Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Songs Of Summer

  Well, the weather continues to be very hot and humid, with a serious heat wave expected the next days ...but no complaints here! We are enjoying the fruits of our neighbor's wonderful garden for one thing:

There is basil and dill within the fence along with from left-eggplants, cucumber growing along our yard fence, peppers, new lettuces, green beans, kale, more lettuces, swiss chard. Other herbs outside the fenced area are thyme, tarragon, sage, mint, raspberry bushes and rosemary.

Another view-further back. Pole beans, tomatoes along the wood fence, and behind it is zucchinis!

SO, with all this fabulous and healthful produce I wanted to use a lot of it to my best advantage-and I am doing that by not only cooking with it all, but by drinking it!

 I bit the bullet and bought the Bullet (sorry, I just couldn't resist). It's the NutriBullet 900 pro series juicer that I was able to get for an amazingly great deal! This is a kale and mango drink and it is delish!! I have been enjoying playing with a variety of ingredients-so far a mix of greens and fruit. They are enough to fill me up at noontime or so since I don't usually eat lunch, plus with all the nutrients I'm getting I don't feel it necessary to take so many supplements. Since I couldn't possibly eat all the ingredients whole in a salad bowl this is a perfect solution for me.  Now I have hubby and son wanting in too:)

 Enjoying all the birds outdoors too-and I was thrilled to be able to get a few pics of one of our visiting hummingbirds! They're not the best as I had  the zoom on my camera but at least I got something. Poor hubby has been taking his really good camera out off and on-and if he even sees one-they take off and he has yet to get a pic. Competition has kicked in and he's determined more than ever though:):)

 Linking to T Stands For Tuesday. And speaking of, last week Elizabeth celebrated her second anniversary of this challenge and welcomed a swap of ATCS if anyone linking was interested. I sent something off , and yesterday I received this beautiful packet of things:

 This came from Debbie (Craftymoose). She not only sent a darling tea inspired ATC with a sweet little teapot charm attached, but two cold brew teabags to try, a packet of wonderful ephemera, and a card with a hummingbird and my very favorite poppy on it! Thank you Debbie!!

 And for my art part:

This journal page was inspired by several things. First, I watched the Tour De France cycling  race every day for the last several weeks until it ended in Paris on Sunday. Second, my Mom just booked a trip to France to see her family (they all live there) for a whole month! And thirdly, I was having dreams about being in France-and my dreams were actually in the French language! Has that ever happened to any of you- where you speak more than one language and dream in it too? I am sad that I am not able to go with my Mom but so happy that she will have this opportunity to see her sisters, brother and extended family members, as some are not in good health and aging.
 The background is a gelli plate deli paper print. I used a profile image from a French magazine, along with some postcard ephemera and stamps from an envie I received. A few postmark stamp images and a rust heart finish the page.
 Linking to Art Journal Journey (theme of post/postage), Mix It Monthly (theme is the facial profile), and Paint Party Friday. I'll be seeing you!
    " Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it."   Tagore


  1. WOW what a fun post full of good stuff!
    Beautiful dreams in French collage ♥
    Your goodies from Debbie are sweet!
    That is a fine array of fresh garden goodness.
    Fun to see you bit the bullet LOL...enjoy your liquid lunch :-)
    Happy T Day oxo

  2. ok, so all I sent my poor ATC recipient was 1 lousy card, and now I feel wholly inadequate. Ah, well, I'll know better if we ever do this again. I should've realized from reading everybody's posts for 2 years that I was in the company of over-achievers ;)

  3. Gosh, your neighbor's garden puts mine to SHAME. Real shame!!! Mine has gone the way of the compost pile, or at least so it seems this year.

    So glad you can enjoy that new bullet. I promise not to use the pun, even though it's tempting. I've wanted one of those ever since I was in CA and my friend Joseph treated me to something similar every morning (and I'm NOT a morning eater, either). But I had so much energy, I couldn't believe it.

    That's a lovely French inspired bit of art you created. Really lovely, and so inviting, too. So glad your mother gets to go to France for a month. I'm sure there will be art ephemera for you when she returns. Speaking of art, Debbie was MARVELOUS, wasn't she. Lots of great goodies, too.

    Thanks for sharing this week with us for T this Tuesday,

  4. Good stuff indeed, thanks for sharing. Greetings!

  5. Good for you on the green drinks...we have been doing them every morning adding chia seeds, hemp hearts, and nuts too... Beardo has lost two belt sizes in seven weeks... no one weighed themselves... just taking out sugar and making good choices makes such good nutritional sense. Love all the garden fresh produce...like zucchini...Look up popcorn cauliflower recipe...I think you might like it! Have you tried Avocado oil yet?... sooo good. We have the ninja blender and it's my daughters favorite tool in the kitchen...so good on you biting the bullet...lol I have the little one from way back when... Never dreamt in another language I find that fascinating... lovely journal page too...Good for you mom taking that trip by herself!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I really smiled at the hummingbird photo-taking competition! They really do move fast. I tried juicing veggies and fruits many years ago but never hit on just the right combination so gave it up. So glad you enjoyed the ATC and hope the iced tea keeps you cool in this humidity and heat!

  7. Lots of wonderful things to see today. Those garden veggies sound great, and I am sure the smoothies are delicious. Love the art from Debbie, she is a dear. Thanks for sharing your beautiful journal page with us at Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie

  8. Such a wonderful bounty in your garden, and in the envelope you received! Lovely art you've created too...will there be art with hummingbirds on it? They are amazing little charmers those hummers...so glad you posted all the great pics. Happy T day!

