Tuesday, December 29, 2015

...and a Happy New Year!

  I hope whatever you celebrated and however you celebrated this last week,  it was a good one! And now it's almost time to reflect on this past year and also think about what we hope for in 2016.

 Below are the gorgeous Christmas hand made cards and tags I received from friends near and far:

                              To my talented friends I thank you SO MUCH!!!

 And some Christmas fun and surprises:

 Our sweet 14 yr old Annie. I just had to put those ears on her:):) But then she got to open her gift-of course it was a package of treats . After all, she is all about the food!

Hubby and I don't exchange gifts per se because we can always get what we want for ourselves (and it certainly takes the pressure off hubby:) However, I always get him something unexpected-nothing grand, and I buy myself some things and wrap them so he can be surprised by my gifts too:)

Bill loves this Peanut puppet from the Jeff Dunham shows. It's his favorite of all the puppets. And if you've never heard of Jeff Dunham you must look for him on you tube or on tv or live - his ventriloquist acts are amazing!! So this Peanut is a bobble head and has 10 different sayings that are typical to him. Start the day with one of his sayings or not, -just look at him-and how can you not smile! I also got hubby a Peanut t shirt.

 And lookie what I unwrapped:

 I ordered these fabulous stencils from this site! I had been eyeing these designs in particular for almost a year and kept changing my mind about which ones I really wanted (ever since seeing some of them in a Cloth Paper Scissors issue). So, Christmas was the perfect excuse to order a whole bunch! I cannot wait to make lots of gelli print papers with these!!!

 This was another gift I got myself:

                                        a perfect apron for me -don't you think?

  And then came my big surprise from hubby. He actually bought me something-AND wrote his own inside for a card! He gave me a generous gift card to my favorite Irish place in town -you know it- so that I can buy one of their special wool made in Ireland sweaters or wraps!! I think we'll make 33 years next year:):) Of course I felt guilty about the stencils-but only for a little while!

 So, as this is my last post for 2015, I want to first of all thank you for another year of taking the time to comment and visit my blog. It means so much and there is no better feeling of community than here in blogland.

 Here's to a SPECTACULAR 2016!! May it be everything your heart desires.

Linking to Art Journal Journey, T Stands For Tuesday, The Simon Wednesday Challenge (theme is "party"), and  Paint Party Friday.

" Use this week to let go of all you do not wish to take with you into the new year, and to step into the truth of your highest potential."                  Alan Cohen



  1. Lovely year it has been. Wishing you even more wonderful and lovely year ahead Linda, Happy New Year!!

  2. Thanks so much for linking your spectacular, last post and collage to Art Journal Journey, thanks for your support in the course of the year. Love all of your lovely cards and presents, enjoy! What a fun pic of your sweet doggie! Have a great 2016! Hppy T day, and hugs, Valerie

  3. Linda, looks like your lady is getting ready to party with champagne for New Year's Eve.

    You got some beautiful cards and gifts for Christmas. They are all stunning and artful.

    Your adorable Annie is lucky. She got to unwrap her own gift. I had to unwrap the ones for the boys. And those ears are adorable.

    No wonder your gelli plate art is better than mine. You have some incredible stencils. I was really impressed with the ones you chose. They are all quite lovely. And of course, that lovely apron is SO you. As for your husband's gift, I would say he's a keeper! Lucky you.

    Thanks for sharing your art and gifts with us for T this Tuesday. And of course, I want to wish you a joyful (and safe) New Year and an artful 2016.

  4. Thank you for sharing that lovely array of cards and gifts.
    Annie looks so cute!
    The stencils Santa brought you are great too.
    The apron IS you Mme Kunsman ♥ (Mr M and I are celebrating our 35th anniversary in France next year...so excited for April in Paris).
    Here's to another special year of friendship and sharing across the miles.
    Happy T Day
    and Happy Healthy New Year my friend oxo

  5. Oh what a lovely last post for the year!! I must say that I have stencil envy right now :) A great selection and I just may have to go to the site and use some of my Christmas money :)

  6. I love your Happy 2016 card, Linda. It is beautiful and makes me smile -looking forward to the next chapter! Love to you & yours and best wishes for 2016. xo

