Friday, July 20, 2012

Mom's Birthday/Bastille Day Party

  Bonjour! As I mentioned in my last post I was having a small party for my Mom who had a special birthday year recently.

  First I'll share the card I made for her. I wrote and typed up a special message for the inside (which I found out later had several friends and family members in tears) which flowed on paper from my heart.

  My hubby, son and I celebrated with her this past Saturday coinciding with Bastille Day. She had spoken with her sister that morning and told her what I was planning. Aunt BiBi so wished she could be with us and so do we-but she certainly was with us in spirit and I promised to send her some photos.

  The table was simply set tho I did iron the two vintage table cloths and napkins just like my family in France do (this does NOT happen often here tho). I purchased that wrought iron Eiffel Tower about two years ago at a great bargain in a local shop that was sadly closing. I had walked into town that day and happily carried back home :). I love that I can display photos and mementos around it! The French café music is playing and it's time to party! (PS-notice the cancan girl bottle stop?)


  A rare photo of my son and hubby bonding. I say rare because my son positively HATES to have his pic taken and it usually takes alot of begging-but not this time-he did it for his MéMé :). That
 "elf " hat was given to my hubby by one of my cousins on our first trip to France together-quite a long time ago-I think in 1985-so he had to dig it out for the occasion.

   Time to eat! I made a salad nicoise along with a nice selection of fresh green beans, red beets and tomatoes from the garden. we also had a roast chicken (not in the photo). Of course, on the left is home made country paté, a selection of French cheeses and plenty of slices of baguette. We began with an aperitif of tawny porto which is one my grandmother always had for us during our visits to France. We had bordeaux with dinner. And then it was time for dessert(s)....

  The first pic is of an almond tart  and the one below it is a French chocolate cake which just melts in your mouth (there's only 1/4 cup of flour in it!). It certainly was reminicent of les patisseries in France! So as my family there celebrate a birthday we end with the desserts-and champagne! In this case the champagne was not French unfortunately but it was festive nonetheless.

  Mom and I having a toast. Notice we're wearing the same tees? They're written in french and have a bicycle on them which when I saw it in the store knew I had to have it. Mom was with me and she had to have one too .Fortunately there was another in the same size. I cannot tell you over the years how many times Mom and I have bought the same items while shopping together-sometimes in the exact same colors too. I think it's a hoot when we wear it on the same day!

   Happy, happy birthday maman. Nous t'aimons beaucoup!

                   "Be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss your life."  BUDDHA


  1. Lots of congratulations for your mum and also for you. You've put together a gorgeous birthday celebration for her and oh, that food looks oh so yummy!

  2. You sure did it up beautifully for your mom's BIG birthday, Linda! She is one pretty lady - I love the Eiffel Tower centerpiece and your food looks scrumptious, too. I know she loved everything about this special day.

  3. what a perfectly lovely celebration
    you pulled out all the stops dear Linda

    clearly it was a very special and delicious day!

    such fun photos of your and your precious family!

    I am now officially hungry
    thirsty ;)



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