  9. That is a serious garden. What a wonderful amount of produce. I've been tossing up about a 'bullet' .....your post might have tipped the scales in favour.

  10. On my word! Fancy having hummingbirds to visit, how spectacular! Great pictures, and I totally understand your husbands competition! Great good stuff with the juicing, its a marvellous way to take in what you need isn't it!

  11. Wow- life is looking good for you. Being a bit further north my garden is looking good but not quite ready to pick, so I am jealous of all the goodies you are enjoying. And lucky you too to get such great hummingbird photos. I love watching them. And lastly, great piece for art journal journey. I love how you have the 2 face views. Enjoy your day!

  12. What a fabulous green drink. That's the first thing that caught my eye, as a friend bought a nutriBullet herself and swears by it. It's certainly a fab way to get the goodness in to a body. Your garden produce will give you plenty to juice by the looks of it. And the teas from Debbie will be a tasty alternative too.
    Thank you for your comment on Wee Man's blog post. Happy T Day Linda :D

  13. A fantasic garden Linda - this smoothies must be delicious and so lovely what you got from Debbie. I love your hummingbird- photos .. I never saw a hummingbird in real life yet.
    Thank you for sharing this all in this wonderful post and what a fantastic french collage for Art Journal Journey! Just beautiful ! I love it!
    Thanks a million for so many fantastic entries this month Linda!
    Happy belated T-Day ( was busy with a shopping trip to vienna with my daughter yesterday- exhausting with two teenagers)!


  14. That looks like a garden full of treasures and you can make the most of it with your great new gadget.
    Love the French themed art piece. So delicate and delicious.

  15. How fantastically made! I like this collage with the nice profile...and I am a garden-lover too! Grüße von Ulrike

  16. Thanks for coming to Tea, even though we were having ice water...LOL
    How great is it to have the neighbors garden expand into your yard.....I love everything you mentioned...Lucky YOU!

    So you like the Bullet? I often wondered about getting one, but not sure I would use it often enough.

    Had to laugh at the competition to get the humming bird photos, they are hard to get without a blur.

    I think your journal page is fantastic, nope don't dream in French....maybe because I don't speak it....LOL

    Must continue on with my return visits, thanks for leaving a comment. I haven't posted SOC from the girls because Hannah took hers home. I will post them (very late of course) when she brings it back next week.

  17. Wow you dream in another language?? you seem to have a special connection to this land! I love it too so much! what an amazing spread with lots of beautiful things to look at!

  18. I love the kale and mango drink. It looks so tempting. Did you use ripe mangoes? Your neighbor's garden looks amazing. Nowadays I'm so much interested in homegrown things-:) Wishing your mom a happy journey.
    Have a lovely week Linda

  19. What a gorgeous journal page! Hubs and i have been trying to get good hummingbird photos this year too.... if they would only hold still!!lol CraftyMoose definitely went above and beyond didn't she? How lovely! Happy happy ....a little late Tday! Hugs! deb

  20. Hi, you are invited to share this with Feline Art Friday. You can link not just feline art, but any animal or art related post:


  21. Beautiful and creative page✳✳

  22. wonderful inspired page today Linda, enjoy your juicer!

  23. I love visiting each week because I always learn something new. Now, you have me thinking about the Bullet. Your garden looks wonderful. There is nothing better than nature at its best.

    I am so glad your Mom is getting to go to France. She must be very excited to be able to visit family and friends. Your journal page is very meaningful.

    Have a wonderful week Linda.

  24. Your garden and "she dreams " art are both wonderful!!! Not sure I could ever drink anything that looks like swamp water, even if I knew it was healthy. Probably tastes good though.

  25. You are blessed to have a neighbor with a green thumb that is willing to share the fruits of his labor. I love your page, with the pretty colors and imagery. Blessings! #31

  26. Lucky you to have such a beautiful garden next to you. Looks like there is plenty for everyone and it is so pretty. BTW I actually liked your joke about the Bullet, too cute. Glad your mom is still able to travel to France. I have never heard of dreaming in another language you know however that seems normal. I think it would be pretty cool! Looks like you got some great "tea" goodies and your ATC is beautiful! Happy PPF, Rasz

  27. I just read today that cooking vegetables can destroy quite a lot of the nutrients, so am very impressed with your green drink, it looks great and I'm sure is very tasty and nutritious.
    Love your French collage and all the stories behind it.
    Great to see the humming bird too.
    Thanks for a happy blogpost full of art and life.

  28. Gorgeous cards Debbie sent you!Lovely post, my friend!

  29. Green and green - all healthy!
    Plus your art is a perfect post.
    Have a good week ahead!

  30. OOoh I'd love one of those 'bullets' thinking of biting it myself and getting one! What an amazing garden - and amazing neighbours..... so lucky! The photos of the little hummingbirds are so cute - we don't have them here. Wish we could have some of the weather you are having!!! Love your French inspired card - gorgeous!

  31. Fabulous journal spread. Smoothies are my faves. :)

  32. Your card is beautifully laid out, love the design. I always enjoy the story behind the art!!

  33. Hi Linda

    Really enjoyed this post..... the vegetable plot looks amazing.

    I'm thinking of 'biting the bullet' too!

    How lovely to see hummingbirds.... hope you manage to keep cool - doesn't seem like that long ago you were yearning for Spring and now its August!!!!

    Karen x

  34. Hello dear Linda,
    It is so good to be dropping by to see you! Your art is lovely as always! What a great personal theme too. I have spoke another language in a dream (or thought that I did, lol!).
    Your hummingbirds are sweet, I don't know how anyone catches them, they are so fast around here.
    What a cool swap too!
    I hope you are well and enjoying the summer : )


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