Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas in Cape May, NJ Part 1

 How are you all??? It's been awhile-busy, yes, but more so are the internet issues we are experiencing again-UGH! This time our son is trying to help because it looks as though the new Windows 10 update is causing lots of weird errors and loss of connection and it is completely frustrating.  But enough of that.

 Recently hubby and I spent 4 wonderful days in Cape May to see the Victorian homes all decked out for the holidays. We also enjoyed the parade and cold but decent weather. In this post I will share the photos I took of our suite at Leith Hall Bed and Breakfast. It was like having our own little apartment and I LOVED the decor in our Turkish Suite!(We stayed at this B & B 3 years ago in another themed room called The Highland Room).

 Walking in the door there is a kitchenette to our left which takes us to the sitting room:

 This TV is in the lower left corner of the photo of the sitting room above it. The partition is blocking the kitchenette.

 A closer view of the end table . On the left is a vintage instrument used for saying Tibetan prayers.
Walking through the door on the left is a settee

 along with a huge elaborately decorated half canopy bed. (See the green door? It's a closet-the only one in the whole house!! Every other room has armoires for clothing.) The ceiling is decorated with gold and silver stars. The bed faces the ocean view window where there is a table:

 To the right of the table is an antique dresser:
On the dresser is an antique samovar (Turkish tea urn). Here's a close up:
The door to the right of the dresser above leads to the bathroom with a hot tub and shower. There is also a mantle and large antique trunk for blanket storage:

 And here are a few photos of the decor on the walls:

I felt like I was in a dream. It was so comfy and beautiful. If we could move to Cape May we both said we'd be able to downsize and live in this space. And now I want stars on my ceiling at home too:) In my next post I'll share photos of the Christmas lights etc.

 Finally decorated at home but I only put out half of what I usually do. This is just a little table display showing some vintage ware- the square dish, and a glass bowl in which I placed a collection of vintage ornaments given to us by our great Aunt Betty. I decided that they were of no use wrapped and stored in a box in the attic and never out to enjoy:

 Now for the art part-which is very limited because there just hasn't been time. In November I took advantage of a huge sale for Tamara LaPorte's online classes and signed up for the "Quirky Birds" class. Oh what fun-and I can't wait to have the time to create more!

 The first layer. I used two watercolor panels side by side to have an extra panel for another bird. Washi tape, stencils and spray inks.

 The next layers:

and my finished bird:

 Joining in at T Stands For Tuesday this week, and Paint Party Friday. Looking forward to catching up with everyone (fingers crossed internet will be my friend).

" Happiness is a spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." 
                                                                                Denis Waitley


  1. Hope you get your computer sorted soon :-). Wow, it looks like you had such a lovely break and your accomodation is fantastic! I love the decor, especially the stars on the ceiling, they are so beautiful :-). I can see why you stay there and I can't wait to see your post of the Victorian homes all decked out for the holidays, I bet they were spectacular. Your watercolour panels are so colourful and the patterns you have created are wonderful! And they make the perfect setting for your fun and cheery bird! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  2. That is a gorgeous B&B you stayed at. It feels like you really went back in time. Sounds like you had a great holiday get away and even if it was too cold to go outside, you could really enjoy that suite. :) Loving you latest art too, and hoping the computer issues get all squared away ASAP. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. I have felt your frustration, too. I have problems daily, but mine are now associated with my very old computer. Before AT&T fixed the problem the last time, I was calling them on a weekly basis, or at least that's how it seemed.

    I think this was a fabulous suite. I love themed rooms, and this one is totally unique. I especially liked the tea service. It was very, very different, and I've never seen one like it before.

    Loved your darling bird. The background is fabulous. It made me smile as much as the bird did.

    As I was typing this, I was listening to Il Volo on PBS. They often are on during the pledge drive. I don't have to see them to know how cute they are, and how fantastic they sing.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your lovely B & B and the tea service with us for T this week. Looking forward to seeing your internet staying healthy and the Victorian houses soon.

