both.
    Happy T Day oxo

  3. Hi Linda, glad you had some good times as well as a lot of annoyances! Love the ATCs and journal page, so thanks a lot for joining us at TIOT, AJJ and MM&M! Great news that you are once again connected to the world! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Great Halloween cards !!! I love alpacas and their wool is so warm . I used to have the warmest sweater made of it ...wish I hadn't gotten rid of it :( Thanks for sharing your photos of the visit. Hope your remodeling woes are over soon and everything is just as you like it. Bummer about the furnace :(

  5. Oh goodness, all those house troubles. Seems in old house when one thing goes a couple more always follow. Enjoyed seeing the alpacas and laughed at the reception one gave you. All that and you had time for some great art. Those ATS's make me want to get out my paper scraps and play.

  6. Sorry you have had such an irritating time with the "net" and your home remodeling.....such a bummer.

    Love the Alpaca story......sorry...I did laugh!

    Happy T-day ( I figured you would know about the Basque food *grin*)

  7. What a week you had, sounds like your husband is very good with the household jobs. Loved the photos of the Alpacas, they always look so superior and haughty to me. Fantastic creative art as well, thank you for sharing the Halloween set of ATC's with us at TioT's.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  8. ACK...I feel for you with the furnace. We had that happen to us the first winter we were in this house...with an infant no less. They "red tagged" our furnace and we had to get a new one ASAP! The next summer we had to buy a new A/C unit. It was an expensive 6 months on top of everything else.
    The alpacas are so funny looking...I've heard that they spit luckily I haven't experienced it myself. Sorry about that for you.
    Happy T day!

  9. We both seem to have had troubles last week, although mine didn't involve my internet. I had to replace the shower/tub attachments in my basement bath. Thankfully, I also didn't have to use a bucket, even though I had to turn my water off for several hours because the water was flowing out of the faucets at the handles, not the places it should have (the shower or diverter). Thankfully I knew exactly the unit I wanted to buy, but it was a different size than the one I had previously installed. So, I had to go back for more parts and figure a way to modify what had been there before. OK, enough about me! You definitely have a wonderful keeper, because he looks like he knew what he was doing.

    The alpacas were adorable. I felt sorry for you that the female spit at you. I personally didn't find it funny. I know you have a great sense of humor, though, so you bounced back quickly. After all, they are so cute, who can be mad for long?

    Your art is fantastic. You managed to spend some quality time while offline. Your latest art is gorgeous, and I love what you created for MM & M and AJJ. It's a beauty. Of course, those ATCs are out of this world.

    Thanks for sharing your photos from the Ugly Mug. Your wine and beer look like you had a fun experience there, as well as lots of great food, too. Thanks for catching us up on your art and time while you were away, as well as your trip to the Ugly Mug for T this Tuesday.

  10. OmGooness i know about remodeling issues!!! LOL ! I'm so glad you are getting it sorted. My goodness!! The Alpacas are just adorable! How dare she spit on you! You should have got the carrot back! :).... Happy happy Tday!!! Hugs! deb

  11. sounds like you had one of those weeks! Good you are connected again and I hope everything else will be sorted before too long. Good on you to still produce such wonderful art despite everything.

  12. what a cram packed post of wonderful things and Horror (and i do not only mean the wonderful atcs, you know... the stress with the house renovation...). i love alpacas, they look so funny like just having been at the Coiffeur. good you had some good eating out! sometimes it is worth a buck more...
    keeping my fingers crossed to everything... xox and happy t-day!

  13. Oh the joys of being a home owner. I feel like you, only instead of the house it is my husband's wait for his bypass heart surgery. It makes you want to scream, but none of it does any good. Loving your cards and your piece for AJJ. At least we have some art to release our frustrations, which is a GOOD thing. Happy T Day Linda. Hope your week isn't too full of loud construction work. Hugs-Erika

  14. Oh dear what a lot of things not behaving themselves... on the positive side (what a very capable OH you have) but mainly that the carbon monoxide leak was detected.

    Glad you managed to get the internet back... fantastic atcs ...

    Lovely photograph of you on the beach.... we had our first frost here today. Good for the parsnips apparently!!!

    Hope you are warm now too :)

    Karen x

  15. Love you Halloween art work ~ wonderful! ~ Houses are like boats ' a hole in the water you pour money into) kept you need to live in the house ~ glad you were able to get a respite from all the house needs and then created beautiful artwork ~

    Wishing you a special week ^_^

  16. Oh what a disaster! One thing after another! It doesn't rain but it pours! Poor you! Horrible (much more horrible than your ATCs). I just flicked back through your posts to see if you had moved house and I missed it as I've been away, but it seems you are just refurbishing the (old) house. Oh dear, I feel for you. You have a fab husband there. It's good to have a guy in the house that knows a bit about these things. (I have one too and it is such a blessing).
    I hope you get stuff installed before it gets too cold. I don't know what your climate is over there. Here we are still in sandals and T-shirts, but at night it cools down.
    Good girl for not coming down with the screaming habdabs, but calmly go out to dinner with your beloved. What a great place! I looked it up on the internet.
    And the alpaca farm is something else! But not much fun getting spit at though... The woollen items look lovely. I once had an alpaca woolly hat and it was so soft and warm!
    Of course I have been off the radar for two weeks so I hadn't noticed that you didn't have internet. I'm glad you have that sorted too. I feel really lost without the internet I must admit.
    Happy T-Day and thank you for visiting,
    Have a good week,

