Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Prayer Flag for Hershey

  I first came across The Prayer Flag Project  now hosted by Jane LaFazio a few months ago when I happened to see a post and a prayer flag on Facebook. It was "A Flag for Hanna"  beautifully made by Melissa Snyder in memory of the loss of her beloved dog. You can see and read more about this project by clicking any of the links. There is also a wonderful article about this along with more beautiful flags in Cloth Paper Scissors March/April 2012 issue.

 I knew I wanted to start making some flags eventually but what I didn't know was that the first flag I'd make would also be in loving memory of the loss of a pet. My friend Trina adopted Hershey, a gorgeous chocolate field spaniel, from a  couple who weren't able to care for her due to their busy schedules. Hershey was also a blessing to me because after losing my two cockers within 6 months of each other a few years earlier I was still grieving. We knew we weren't quite ready for another as we had been caregiving and homebound the last year of their lives but I so missed having a dog. I tried to fill the void by dog sitting and did so for several friends including Trina. We had Hershey for a week and not long after that we got our English Cocker Annie. Obviously having a spaniel in our home again was something we needed-on a permanent basis.

 Unfortunately Hershey's health began rapidly declining a few months ago, and anyone who has had to experience making the decision to end the pain and suffering can understand what a heart-wrenching decision it can be. Towards the end, Hershey spent time at the beach with Trina- a place they both love. I was able to spend one of the weekends along with them and Hershey truly looked and felt better tho we knew deep down she was still suffering. Trina made her peace with her decision and with her beloved dog and ended her suffering.  Here was my gift in memory of Hershey:

            This is the front. I stamped the words peace and good health at the top. A photo of Hershey was transfered to muslin and sewn below along with beads that say we "heart" you Hershey.

         And this is the back. I had asked Trina for a few words representing things Hershey loved most- my mommy, belly rubs, grass and dirt, food, and paper. Aaah the sweet and funny memories that come flooding back. Thank you Hershey, and thank you Trina for sharing her and for being such a dedicated mommy, loving and giving Hershey the best care possible.

"Through love, through friendship, a heart lives more than one life."
                                                                     Anais Nin


  1. oh...this creation and story brings to mind the words "Art Heals"...beautiful Linda and prayer flags are something I have wanted to make too!

  2. Oh Linda, This is beautiful!!!! God Bless Hershey!!!!


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