Thursday, December 3, 2015


 Well, here we are already in the last month of this year. Happy December!  I am still fighting off a nasty upper respiratory infection so please bear with me. Apparently many people have been dealing with similar this last two weeks especially :(

 On one of my "couch" days hubby and I finally watched "Woman In Gold" . It was out early Spring this year starring Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds. Have any of you seen it? It's the true story of Maria Altmann who sought to regain a world famous painting of her Aunt Adele (done by Gustav Klimt) after it was stolen by the Nazis. I LOVED this movie!!! It was heartbreaking, very moving, and sometimes funny. Helen Mirren was spectacular in her role and she and Ryan Reynolds had a wonderful chemistry onscreen. I highly recommend it!

 It so moved me I made a journal page inspired by the movie and Klimt:

 The background is a gelli plate print on which I stamped with Lumiere gold paint. On her dress are squares of Japanese origami papers collaged over a black dress also painted with a light coat of gold Lumiere paint. If only I knew how to capture it...

  Linking to Art Journal Journey (theme this month is collage); Art It Friday -Show Your Face (theme is about being inspired by an artist); and Paint Party Friday.

 I did manage to get two quick and easy Christmas cards done as I needed them ASAP:

 and they are perfect for this week's Simon Wednesday Challenge which is "Let It Snow"!

 Last week hubby and I went to a local art museum to see several special exhibits on display. It would be too much to show at once but over the next few posts I will share photos.

 Today I am sharing photos of an exhibition by photographer Jeffrey Becom titled Colors Of India:

                                          I hope you can click on it for a larger view to read.

 Here are some of his pigment photos:

 Aren't those colors just gorgeous?  India has been one of many places on my bucket list so I especially enjoyed this exhibit!
 That's it for today's post. Oh, if you haven't seen my post showing my DIY planner along with the You Tube video that inspired it do check it out HERE!
  Wishing you all good health and a wonderful weekend.

" Although even when I am being idle I have plenty of food for thought both early and late - thoughts both about and not about art."       Gustav Klimt


  1. I would love to see that movie. Your collage is so beautiful as are your cards! Yes, the colors in the paintings are wonderful.

  2. You packed a lot into your week, hope you soon feel better. The pictures of the exhibition are wonderful. Love the collage. I saw an article on TV about the film, and hope I will get to see it sooner or later. Have a good weekend, take care, and thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  3. your collage is beautiful as your cards too.very wonderful colors on your painting.
    have a good weekend.

    hugs jenny

  4. A wonderful girl - love the collages elements you gave her and super cards as well Linda - the paintings are really beautiful - you are right! Thank you for sharing them. It seem's to be an interesting film - sounds very good.I like Helen Mirren.
    Happy weekend and PPF and thank you very much for joining us again at Art Journal Joureny!

  5. I simply adore your lovely Klimt inspired painting. You did a lovely job and your gelli background is simply spectacular. I never saw the movie, but I followed the story when it first came out. It was truly a remarkable tale of what is possible.

    Your snowman cards are adorable. I like both of them.

    I thought of Patty when I saw the India prints. I know she would love to see this exhibit, because she has a deep love of anything India. So glad you shared these with us.

  6. I love that movie too! What a fantastic story and how well done the film was. And your collage is gorgeous and a really nice tribute to the film. Hope you feel better-I've that infection too and it wasn't fun. Get back on your feet so you can enjoy this last month of the year!

  7. I'll have to look up that movie. Have you seen The Monuments Men? It is about a platoon during WWII that was give the job of recovering paintings stolen by the Nazis. We really enjoyed it.

    I saw a movie about Klimt--kind of wild, like his art! And recently saw a movie about the life of Jackson Pollock--so many artists produced such ground-breaking work during their tortured lives.

    I had no idea that India was so colorful and enjoyed seeing the photos.

    Hope you feel better and have a good weekend!

