Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Keeping Warm On A Snow Day!

  Snow was expected for today but what I did not expect was for it to arrive so early this AM, stranding my hubby, forcing him to park his car (a Mustang -which is NOT good in the snow) and walk home (at least 2 miles) wait-GET THIS-wearing shorts, work shoes -and no hat even!! Of course he's been told before to take pants and some warm things in an event like this-but noooo. Hopefully after today, lesson learned! I wasn't able to fetch him in my DEPENDABLE Focus because some roads were blocked and pretty bad because the salt wasn't laid down overnight-DUH! All of the local schools and some of the colleges even closed. The city should have known better since we had a small amount of freezing rain and snow yesterday and temps were in the twenties overnight. I'll have to keep my eye out on the local news-in case someone snapped a photo of Bill with a caption like "in denial" or something even worse :)

  So here's what I woke up to:

                      This is from my back yard looking toward the front. I suppose it IS pretty :)

  In order to stay warm inside I chose to wear a very warm pair of slipper socks which I photographed for the theme of "looking down at your feet" at Inspiration Avenue.

  I was in the sitting room enjoying this:

 The glass plate is part of a set that belonged to my great grandmother as did the little table.  I'm having a piece of my scrumptious double chocolate zucchini cake  which has a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon in it, along with a cup of Buddha's Herbs Green Tea With Herbs which has a bit of chamomile , thyme and peppermint in it. It can snow all it wants outside-I'm in heaven-and warm with this combination of flavors!

  I'll be joining Tea Cup Tuesday at Artful Affirmations and T Stands for Tuesday with  Bleubeard and Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover today.

  Wherever you are I hope you are warm and cozy!

     " Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things."     Chaim Potok


  1. Oh no your poor husband, how funny too. Hope he remembers to bring warm clothes next time. I can't stand when the cities don't get the roads ready on time for the morning rush or afternoon either.
    Love the cake, wish we had some here to enjoy. Nice cozy socks too, perfect for a snowy day!

    WOW, the snow picture is STUNNING!! I love how pretty snow makes everything.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy T Day!

  2. Your yard IS beautiful, but I'm not fond of seeing how much your power line is sagging. That's never a good sign.

    What a fun photo. I've not been IA for so long, I might have to join in this week. Your feet look cozy, and I'm sure they are much warmer than your hubby's. I'm surprised he didn't have frost bite.

    I LOVE that mug. I want that mug (grin). After all, it's a TREE. And it's classy, too. The plate is lovely, and I always appreciate vintage. Of course the cake sounds perfect, too.

    Thanks for sharing these beauties and your weather for T today. I'm simply thrilled you could join us.

  3. Glad you are warm and cozy inside! Your red and white socks are precious and perfect for the cold weather to keep toasty. Your family treasures are wonderful to use for tea time and the Zucchini Bread sounds yummy! Have a lovely time staying warm with tea.


  4. Oh how funny men can be at times. Yes, I'll keep an eye out for any pictures of some crazy guy walking in the snow wearing shorts.....LOL.
    Your socks look so warm and cozy, along with your tea and cake.....mmmmm
    Happy T-day

  5. Oooooh, LInda, this sounds like a perfect way to spend a snowy, cold morning! Yum, chocolate zucchini cake, so moist and good.

    And, I hope your husband sure learned a lesson about preparing for the weather next time around! I always keep extra gloves, mittens and those fantastic "hot hands" warmers in my glove compartment this time of year.

    Hugs on T day,
    Super Stamp Girl

  6. I don't have to watch for the news, I have a vision of your husband in my head now. Poor guy, but I did have to laugh.

    What a pretty plate. Nice to have something that was handed down through the family too.


  7. I'm glad that you have a yummy treat to keep you warm. It looks divine! Keep cozy and enjoy your T Day. :)

  8. Wonderful photos and delightful post for the wintry event ~ thanks, carol, xxx

    ps. It is snowing here right now and after reading your post I very grateful we are both inside toasty and warm ~ with no guilt! LOL

  9. Oh yes, it looks beautiful when it snowed.
    As long as one does not have to work and do not go out of the house, get some ...

  10. I love your mug with the fancy "D" handle! The snow does looks pretty, but I cannot imagine what your poor husband went through to get home. You, however, look warm and cozy. Happy T Day,

  11. We woke up to snow too. I lve it. so soft and clean and quiet. Great socks! Perfect for this time of year !

  12. That is a pretty scene. Snuggling up with comfy socks and chocolate cake sounds heavenly!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Love YOUR socks, girl! You look downright relaxed!!! Save some cookies for me, please!

  14. The scene is beautiful. I am so sorry about your hubby. Hope the week goes better. Blessings, Martha

  15. Looks like we woke to similar winter wonderlands Linda...
    Beautiful photo and a perfect day to be inside cozy and warm ...
    not out in shorts and a t-shirt = oh my!!! ;)
    ♥ your socks and your treats today

  16. I hope your hubby put on a warm pair of socks too!
    Love the snow scene as well as the one of you relaxing. What else can you do when the weather looks like that?

  17. Your poor hubby! I hope he did not get sick after all that! Stay warm - it is winter for sure! :)

  18. Hello Linda, oh my, but your husband sounds just like mine! lol! He wears shorts all year long, no matter where he lives. I am often suggesting "pants". lol! I wish some one did get a picture of your hubby walking home.
    Your cozy tea time is lovely. Warm sock and Buddha tea...perfect. The picture is lovely, but I know what you mean.

  19. What an adventure, specially in his shorts. But oh it does look very pretty!

  20. Thank heavens for warm socks or we'd all freeze to death.

  21. oh my, the snow IS pretty, but I won't be warm again until next May! love your socks by the way! happy T day very late...and happy holidays1

  22. such a nice and cozy post and so much snow you have got. Amazing.

  23. Two miles through the ice and snow in shorts!! OMG! I bet he brings warmer clothes along from now on. That zucchini cake sounds scrumptious!! Love your socks. Happy belated T-Day! :)

  24. Those socks definitely look warm and cozy! Why can men never listen to their wives? They rather walk through the snow in short pants... My husband bikes to work every day, leaving the house in short pants in the lower 20's as we had the past week (this is cold for California, not necessarily for us since we experienced way harder and colder winters in Germany). Well, he gets warm while paddling up the hill...

  25. Oh dear your poor husband must have been so glad to get home. Just seeing your snow made me feel so christmassy :)

    Your cake looks so appealing!

    Karen x

  26. You have that you need to relax!


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