  17. Your autumn page is so beautiful, I love how you have used a doily to frame your pretty lady and the leaf decoration in her hair is a great idea - gorgeous! Your Halloween ATCs are Fabulous, such great designs. The alpacas look so cute too ... lol. Happy T Day! J :-)

  18. What a litany of woes!....it's all Up from now on. Love those alpacas...so cute. And your art is wonderful.

  19. Wow! I love your Autumn page! Aren't Alpacas so funny - we went to visit a farm last year.
    Your Halloween ATCs are fabulous! Thank you for joining us at try It On Tuesday! Chrisx

  20. I LOVE your Alpaca pics!!!!!!! My mom and dad LOVED Cape May!!!!!
    I don't know if I told you that The Ugly Mug was their FAVORITE place!!!!! They talked about it all the time!!!!
    P.S. I LOVE your Halloween ATC's!!!! My fave is the one with the two jack-o-lanterns that says Happy Halloween (hint hint) :-)

  21. yikes!! you have been busy!!!! love your atc's :) Thank you for playing along with us at simon says stamp wednesday challenge!!

  22. Hi Linda! What fantastic and fun ATC's! I also love your fabulous Autumn page. The photos of the alpacas are so funny.
    A great post as always.
    Thank you for joining us at try It On Tuesday.
    Mar x

  23. Happy PPF and great weekend! Hugs, Valerie

  24. Glad they caught the furnace problem! Cute alpacas, funny about that picky one! Lovely atcs and a beautiful page! I think it is time to buy Halloween candy.

  25. I love alpacas! Very nice photos of them! Your atcs are lovely! Pity I'm in the UK. Have a great weekend.

  26. "Never have I seen such grace" is beautiful,Linda. The alpacas are darling. Such great photos. I am thinking the spitting is not spiteful but expresses some other alpacan emotion. It certainly could not have been a lack of gratefulness. I am having house maintenance issues too but not quite to the extent you are. I had to replace the two AC/heat systems in my house two years ago. It was a very big deal.

  27. Lots of interesting here. ATCs are wonderful. Thank you for joining us at TioT.
    Happy PPF ❤

  28. happy your glitches are fixed, luv your Halloween themes; thanks for dropping in to view mine Linda

    Happy PPF

    much love...

    much love...

  29. I feel your pain, Linda. We had to replace the boiler last year and the pipes for several years in a row. The old furnace is still going. We have a repair contract with PSE&G and they have keeping it functional. The alpaca sheep are cute. I am sorry they did not love you as much as you did :). Love your Halloween cards. Made me smile.

  30. My goodness you certainly seem to be snowed under atm. Lovely to see you still find time for art. Those Alpacas are wonderful. So cute!!

  31. Love those alpaca shots. They are such cuties. Great Halloween art. Hopeful your troubles are over now. Take Care.

  32. Love your Halloween ATCs! They are so much fun. Those alpacas are so cute I may just have to paint them. Happy PPF

  33. ooh Linda, it all sounds so familiar... Once you start renovating you keep finding other things that are no good. Especially in an old house. Keep your courage! At least you have internet again :-) LOVE the alpaca's, they have such a fun head :-) Fun ATC's too, and a very "autumnal" journalpage, with beautiful colours. Love the big red-orange leaf!

  34. Sorry to hear of all your fixit woes Linda... Maybe the crabby alpaca was having her time of the month...Can't imagine any sane animal ever rejecting you!! Sweet Atcs!

    Hugs Giggles

  35. Oh my gosh Linda, what a week! My home is old too and seems if I fix something it starts and avalanche of other problems, so I am not doing much in the way of finishing the painting or changing out light fixtures. I'll wait til I have a little more money available before I start again. Your issues are REALLY BIG! Time to take a big breath and not blow out so hard. You are very lucky for your handy hubby! Love your ATCs. If you ever want to trade, I have some too. Thank you for your visit today to my blog and the well needed advice. It feels good when someone else can relate and send some confirmations to what I was feeling. Hope you have a great weekend and your house issues all get resolved and no more pop up! Big hugs, Rasz

  36. Linda - I love your ATCs! They are all so much fun. And I love the face and the quote on the journal page. I hope your internet, pipes and furnace are all in good working order now. Happy PPF!

  37. Oh yeah been in the remodeling issue place myself. I love these alpacas. Have a very nice weekend.

  38. I so enjoyed catching up with you. I feel like we are really connected. Always enjoy your art!!!

  39. oh no what a week but I am glad you got out to treat yourself to a nice meal and see the lovely alpacas..hope next week is better for you and I love the autumn atcs and page too

  40. oh no what a week but glad you got out for a meal and visited the alpacas..hope next week is better for you and I love the autumn atcs

  41. Awww, Linda! What a week you've had! Taking a break s such a good idea. Those alpacas are sooo precious!!! Great autumn art - I especially like how you used the napkin.

  42. Oh my goodness Linda, you've had quite a time of it, so I'm glad that you were able to have a treat of a good meal and to meet the alpacas! They are so cute although I don't think I'd like to be spat at!
    Great journal page and autumnal artwork.
    Happy PPF to you

  43. love the hairdo of the Alpacas :) And your art.

  44. Alpacas & ATC's! I love them all - those alpacas are just adorable and your Halloween art is as well! So sorry for all the troubles, its not fun when all you want to do is HAVE fun ;0 Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a good week! xoxo

  45. Definitely grace on your Autumn face:-)

  46. Hi Linda, Oh you did have such a week! Great photos of the Alpacas, even the unfriendly one!
    Love the Halloween ACTs and the beautiful Autumnal journal pages.
    Thanks for sharing with us at TioT
    Avril xx


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