  8. Happy PPF and have a lovely weekend, hugs, Valerie

  9. Your girl is fascinating me. I like how you did the dress, thank you for telling. I'd like to try same technique. The page is great.
    Cards are beautiful, too.
    Hsppy PPF ♥

  10. Sending you healing thoughts ♥ I love your collage ♥♥♥♥ it is SO Klimt :) The "Colors Of India" photos are beautiful. Also one of the places to visit in my Dream Bucket . I'm so going to borrow that Klimt quote :)

  11. Thanks for the tip about the movie, must watch out for it. The way you have painted the lady and the squares on her dress is so effective.
    I like the way you have made your cards with the jolly snowman.
    Hope you get better soon, Linda.

  12. It was a great movie and as a klimt fan it really brought history to live.

  13. Beautiful collage and cards. Very nice. :)

  14. I love your Klimt inspired portrait. Helen Mirren is a terrific actress (I've seen her on stage several times - first of all when she was a much younger woman: she is as beautiful now as then!) and this film sounds just the kind of thing I would love to see. A lovely post, Linda. xx

  15. This is a great idea Linda, to get inspired by a movie and create art out of it. Your lady looks wonderful. I can definitely see the Klimt inspiration in her.
    Both your Christmas cards are beautiful. Oh yes! India is very colorful, be it the festivals, architecture, the clothes and even the food-:)
    Hope you get better soon.

  16. I have been dying to see that my priority with your rave reviews. Love your restored too!! Great photos at the museum.. thanks for sharing!! Take care!!

    Hugs Giggles

  17. What a great week you had! You did a lot. I haven't seen the movie but it is definitely on the list. I think you page inspired by it is very nice. The photos are lovely. Happy holidays!

  18. Your journalpage is gorgeous! I love how you did her dress, and the background looks great too. Yes, India's colours are my very favorite ones, compared to those Belgium looks very grey ...

  19. Linda....Thank you very much. I just watched the movie at Amazon. Rented it and of course it went straight to my heart. The end brought tears and I am so happy that this wonderful woman was able to fulfill her dreams. Thanks for the introduction to this movie and of what happened. I'm wiping tears of happiness for her, although she is now gone she lives on.

  20. I should see that movie it sounds good! Beautiful photo exhibit and your pieces are lovely too.

  21. Hi Linda! I came back to join your followers. I'd like to see more your wonderful art.
    Have a happy weekend xx

  22. I'll watch out for that film.... I have heard good things about it....

    Hope you are soon feeling fully better.

    Love your 'restored' piece....

    Karen x

  23. Hello Linda,
    I am sorry you are still going through this infection! I do hope that very soon you will be right as rain again : )
    Your Klimt inspired art is wonderful! That is amazing to watch a movie and be inspired to create art! Yay! It sounds like a powerful movie.
    Your two cards are festive and sweet! Well done! Those snowmen are adorable!
    Becom's colors of India are wonderful! I have always wanted to go to India too! thank you for sharing about him.

  24. Restored is fab. We could all use some restoration and serenity. Cute cards. xox

  25. I loved that film too. So inspirational.

  26. I'm glad you are getting better! I love your artwork, dear Friend. So bright and charming.

  27. Your page is beautiful! I went with hubby to see Woman in Gold at the cinema -thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as I went to see Klimts art in Vienna last year - I just couldn't believe how beautiful the painting is irl! Chrisx

  28. I have not seen the movie so wrote it down to watch over Christmas break. I love the paper collaged on her dress, Visited your planner post. Love those colorful dividers and the idea of laminating them.

  29. Beautiful, Linda. I read the review of it but have not had the chance to see it. The photos are lovely, but he has captured only one state of India. The diversity in the expression of colors across India can be dazzling. Hope you feel better.

  30. Thanks for the hint, a movie I must see. Helen Miller rocks!

  31. Love your fabulous journalling page and the Snowmen cards are fab too.
    Thank you for joining us at Simon says Stamp Wednesday Challenge.

  32. This is an amazing page. Just beautiful. sorry I am late bad storm kept me off the PC

  33. WOW! There is so much happening here, Linda!!!
    Your Klimt inspired art is lovely and your cards are super gorgeous!!!
    The India exhibit looks like the essence of the place has been captured well enough! Glad to be able to see it!
    Hope you are doing well...and Thanks for dropping by and encouraging me even when I was unable to drop by!!! Thanks dear friend! <3
    And do not forget to visit me when in India! :)
    Love & Hugs

  34. Wonderful pieces of artwork! Your collage is gorgeous!


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