Tuesday, June 3, 2014


  You Tubing that is!! Isn't it amazing all the vids you can find there? I spent a bit of time on it yesterday...because I got these recently:

  for under $10 at Hobby Lobby! I only had a small set of 8 basic colors before this purchase and it just wasn't enough to do the "painting" and shading I wanted.

  This quick portrait sketch was the first thing I tried the day I brought them home because I just couldn't wait to try them:

  This was done on watercolor paper so it's a bit rough looking. Hence needing some video tutorials:)

  After watching a few I went upstairs and drew/painted a rose which actually came together pretty quickly. This time I used white card stock:

  We've been having such gorgeous weather so I've been spending lots of time outdoors, and grilling. Over the weekend I made this one day:

                                                       ( RECIPES AT END OF POST)

                                           We used this gadget also-know what it is???

   It's a red wine aerator. A friend recently gifted us with this after we tried some tasting of the same wine both without using it and with. It really makes a big difference in the taste. And it's especially handy if you want a glass and just opened the bottle because you are supposed to open red wine awhile before drinking it in order to let it breathe.This is for an individual glass of wine. You take it off the stand and holding it over a glass you slowly pour the wine in the top. And lest you all think that's all I drink :) ...

  This is what I drink most-filtered water in my 64 oz. BPA free water bottle!! I usually try to drink it all but that's not always easy. It gets filled each morning and I found it a great way to make sure I drink lots of water.

 I'm now taking my water with me whilst I join Bleubeard and Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday and see what everyone else has been drinking and been up to:)

  " Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it."  Eileen Caddey

                                                           South Beach Salmon (serves 2)

2 salmon filets      2 tsp. oil      2 cloves minced garlic    2 Tbsp. lemon juice  1/4 tsp. salt
2 tsp. fresh rosemary chopped (or 1 tsp. dried)     pinch of pepper    capers

  Combine oil, lemon jc. , salt , pepper, garlic and rosemary in small bowl. Brush over salmon. Part way thru baking ( 375 F) or grilling time add capers over salmon.

                                                               Grilled Potatoes

potatoes     basting oil      rosemary(fresh or dried)      salt        pepper  

  Peel and cut potatoes into thick strips (like steak fries). Rinse and pat dry. Place remaining ingredients in a large zip top plastic bag. Add potatoes and move them around to coat them well. Place them onto a large piece of heavy duty foil and loosely close the foil. Place on a hot grill. Check and move potatoes once. Takes 15-20 min. depending on thickness of potato cuts.


  1. Hi Linda, okay, I had a little chuckle to myself, when you played "guess what object" this is! I thought to myself, one of those little "Magic Bullet" blender thingies! Hmm, guess that was wrong! What a hoot! Happy you are spending some good time outdoors now!

    Happy T-day!

  2. Hi Linda - those sound like a real bargain, and you're obviously getting lots of use out of them already. Have a great week, Chris # 14 x

  3. Nothing more uplifting than seeing a gorgeous box of virginal art supplies! It makes my fingers itch.

  4. Oh Linda, I know a certain someone (whose name is HALLE) who would love that wine gizmo. She and Mr. Halle drink their share of wine.

    I have a set of those Pentel Oil Pastels, but I can't get YouTube videos to run on my old computer. I know how much I'm missing out, too. Love that rose. You did a fantastic job. My pastels sit in their box and melt away in the summer (grin).

    Thanks for sharing both your art AND your drinks with us this T Tuesday.

  5. Hello and Happy T Day Linda! How exciting to have new tools to play with! Your girl is so cute and the rose is beautiful!! I never make the time to watch you tube videos but should try one day. If I sit too long watching videos it makes me sleepy, just like watching tv.

    Your dinner looks so GOOD!! We cut up our potatoes too and put garlic salt on them, YUM! That is a lot of water to drink, good for you.
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week, enjoy more craft time I hope!

  6. Great range of colors - gorgeous paintings did you do with them ...yummie dinner -
    have a great week Linda!

  7. Linda I have the same oil pastel set, only thing is that it is a pack of 10. Your rose has come out so beautiful. I love to watch the you tube videos too but most of the time I forget how much time I'm in front of the computer. Love your water bottle and it is one of the best ways to help us know how much water is going in a day.
    Happy Tuesday

  8. i spend a lot of time with youtube. it's amazing what all is there. your rose turned out so pretty! we don't grill much at our house, but your food looks great, yummm

  9. Great "play" quote Linda!
    and Wowee on your set of pastels...I can see you're having fun already!
    Water is my favorite drink too...it is challenging to drink enough of it I find.
    Very interesting about your wine thingie...who knew!
    Hope you're having a Happy T Day
    p.s. I hardly use my phone for talking but am always playing with apps...just sayin ;)

  10. I have never seen a wine aerator like that before. Thanks for teaching me something new. Enjoy your pastels and water, and have a Happy T Day!

  11. Gorgeous rose and your outdoor repast looks super yummy, Linda! Good buy on the pastels. I know you will make good use of them.

  12. Looks like you will have tons of fun with those! Isn't youtube the best! You can find out how to do just about anything on there--and I'm more of a visual learner, especially with art.

    I know nada about wine, but that is an awesome water bottle!!! Love it! Happy T-Day!

  13. I love tubing :) there is so much out there! And it's so interesting :)
    Love your pastels, especially the rose :) and your dinner looks yummy--summer is grand!
    I have never seen a wine aerator and I do like a glass of wine.
    Happy T day :)

  14. We have a vinturi for wine as well. Some wine we prefer aerated...some not. It was a great gift from my BIL. Good job keeping up on the water. I try...some days I'm really good...others..not so much.
    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Happy T-day, sorry I'm late, got held up by the repair man for the refrigerator, afterwards I had to clean the freezer AND the fridge part.....ugh! It sparkles now, inside and out, but now it needs restocked.....LOL
    Great drawings, oil pastels are really fun to play with. You can also use some Linseed oil to thin them down to a water color consistency. Have fun!

  16. I love oil pastels as well, especially to add shading to my paintings!

  17. hello Linda, you did really well with your new oil pastels! I have not had any success with them myself. Your set was a real bargain! Yay! The rose looks amazing. You are a very fast learner. Youtube is fab for so many things.

  18. Grilling outside, enjoying wine, and sumptuous pastel colors! looks like you are having a wonderful start to summer! happy T day too...

  19. There's nothing wrong with a wee drinkie Linda. I wont tell anyone. Your $10 find was a beauty and yes, there is so much instruction available on YouTube now, that one is never at a loss for inspiration.

  20. Love your oil pastel drawings Linda!


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