  4. I'm sorry your Windows update is acting up. You'd think it could just _work_ without all the fuss and bother :(

    Your trip sounds wonderful. Although I honestly think with an ocean view window I might not even notice the decor ;) I love how much attention they've paid to the details of their space. What a fun place to stay :)

    Happy T Tuesday

  5. Wonderful art, you made a fantastic page, and thanks for sharing the pics of the place you stayed at, it all looks wonderful. Hope the problems with Windows 10 soon get less. Happy T Day, and have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  6. Oh my that looks an amazing hotel suite you stayed in, wonderful themed details, I would have wanted to stay in that room for hours.
    The workshop sounds great and your art work looks fantastic. I look forward to seeing more photos of your trip.
    Happy T Day.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Oh wow.. this room looks gorgeous and I can imagine that you enjoyed to stay there! Wow!
    Thank you for taking us with you Linda!
    The pages are wonderful and I am in awe of your amazing quirky bird!
    Happy T-Day dear Linda!

  8. Happy T Day

    I hope the computer sorts itself out soon.

    The B and B looks like a lovely cosy little place to stay

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. What a lovely post to start my day! (apart from the computer problems :(

    The place you stayed looks so interesting... so much to take notice of... love the idea of the stars on the ceiling

    Your quirky bird is so cute...

    I love the quote too.... I am making a note of that one.... expect it will turn up on a journal page soon :)

    Karen x

  10. Oh dear, don't say too much about internet issues. Last weekend was good again, but the one before it was completely hosed up - very, very aggravating. So, I can relate and hope that you get yours sorted out soon.

    It seems like I haven't done any decorations this year for Christmas, now I feel it is almost too late, especially since we'll be going away - oh well. Time to enjoy others' decorations :)

    The B&B sounds lovely. B&Bs are such a better alternative to hotels.

    Tamara's classes are a lot of fun, right? I took a couple a year or so ago, too. Happy T-Day, Linda!

  11. Great art work and what fun staying in that B@B. Loved all of your pictures and look forward to more!
    sandy xx

  12. Happy T-day Linda!
    What a wonderful place to stay! Love the cozy feel of all the photos your shared. Look forward to seeing the lights next week
    Minimal decorating seems to be the theme this year.....LOL! LOVE your antique decorations.

  13. Im not alone in having technical problems then. I hope you get it sorted out soon. I never got Windows 10 precisely because I have nobody to help me if things go wrong.
    Your B & B looks wonderful! Very quirky and unique. In England you would only get a bedroom in someone's house, eat breakfast in their dining room and you are expected to be out of the house all day. This looks like the sort of place you could stay in if you wanted. So cozy!
    Your antique baubles are beautiful.
    Well done with that journal page. It's lovely. I like the quote too.
    Happy T day

  14. i want this samovar! great place you stayed at! and i love your artwork!
    happy t-day!

  15. Your 'getaway' sounds delightful and one comes home with renewed energy and creative ideas ~ Also love the bird creation so colorful, textural and creative ~ Wonderful~ thanks,

    Wishing you peace in your week ~ ^_^

  16. What a gorgeous place for a break. So sorry about your internet issues. So frustrating for you. Hope it gets sorted out soon.

  17. The B&B looks so cozy. And now I want stars on my ceiling, too. What a wonderful idea to put the antique ornaments in a glass bowl. Your journal page is so fun and we should all take its sentiment to heart.

  18. Oh MY! The B&B is so darling and I can only imagine how much better it was in life. So glad you had such a great trip. The computer issues are such a hassle. The Hubby tried Windows 10 and it just wouldn't work with our old slow internet connection... which is the only DSL available to us :( He finally had to uninstall it and go back to Windows 7 . I was so tempted to buy that class too but stuck to by guns on my "NO New art classes for this year" I can't wait to see all of the cool stuff you'll be making ♥

  19. Wow! What a fanatastic place to stay! All the fabulous decor and a sea view - sounds perfect! Love your bird - looks as though you will be having fun! Hope your computer problems resolve as soon as possible! Hugs, Chrisx

  20. What a cozy suite. And all the arifacts and antiques - a feast for the eyes.

    Good for you - an art splurge. I love your background and the finished quirky bird page overall. When I do a very bright colorful background, I have trouble getting the foreground and message to stand out. You really nailed it!

    May the internet be your friend '-) Happy T Day, Linda!

