Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nourish... word for this year! I was hoping a word would present itself to me though I was already thinking about the word cultivate or nurture. As I was paging thru an Oprah magazine I came across an article about nourishing your soul. Then I saw the word nourish on other pages two more times. There it was!
  Of course, these words are synonyms but somehow nourish really resonates with me for this year. It is such a good reminder to nourish that which you want to grow, whether it be as a person, if you want to improve on healthy eating thus a healthier body, or if you're looking to expand in the art world.
  Some other words fellow bloggers have chosen are: prioritize, love, simplify, joy, and delight. All great words to live by!

 This is an art journal page reflecting my word:

  The background is a gelli plate printed deli paper glued to the page. The image I painted was done using a technique in Dina Wakley's new book "Art Journal Courage" (pg. 28). This book is every bit as good as Dina's first and I LOVE the techniques she explains using faces and images in your art! I absolutely recommend it! I know of a few of you that already have it too and I look forward to seeing what you create from it.

  Next is another page I did using minimal  and simple shapes and colors inspired by abstract artists. You can see my first one here. It is so much fun looking up new artists to be inspired by (the theme this month -for the second time) for Art Journal Journey.

                                                                  " Summer Sun"

 This is the second time I've chosen an artist of abstract expressionism and minimalist art. This page was inspired by a combination of the last artist I chose, along with  Kenneth Noland. Although Kenneth is most noted for his "target" art and "arrows and triangles" this is what I came up with. Definitely a challenge for me to go minimal but I like that it really makes me think about color and placement.

 I began working on Valentine art (see my last post) and have a card to share inspired by this sketch from Freshly Made Sketches:

 This is my card:

  Most of the items are from a folder of Valentine bits and papers so I don't have all the manufacturer info. I do know the note card is DCWV, the sentence is from a collage sheet by ARTchix Studio, the red heart button is Dress It Up and the tiny buttons are from Gary Burlin and Co.

 Linking this post to : Art Journal Journey, Art Journal Every Day, Freshly Made Sketches Paint Party Friday, and a new to me challenge hosted by Kate Robertson - Express Your Creativity.

 It has been below zero here with a bit of snow and bitterly cold winds these last few days and continuing so I plan on staying INSIDE this weekend making art and catching up with you! Hope you are staying warm wherever you are.

" Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and NOURISH with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality."    Earl Nightingale


  1. Great work again, Linda, and thanks for another wonderful contribution to Art Journal Journey! Valerie

  2. Fantastic art this week... thank you for the tip with Dina's second book, I didn't order it yet,
    I will put it on my wishlist . I so liked the first one!
    Lovel abstract.. you have to continue this tsyle ... great!
    Fantastic card too!
    Happy WEEKEND dear Linda..♥♥♥ for linking us such a fab contribution again to
    Art Journal Journey!

  3. Nourish is a beautiful word to inspire an artist.... to nourish your soul... the very depths of your being - perfect for you Linda!
    I love your journal page.
    Wishing you a very happy 2015 and may it be an artfully fruitful year for you!

  4. Wow great page Linda! I love the gelli background, it's beautiful and goes so well with the woman. Can't wait to receive my copy of Dina's book. Counting the days, lol. Your abstract painting is beautiful, you do a great job in abstract painting, very inspiring. And sweet card, I love love owls. Good luck with the cold weather!

  5. Love all your pieces today, I guess minimalist appeals to me. And nourish is a great word, lovely page you did for it.

  6. All of your art work is beautiful. I love puns for Valentine's Day, and your card is so cute. Thanks for joining us at Freshly Made Sketches!

  7. Your work is beautiful! It nourishes my soul with inspiration, yeah!!!

  8. Spectacular, nice compositions, I really like "Summer Sun"!

  9. I love that "summer sun" piece, so simple and full of space yet it has a real impact and really attracts the eye! Your owl card is so lovely too, always full of creativity over here!

  10. I like your word for 2015. It sounds invigorating and positive. Your painting/collage is really pretty as is your minimalism.

  11. Great work. Love your word for the year. Happy New Year!

  12. luv them all but the "Summer sun" best

    have a nice Friday and thank you for stopping over at my blog

    much love...

  13. Wonderful journal page. I agree with you about both of Dina Wakely's books.I love how with her techniques our own style really comes through.

  14. All of the words are wonderful in terms of self care. I love your journal page. She looks reflective, soft and contemplative. You and I were both venturing out into the abstract world this week. It is uncomfortable for me as well.

  15. Nourishing your soul is definitely a good practice. I love the page you did to go with it too. Blessings!

  16. Really love your post today. I think your "Word" is great in many respects, both in art and life.
    Summer Sun is soooo cool!

  17. Love your word, nourish! Love the summer sun piece, it copuld be here today it is so hot in the 30's I think, I am stayinside today not because of the cold but the heat! Thanks for your kind words on my post.

  18. Oh my goodness my two of my comments published all on their own. Please delete them. You picked a great word!! I used Nourish a few years ago. It's perfect to nourish body and soul... It works for creativity too!! Wonderful artwork my friend...all the best with your word!

    Hugs Giggles

  19. 'Summer Sun' looks great. 'Nourish' is a good word to go with through the year! I am sure it will work well for you in your life and creativity.Big hugs to you!!!

  20. Perfect quote AND artwork to reinforce your special word of the year dear Linda ♥
    I am not familiar with DW's books...but you are tempting me.
    May each moment nourish your spirit and soul.
    Stay warm my is chilly willy here in northern VA too.

  21. All three creations are wonderful for different reasons ~ I love the 'Summer Sun' for its simplicity and powerful message for Winter!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  22. What a great word for 2015! Love your pages as well. Looks like a good challenge for the month - will have to check it out.

  23. 'Summer sun' is like summer sun...we just got about 10 cm snow! :)

  24. I'm glad your word found you!

    Great work Linda... I especially love 'Summer Sun'

    Hope you are feeling warm and cosy.... sounds pretty cold over there!

    Karen x

  25. Linda, I love everything here, what super artwork.
    What a great idea and a great page inspired by Dina W's book, love the face and the watering can idea, I'm off to check out this book now.
    I like your minimalist design very much, it's a great choice of colour and shapes and a very attractive layout.
    And who wouldn't love to get your lovely owl card.
    A great blogpost and art - here' s to more bad weather.

  26. Your journalpage looks great, and that is a wonderful word for the new year. Something we should all do ... I LOVE your minimalist piece: wonderful composition, colour choice and those dots really make it complete.

  27. I think nourish is a great word for yourself and for your art and I love how you've put it all together so creatively with the watering can. Gorgeous!

  28. Hi Linda! So glad I saw this post and your OLW, YAY!! That is so cool that your word found you this way, I saw mine in a magazine too, after I had it picked. I know two people who picked this word too, it's a good one I think. I see my word in your list, thank you for including it. Your page is pretty and a good start with your word!!
    Nice to catch up with you, stay warm and safe in this winter weather.


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