Monday, January 26, 2015

January Winter

 That's the theme this week at Inspiration Avenue, and for many of us in the Northern hemisphere and especially in the northeast states-wow! We got hit with an unexpected 7 1/2 " of snow Fri night into Sat AM. They were predicting up to 4 inches only-so much for all the new technology to predict accurately.

 The first two photos were taken out my windows when I opened the curtains and shades. Once I had my coffee I took my snow stick outside to measure the snow on our picnic table. Luckily it warmed up enough to melt much of the residue on the streets and sidewalks so Bill and I did venture into town to one of our favorite places Tapas on Main to hang out and hear Lorenzo who is not only a very talented musician and singer but also an amazing artist who paints canvases, walls, creates sculptures and more. FUN! I even told Lorenzo that he was special because I do not venture out much in this kind of weather:)

 And here we go I am typing this (6PM) we are getting more snow. It's been snowing at various rates since this AM and it's supposed to get pretty windy, much colder and have heavier snow into the night! Poor hubby is working til after 10PM so I will be brave and at least shovel out the drive so he can get the car in...

 The other week I mentioned a cheesecake I was making for dessert for hubby's birthday for our friends' dinner party. Here are a few pics:

  and for my friends at T Stands For Tuesday I will share the fabulous wine we had with dinner!

               Of course Bill LOVES that sign and promptly hung it in "his" work basement.

and the cheesecake with raspberry coulis I made...well, it was decadent and it was divine! Everyone loved it so it was definitely worth all the time and effort!

 Of course I spent time in the art room making more valentine cards:

  These came together pretty quickly with the coordinating papers coming from a paper pack by Canvas Corp along with kraft note cards, a button, felt heart and a Valentine from my stash. Linking to the Simon Wednesday challenge blog whose theme is "Have a Heart".

 Since I will be mostly inside hibernating Tuesday I'm looking forward to visiting you. Sending a special hug to my dear friend Patty :)

 "Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself."
                                                                                                       Paramahansa Yogananda


  1. What happy Birthday smiles! And the cheesecake looks as good as you found it tasted.
    Your poor hubs being out in all that snow. I can't imagine waking up to find all that white stuff on my door step. We're 'lucky' if we get an inch or two.
    Stay safe. Stay warm.
    Happy T day Linda :o)

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  2. Busy lady! brill of you to coordinate the wine and the cake colors!

  3. Wow, you spent a LOT of time on that cheesecake. I've only made it once, and once was enough (grin).

    That smile on your hubby's face says it all, doesn't it?

    You have made some beautiful Valentine's Day cards. They are gorgeous. And of course, I feel for you with all that snow. I won't even tell you our temp today. OK, I will. We set an all time high of 74 F. Can you believe it? By the weekend, our high will be in the 30s again and we may get snow, too.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us and getting me drunk on your wine for T this nearly Tuesday.

  4. What snow! I've often wished that we lived in a colder climate, but I never thought about having to shovel the driveway - maybe I'd better give that more thought...
    Love your cards, and so glad that hubby enjoyed getting spoiled for his birthday :)

  5. Fabulous Valentines card they are all brilliant.
    Thank you for joining us at Simon says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.

  6. Brrrrrrrrrrr, that sounds and looks cold! But the cake and wine will warm you up! Looks like someone had a wonderful birthday thanks to you.

  7. I love cheesecake, Linda!I see your snow and I wish I could be there.We are being cooked by ouur hot weather. We will evaporate lol. Love your cards. They are gorgeous!

  8. OMG.... what a lot of snow. I love that you have a 'snow stick!' .... that really made me smile.

    All men love a man cave! ..... Barry loves his. Perhaps I should get him a sign!!!! He just got a bust of Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy from 'Anchorman' for his room ;)

    The cheesecake looks lovely....

    Great cards.

    Keep warm....


  9. Hi, Linda! Your cheesecake looks just delicious!! And, your Valentines are so pretty, too.

    We got about 6 inches of snow overnight Sunday and into Monday; looks like about another inch last night. I hope you will be safe and warm and have power through this monster storm. Luckily you don't live right on the coast!! Brrrr!

    Even though it is cold and miserable when driving or traveling, the pictures you took of the snow are somewhat magical - so soft and dreamy! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Good Morning dear Linda...
    what a sweetheart you are!
    Thank you my friend your warm hug and thoughtfulness are much appreciated.
    Cute birthday pics of your sweetie and that yummy cheesecake too!
    Now is the perfect time to be thinking about Valentine's Day too...
    you and your cards inspire me along with the perfect quote you've chosen.

  11. Your cheesecake looks amazing! It is evident that you are a great cook if the smile on your husband's face is any measure.

    At this moment we have not gotten quite the 12-18" that were promised on top of the 8" we had Saturday, but the wind is picking up quite a bit. Maybe it will blow it all away? Too much to ask for, I think. Happy T Day!

  12. Happy Birthday! ~ loving photos and your wintry photos are divine ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  13. Burrr! I do hope you are staying safe and warm. I've been keeping an eye on the storm news.

    My DH is a cheese cake lover too.
    Thanks for the visit this week, Ill send you an email so you can send me your address for an ATC

  14. happy the photos and hearts

  15. The cake looks absolutely delicious. Love the idea of the measuring stick will go out and do the same it looks like we have had about 12" in ct, nothing like the 30" they were predicting...

    Annie v.

  16. Love your cards and the looks on the happy faces at the birthday party! I haven't made cheese cake in years.... just may have to give it a shot again.

  17. Red wine and cheesecake? Why, yes, thank you. I think I will. :) Delicious! I've never made cheesecake, but I love it in restaurants.

    Your snow is so pretty :) It's been over 1,000 days since we've had as much as an inch here.

  18. Hope you don't get snowed in! Happy belated birthday to the hubby. Love the cards, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  19. Hello Linda! Happy T Day! WOW, that is a lot of snow, hoping it doesn't come my way. We have cold and only a little snow. I love this picture of you and hubby, so cute! Happy belated birthday to him. How yummy the cheesecake looks, you are a wonderful for making it.
    The valentine cards are pretty and creative, love the colors!
    Enjoy staying inside where it's warm and maybe some more crafting going on.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I think next time we will stay in and paint. We are making it a goal this year to get out more often together, the last time we were all together was over a year ago, sad isn't it. I already am planning on having them over to paint with me.
    Stay safe and thanks for sharing!

  20. Cant imagine all that snow, will share some hot sun with you. That cheesecake looks so yummy

  21. Yummy looking treat! Your cards are fantastic!! The East is getting all of our snow this year. We can see grass in our yard with patches of snow. Weird for MN!!
    Happy T day! Thursday is a T day right??

  22. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I wanted to tell you, my fav verse / poem from the We'Moon planner is "Beautiful Broken Things". It really touched me. Awesome planner.
    Take care

  23. Brrr! Looks very cold. I'm glad your birthday celebration was so happy, the cheesecake looks delicious. I love your cards, they are so sweet and pretty!

  24. Looks like the cold is excluded by the warmth of your smiles. Your cards are so beautifully designed.


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