Monday, August 24, 2015

Life's A Beach!


 Well, it was anyway-for two weeks! How are you lovelies??? Although I have neglected you and my own blog for (really???) almost 4 weeks I have thought of you often. It was my choice to completely unplug while away, and then when you get home to STUFF in addition to the cleaning, unpacking washing etc. etc. time gets away but you just have to grab it back, right? So here I am again with photos , art and good news to share-if you can bare with me to the end of this post:)

 Above is a page I did while on vacation. I'll have other similar pages to share, thanks to Dianne of the T Stands For Tuesday gang over at Altered Book Lover, and the great little tutorial she provided in this post! The only bag of art supplies I took with me while away were supplies to do sketching, watercolor and collage-something I needed to continue work on-including my "Draw Your Awesome Life" class lessons.

 The beach part:

     We enjoyed so many gorgeous sunsets over the bay side, and a rainbow over the ocean!

  We all ate very well, each taking turns cooking the dinners each nite. Some of our dinners included pasta primavera, caprese salad, lobster and champagne, and penne a la vodka-YUM!

 We got a shopping day in and also had some fun modeling some new things:

 Our sweet hostess and friend Lynne (second from left at top) gifted each of us ya ya sisters (beach goddesses) with a gorgeous scarf from Seville Spain! Of course she gave me a red one:):)

  And not to be outdone by us girls-hubby had to have some modeling time in too:

   Showing off the special shorts he bought especially for our lobster nite dinner (they have little black embroidered lobsters on them).

  OK, and in this pic he is wearing MY leggings-the ones I just bought that he originally made fun of!! They are now safely tucked away in MY dresser drawer thank you:):)

 Lots of talk and laughter both on the ocean deck and bay deck, with cherished friends-it doesn't get better than this!

  Even our Annie (who will be 14 in October) was a trooper despite all the coming and going and being tired.

 In addition to some family drama I did come home to some great news too. Our son (who had to move back home a few weeks ago) has landed a good job right here in town after job searching the last 8 months!! It is in his field and he was so excited to begin today. And I received my complimentary issue of Holidays and Celebrations 2015 for having these two pieces published:

                                                           "America"  6" x 6" quiltie

                                                            "Erin Go Bragh" prayer flag

  This is another journal page like the one I shared at the top of this post:

 One more page to share:

 This was inspired by Kim Dellow. Watercolor squares in which I quickly drew faces in ball point pen(yes it was scary) then made frames around each with Pitt pens.

 Whew! Linking to Art Journal Journey, Art Journal Every Day, Art it Friday-Show Your Face, Express Your CreativityPaint Party Friday, and T Stands For Tuesday. I am SO looking forward to reconnecting with you all again!

" The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings external joy to the soul."  Wyland



  1. The best way to cap off a wonderful time by the water with good friends, good food and beautiful sunsets, is to return home to such wonderful news! Congratulations on your published holiday pieces! That is also truly wonderful news for your son, too.

    I was inspired by Diane's post, too, but have not finished my piece yet--I'll try to remember to show it another Tuesday. I'm impressed by your faces; something we all seem to have our issues with.

    Thanks for sharing your photos from your trip and all your beautiful art!

  2. Goodness Linda, we have missed you. So glad you are back home and plugged in again. I don't care how much I just ate, you have made me extremely hungry for all that food and wonderful wine. Everything looks like it was so fun, and I got a big bang out of seeing your hubby modeling your leggings and his new shirt.

    You have some awesome journal pages. You have certainly stayed busy in that department, even with limited supplies. Those faces were great, too, I know faces are SO hard to make.

    Congrats on both entries in Somerset. Both of these are lovely. And of course, congrats to your son who now has a job close to home. What a bonus.

    Thanks for sharing your beach time, as well as your art with us for T this week. It's good to have you back.

  3. Wow- looks like you had a gorgeous vacation. What beach were you at? Do you feel refreshed taking a little blogging break? Looks like you've been having a lot of fun and that's important too. And I love you art pieces! You definitely have the summer theme going strong!

  4. What a happy sounding post! A pleasure to visit with you, and I'm glad you will be coming round for coffee ;) Your holiday snaps are fabulous and I am so envious of those sunsets; so glorious.
    Your pages are fabulous and invoke so many memories in them too I think.
    Congratulations on the publishing and to your son too. What a confidence boost for him and a real morale lifter.
    Thanks for your lovely comment and Happy T Day to you {{Hugs}}

  5. Really wonderful photos by the sea side and welcome back -great inspiration. Greetings!

  6. What a lot of wonderful photos, and lots of fantastic art. Love he faces you made. Happy T Day, Valerie

  7. Oh my goodness Linda you had so much to share i hardly know what to comment on. :) Your vacay looks fabulous.. i could use a vacay but i guess for now i'll be putting up sheetrock... :) You did better than me... I always bring art supplies on a trip but end up never using them... uuughh... Happy Tday! And so glad to have you back ! Hugs! deb

  8. What an amazing beach! And you all look like you are having such a fun time. Congratulations to your son´s job, I hope it´s the first step on a long and rewarding career. Happy T-Day!