  21. Happy PPF and a happy weekend. Hope your internet problems are solved! Hugs, Valerie

  22. That place looks so charming, and lovely work this week Linda! Merry Christmas!

  23. I loved the photos of the charming place especially the tibetan prayer wheel and samovar..great fun page too happy ppf

  24. a rare bird I think. Every birder would like to see :) Like me :)

  25. Cape May is my favorite place in the world! I love seeing where you stayed. And I adore your sweet bird!

  26. I absolutely love your Header on your blog ~ thanks!

    Wishing you peace in your days ~ ^_^

  27. You know I love birds, and especially quirky birds. Yours is looking adorable, and I love how you did the background. And your new header is so cute, I love the happy dancing snowman :-) I know what you mean with the windows 10 update, It has some good points, but there are also some really annoying bits that I can't seem to fix. Hope your problems will get sorted out soon! Wishing you a lovely Christmas, and all the best for the new year!

  28. What a gorgeous apartment. I wish I lived there!
    Your bird is so cute and has so much personality
    Have a creative and inspirational 2017. Happy PPF

  29. What fun mixed media pieces -- the bird is so sweet and great colors!

  30. Great post from your visit.
    Love your fun bird!
    Happy weekend to you ❤

  31. Oh Linda what a happy post!! I just adore your snowman banner...truly my heart exploded with joy when I saw it!! So fun and then your whimsical bird has my heart too!! I just love it...great photos of your fun time away!! My parents had those very same ornaments on their tree!! Beautiful memory for me...Great post...thank you so much!

    Hugs Giggles

  32. Outstanding finished bird! Hooray. Loved your cozy digs on your trip and know the owners have to be very cautious of who they let stay. There are some fantastic treasures there.

  33. Nice pieces, the snowman's clod blue happy smile is clever and cute

    Happy Holidays

    much love...

  34. Hi Linda - thanks so much for drooping by my blog and your kind words on my recent work. Great to hear from you! I love the bird - so cute!

  35. Love the quirky birds! I took that class and added quite a few cuties to my journals! Enjoy!

  36. Looks like you had a great time at the inn. Though I have live in NJ for 25 years, I have never been to Cape May. After seeing the photos, I want to go and stay there too. Your bird collage is charming. Hope your internet problems are resolved soon. Cute banner too.

  37. Your beautiful piece with the blue bird is truly happy art. I enjoyed seeing all the delightful shots of the B&B. It must have been great to be there. I also didn't decorate as much as usual. Have a merry Christmas and a great 2017.

  38. beautiful birdie. So good to see your blog again! Beautiful work Linda!

  39. Hello Linda, It is lovely to visit you again and see what you are up to. Your trip looks like it was very nice, what a well decorated room! And your new birdie art is fab! I am only getting my decorating done now. And like you, not like I did last year. Merry Christmas and may your new year be filled with many opportunities for joyous art : )

  40. Fantastic post Linda! What a fun place! Your bird is fabulous! So fun and whimsical! Love the colorful background! Happy PPF :)

  41. I remember all the difficulties with windows...with mac no problems at all, this so easy to update and use.
    Your room looks more like a tiny cozy home than a hotel room. Here in Scandinavia we're used to very plain, simple decoration, almost sterile.
    Have a creative week!

  42. Fabulous festive colors. :) I can see from the written that you enjoyed your stay.

  43. Your new blog header is really adorable.
    Hope your internet has been sorted out and working properly again,
    it's such a pain when these things play up.
    Your holiday accommodation looked very nice,cosy and intriguing.
    Glad you managed to get some time to make some art - beautiful page - I adore your fabulous bird.
    Gill x

  44. I'm so late in getting around to visit this week.! first I want to say I LOVE your new header! He makes me happy :) Looks like you had a fun get away and I am glad you enjoyed your class. I have been looking for a class for the new year but have not decided on anything yet. I love the bird you created and smart to make two backgrounds at once. Hope you are having a good week!

  45. I hear so many people having problems with Windows 10. I hope you'll get everything sorted and running smoothly again soon. That looks like a beautiful place, and I love your gorgeous vintage Christmas baubles! And what a wonderful bird you made! So sweet. Happy Holidays!

  46. Hello Hello dear Linda ♥ How I've missed visiting you while our computer was unplugged.
    I started my catchup with your Part Deux with all of those festive lights and yummy photos! Lucky you having a front row "porch" seat too.
    Stars on the ceiling are very tempting indeed.
    What an eclectic and charming room with a view of the ocean no less!
    Sounds like you made the most of time in Cape May.
    Extra fun seeing it all decorated for the holidays.
    Have a very Merry my friend oxo


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