Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Par"T"y Time!

 A very happy 2nd anniversary to Tuesday's "T Stands For Tuesday" hosted each week by Elizabeth and Bleubeard of Altered Book Lover!!! Through this link up I have met people from all over the world. It's a place where we share anything drink related-like an actual beverage, or an outing, or an art page, or a book-anything so long as there is a link to a beverage somehow. Anyone can join in and link any week so please do take a peek and perhaps bring a cuppa to share too:) Thank you to our fabulous hostess!
 The other week I had a celebration dinner for my Mom for her birthday and mentioned the special  baba au rhum cake I was making her. I didn't even think to explain what it was or translate-so here it is. The French translates to "cake of rum" It is a yeasted cake with raisins. You make a sugar syrup with rum , pour some over a handful of raisins to soak, then slowly pour the remainder over the warm cake to let it soak in also. Here's a few pics:
 These are the flowers and cards I left at her house on her actual birthday day since she was on a day trip with friends.

 The baba au rhum:

And this is how my Mom was enjoying it:

 As if there wasn't enough rum involved, the tradition with my families in France was always to bring the rum to the table and splash a bit more on the cake! those French:):) My Mom thoroughly enjoyed it-and not to worry-she didn't have to drive!

 On a completely different note-lookie what my neighbor discovered in her yard:

I looked it up and found that it is an Imperial Moth. Here's another pic to give you a better idea of the size of it:

 See it on the bottom? It's on a large bag of grass clippings and behind it are large bags of mulch! My neighbor knew I'd want to get a pic. I'd never seen one of these nor any of this size. Apparently the wingspan is anywhere from 4" - 6 7/8 " (8-17.4 cm)! I looked earlier today but it's gone.

 Do you like investigating strange bugs and critters? I think the only insect I really freak out about are the centipedes-eeeewwww!!

 Linking to T Stands For Tuesday and Art Journal Journey (theme is post/postage). I'll be around to visit in between  a dr. appt. I have to take my Mom to this AM. We are having yet another oppressive hot and humid day so I plan on staying in mostly. Still purging and cleaning to make room for our son moving back next week too:)

                      " Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated! " Osho


  1. The rum cake looks delicious and like your Mom enjoyed it! We Italians would totally add more rum to a rum baba (little rum soaked pastry), too!

    Butterflies and moths always intrigue me since I like to bead them, so I enjoyed seeing your photo. The rest of the insect/critter world I try to avoid, LOL!

    (Linda, you are the recipient of my ATC, but I could not find an email link. If you would please go to my blog profile and email your address, I will get it right out to you! Thanks!)

  2. What a lovely bouquet! Happy Birthday to your mom :)

    I always keep an eye out for bugs and other creatures on the patio but rarely see anything to rival this moth. I'm so glad you shared the picture!

  3. LOVE THE ART!!!!!! That cake looks and sounds DELISH ♥♥♥♥♥ The moth is beautiful and I love finding new and unusual insects :) If they are alive when I find them I takes tons of pictures...if they are already dead I bring them home and make some kind of display out of them ... after a while they go to my daughter who has a large collection of insect in her office. Good luck with the purging... I'm still trying to squeeze all of the youngest stuff into our home ...when he gets his new place he probably won't be able to find everything I've stashed away. :)

  4. Linda, I had to laugh. Seems we were both on the same wavelength with our ATCs. And thanks for your lovely comment.

    Years ago I bought a big jar of rum balls (no raisins, of course), and had to rotate the jar every few weeks. Of course, the rum balls were gone long before they dried out, which is why the warning to rotate was on the label. That cake reminded me of those rum balls, and I can see why the added rum was needed (and not just for the French). BTW, your mother looks SO happy there, too.

    On a very different note, wow, I've never even heard of that moth, much less seen one.

    Thanks for sharing your ATC, your mother's birthday, and this HUGE moth with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks again for your sweet comment.

  5. Linda, I love your your quote and how it fits perfectly. Your post and your photos are amazing!Love your mom's photo. I am fascinated by butterfles and ladybugs.They are gorgeous!

  6. Good Morning .A good daughter You are : ) The cake looks and sounds so yummy.That's My type of group and art,I already follow Her ,I will drop by and see if I would like to join in.Your art piece is darling.I've had one of those oths land in My patio,it was so huge it scared Me,I ran back in the house to get My husband.hugs Denise

  7. oh my dear, that rum cake sounds scrumptious! amazing photo of the giant moth...I am not so fond of bugs, and totally agree with you about centipedes! Once in a while we spot a cicada (in addition to hearing their loud chirping) and they are quite large and interesting-rather pretty in a creepy sort of way! happy T day!

  8. It sounds and likes like your mum celebrated her birthday in style! And with that oh la la factor thrown in too!

  9. What a lovely celebration post...
    Your dear Mom enjoying that gorgeous treat you made for her!
    The lovely piece you created for the T Tuesday second anniversary and AJJ
    and celebrating nature with that amazing moth = WOW!
    Looks like it was attracted to what was behind the rip in the plastic bag (surely it did not make the hole hah!). I would have been over the moon to see such a splendid creature in person. I enjoy nature so much in every form and fashion, although I am not too happy with the deer that keep sneaking into our garden lately munching on our hostas and last night they celebrated and wiped out most of a sweet little pink pompom begonia...naughty things!!!
    Happy T Day oxo

  10. Love your journal page - thanks so much for joining us at Art Journal Journey. Wonderful photos, too, except for that cake, I'm trying to diet....temptation is everywhere! Valerie

  11. Really nice art, and lovely and heart warming photos indeed. Best wishes!

  12. What a wonderful page - thank you so much for linking to AJJ again dear Linda..and
    what a fab cake must this be..yummie.. super photos - thank you for sharing..WOW I didn't even know that such big moths exist.... WOW!
    HAPPY T-DAY Linda!

  13. Love your journal page! Great shots of that HUGE moth! Rum Baba used to be one of my hubby's favourites until he transferred his affections to jam and cream scones! Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. Oh yum that cake looks delish - and what a lovely celebration for your mom. And what a fabulous moth. Wishing you a bit of cool and a very happy T-day.

  15. I love your tea for two artwork...it would be fantastic on a print for kitchens for those tea lovers. Personally I am a coffee lover...but this is adorable!! Love the flowers and watching your mom eat her cake...the flowers are such a gorgeous arrangement..so vibrant! Gotta love rum... and your mum!! Sorry couldn't resist!! Lovely post!!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. Great artwork first of all! That moth is HUGE!! Crazy time huge! Scary.
    That rum cake looks yummy minus the raisins. :) I made a rum cake last year and sent some home with my SIL...she ate some for breakfast and thought she felt a bit tispy at work. ;) Good thing she rides the bus!
    Happy T day!

  17. Belated Birthday Wishes to your Mom Linda. The rum cake is new to me and it does look yumm-:)
    Thank you for your kind words dear friend. I'm so happy to have started creating again.
    Have a wonderful week

  18. What lovely celebratory artwork and great to see your mum enjoying that delicious sounding cake :)

    Amazing moth.... I freak out at earwigs! and moths in the bedroom since I read about the man who had one in his ear... yikes! That would totally make me crazy (ier!)

    Karen x

  19. Love the tea cups! What a clever way to use stamps Linda. And your cake, the baba au rum, looks delicious. What a fabulous tradition those French have! :)

  20. Hello Linda, it's been so long since I've been here. Hope all is well with you and family. Happy belated birthday to your mom, lovely pictures of her celebrating!!
    Such a cute Tea time card you made too, love!! Happy weekend!


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