  9. Hi Linda, It looks like you and your hubby had a great time with your friends, enjoying each others company, the beach and good food. It's wonderful that your son found a new job and that he can stay in your area.
    Congratulations on being published! Both pieces are beautiful. I love your journal pages. They are so fresh and cheerful and your faces turned out great as well.

  10. Well Linda, nice to meet you girl! What a lovely happy post! I felt I was on holiday with you. Where did you go? (What country?)
    How nice of Lynne to give you all shawls. I live in Spain and the nights are getting a bit cooler, so I use a shawl, but funnily enough it's indoors i use one the most. Some places have airconditioning and it can be very cold indeed!
    I laughed at the photo of your hubby in leggings! You had some fun!
    Congratulations on your son getting his job and you for getting published. Both quite an achievement.
    Thanks for sharing your holiday with us,
    Have a great day,

  11. You must have had wonderful days! Amazing photos!
    Your journal pages are all so beautiful!
    Thank you for linking to Art Journal Journey Linda!
    Congrats on being published with this besutiful beautiful pieces and the most wonderful news are that your son got a good new job!



  12. A super post to read and lovely photos. Your journal pages are awesome.

  13. SO nice to have you back (I missed you!) and how wonderful to be welcomed by being published again with those lovely pieces.
    Congrats to your son on his great news.
    Your vacation photos make me smile...what a fun bunch of friends enjoying sea and sun and sand and so much more (those dinners look scrumptious).
    Lovely artwork and such a variety too dear Linda.
    Wishing a Happy T Day oxo

  14. Oh Linda, so glad you liked the tutorial...your journal pages turned out fabulous! great beach pics...had to grin at the guys modeling their 'beach wear too!' I just love any beach...thanks for sharing the spectacular sunset photos!

  15. What a fun-filled time away. And the beach views! I'd have loved walking along there wearing that fabulous red shawl. :) Congratulations on the job news!

  16. Oh what a fun and beautiful vacation you had again!!!! Those shawls are so gorgeous , I know have shawl envy ♥♥♥♥♥ Your husband is quite the 'ham' and a very good looking man too. You two always look so happy together. Congrats on your sons new job!!!
    Your art was great too. I always take art supplies with me on trips but rarely ever to any :)

  17. What a great sounding vacation and just look at all the wonderful photos you brought home for us to see. I like your journal pages. Sometimes I take a few supplies when I'm going away but I never seem to get around to using them.

    Congratulations to your son and best wishes as he starts his new job.


  18. Happy T-day Linda, and thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

    It is nice to Un-Plug for a while, but just as nice to get back into things again. Tea posts were about all I did this summer.

    Gorgeous sunsets and art work, congrats on the publication too!

    Those scarfs are soooooo pretty, and I would have chosen the red one, so I deem yours the BEST one....LOL

    Have a great week

  19. Love the pages ~ so creative and wonderful nature photos and loving family photos ~ you are blessed ~ Congrats to your son on his new job ~ wishing him much success and congrats to you and being published again! xox

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  20. Oh my!! Love the sunsets and the rainbow over the ocean! What fun with all your friends--and a red scarf/shawl to top it off--whoohoo! Congrats to your son on his new job. I hope he loves it and the people, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  21. What a wonderful post! Great holiday photos and journal pages! Congratulations on being published! So pleased your son will be close to home doing something he likes too. Happy T day! Chrisx

  22. Time with close friends can be so fun. Good to see that you were having such a lovely time. Your journal pages look great. I think I missed Dianne's tutorial. Have to check that out.Congratulations on your son's new job and also on getting published.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying DAnielle's book. Waiting to see your lovely art-:)

  23. Fabulous post, so full of happiness and reasons to celebrate life.

    Congratulations on being published AGAIN!


  24. What a fun post!! I Congrats on being published...I too am in that issue! It never gets old seeing yourself work in print!!!
    Happy T day...a little late.

  25. Welcome back Linda. You were missed. It looks like a wonderful vacation. It would be hard to be - the ocean, family and great friends.
    Congratulations to your son for landing a job in his field - and close to home. What more could a mom ask for.
    Have a wonderful week.

  26. Lovely pages you made! Thanks for sharing your wonderful time at the sea with good friends. Most of all congrats to your son, I can relate to the kids with their job search at this time of their lives, it can be tough.

  27. What a fun post and oh my goodness what a delightful vacation. Your hubby is a hoot in your pants...adorable. Everything about your post made me smile....I'm still smiling. Have a great weekend. Sending hugs.

  28. Thanks for photos from your great vacation. Your art is wonderful.
    Have a happy weekend ♥

  29. Always good to unplug and recharge! Cool art!

  30. Sounds and looks like you had a gorgeous holiday and as far as your son is concerned a very happy hone coming too. Hope the other troubles will sort themselves out. Better not show this post to John, just in case he gets any ideas about my leggings!

  31. Big congrats for being published! The vacation looks like a hoot. That photo of hubby in leggings is know they are always trying to launch these lines for men called meggings but they haven't taken off. He could go viral! Wow that food looks so delicious. You are one lucky gal. Happy PPF

  32. What a marvelous time you must have had! I loved all the photos but the dh in your pants was the funny one! I like the faces on the watercolor squares. No pressure there, huh? Love the results.

  33. My family and I love going to the beach, but haven't been at one in several years. I love your page with all the pretty portraits. Blessings, my friend!

  34. Oh I got such a kick out of seeing your husband in your leggings. I loved the watercolor squares and faces. Good to see you back,


  35. What an exciting post! I loved everything the red shawl is amazing and hubby in your tights is hot, and so that he is full of comedy!! The food is making me drool as I haven't had dinner yet and it's a big late!! And love all the photos of your friends and the beach! Looks like an amazing time...and best news of all is about your son! I knew it would all work out perfectly. Had it not been so long in the job search he may not have moved even when he moves out he'll be close by! A wonderful gift for mommy!! Oh and your work being published is awesome too!! So happy for you Linda!! I know you had a few rough months last winter and spring! So glad things are turning around!

    Hugs Sherrie

  36. Woah Linda what a fun packed post.
    Your journal pages are really summery... great work and brought a smile to my face.
    As for those leggings I think they should be under lock and key! Please don't let your hubby model them again for any reason! Have to say I liked the lobster shorts though. He did a great job there.
    I agree spending quality time with friends is priceless. Thank you for sharing and welcome back into blogland.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  37. oh wow... lots of wonderful fun photos - love your beautiful shawls!! lovely art work - and especially love your little doodled squares with the portraits in them!

  38. Hi Linda, how lovely to have you back. You look like you really had such fun on your holiday. Your red shawl is fabulous. I really love what you did with the little faces in the squares. That is such a great exercise. xx

  39. it sounds and looks like a great vacation, it's visible in the pictures how you enjoyed yourselves. Must say hubby's looking pretty good in your leggings ;-) I also unplugged for a few weeks and it certainly gives a lot of free time all of a sudden. Congrats on your published pieces. I love that last face-page inspired by Kim Dellow. And thanks for reminding me, I had planned on trying that out too and forgot ....

  40. Sorry for taking so long to visit you but it has been one of those weeks and only now squeezing in some visits.Love your art and your gorgeous photos. I can feel the positive vibe in them!Have a magical Sunday, my friend!

  41. lots of fun contained here; (◕‿◕。)

    happy you dropped by my blog

    much love...

  42. Lovely photos from your stay away...mmm, penne a la vodka sounds interesting :)

    Fabulous faces in coloured squares.

    Love and hugs

  43. So good to see you back, Linda. Your holiday looks as if you all had a fabulous time, and I love your holiday collages too. Black embroidered lobsters on pink shorts! - wahey!
    Love your faces squares too. Great blogpost with so much to enjoy.

  44. Nice faces in your journal. I fear drawing in pen. Now a days I use the computer to draw mostly. Nice work!

  45. Linda these are lovely pages. A strong way to remember the sun and sea.

  46. Hi Linda. Looks like it's been fun for you. That's wonderful. Great pages. Great collages as well. You look happy.:)

  47. Such fun pictures :)
    And the artpieces are beautiful - especilly the one with the beach-stuff :)

  48. Very sweet post and pictures, and of course, Annie is adorable!

  49. Your husband's modeling your leggings made me laugh out loud! Love your red scarf! Beautiful! And all your arty goodies.

  50. YAY Linda! Good to see you back, we missed you! You have had a busy old time and I hope that it filled and refreshed your soul! Amazing makes well done! And I love your quick sketches exercise, you have made my day picking me to be your inspiration! Thanks for joining Show Your Face Inspired By and for the link up too! Kx


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