  7. Oh Linda! A beautiful collage did you make and so many wonderful cards and gifts did you get! What a lovely idea you and hubby celebrate..that's so nice ♥!
    Your lovely Annie had fun as well - she looks amazing with her christmas ears!!
    I wish you the most blessed New Year! May it bring Healthy and Good Luck for all of us!
    And a big Thank You for your continued support to Art Journal Journey and Moo Mania & More dear Linda!
    Happy T-Day and happy PPF!
    Thank you for your friendship!♥♥♥
    oxo Susi

  8. Love everything here:cards and gifts.And your furry friend is adorableBeautiful post Linda!Happy New Year, my friend!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I LOVE those Irish sweaters-lucky girl! The stencils and the apron are great too!!!!! Annie is so cute in her ears! Got to love a dog who's patient enough to wear a little costume. Beautiful collage to wrap up the year-can you believe it is almost 2016?

  10. Lovely cards and gifts! Looks like you were a good girl this year. ;)
    Happy T day and Happy New Year!

  11. My dog got canned dog food for Christmas. She usually gets dry dog food as it's better for her. She's had cans before, but she was almost dancing as she got so excited for that bowl of food to reach her.

  12. What beautiful cards! Looks like you've been having a lovely season :) Happy T Tuesday!

  13. could you hear me shouting out loud when i saw These gorgeous stencils... BUY ME is written on them... i´m sure we will see wonderful art with them.
    wishing you a good turn of the year, linda - all the best for 2016!

  14. My comment above got a bit long but I also wanted to say how very lovely your New Year's collage is dear Linda!
    Here's to a new and art filled year oxo

  15. What a delightful post to end the year ~ Glad you had such a delightful Christmas and loving too ~ such talented friends and loving hubby ~ you are blessed!

    Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year,
    artmusedog and carol

  16. LOVE your gifts.....*grin* and all the beautiful hand made cards. All my grand intentions of making all my blogger friends a card got coughed right out the window this year.
    Happy New Year my friend!!

  17. Thank you for sharing you personal cards and presents with us. No I had never heard of Peanut but I will look him up on Youtube. But he looks like a Cheeky monkey.
    What a lovely surprise your husband gave you. Please show us what you bought for that voucher. It looks like a great shop.
    Thankyou for visiting earlier,
    Wishing you and yours all the best for 2016

  18. What a fun post! Love the collage! Great art from your friends too! I love the tale of the Christmas presents! Happy T day! Chrisx

  19. What lovely cards and what a sweet pup! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas and I hope your new year is excellent!

  20. All the best for a happy and creative 2016 to you too. Like you I tend to buy my own gifts and looking at yours it seems we fancy the same things!

  21. Such a fun post - your cards are fabulous.
    Happy new year and thanks so much for joining at Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge!
    Caryn xxx

  22. I never made it to T this week, but wanted to stop by to wish you a Happy & Healthy New Year. The apron is so You and I'm looking forward to seeing your new sweater or wrap.

    Peanut is my favorite Jeff Dunham puppet also. We saw him live when our DD was in college in MA and also have all of his DVDs. They always make us laugh even though we know all the words!

  23. Thank you for your great blog, I love reading your posts. Happy New Year!

  24. Lovely post, Linfa. Thank you for the last year and I wish that this new year brings you and yours much love and joy ♥

  25. Super review and fab new stash. Happy PPF and new year too.

  26. Your artwork is lovely. I enjoyed reading your post, too. And I laughed at the picture of your pup. LOL SO cute!

  27. Happy New Year Linda, love all the cards and gifts, looks like it was a great Christmas!

  28. happy creative 2016 those stencils look cool

  29. I LOVE the cards you made, and lucky you for receiving so many cards from art friends! Thanks for the link to the stencils, they're great! Have a happy and healthy 2016 dear Linda!

  30. Wonderfully creative!! Love the red Santa most of all! Happy New Year and PPF!

  31. Thanks for sharing your gifts. That peanut puppet his seriously weird. Love Annie's headband. Happy New Year ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽŠ

  32. Dearest Linda this has to be one of my favourite posts of the year...so full of gratitude, love and fun!! Great cards just beautiful, and love Jeff Dunham too so much!! Great gifts and thank you so much for the wonderful link...I want to look at those stencils...I love the size of them!! Happy New Year to a beautiful soul, so happy to know you....

    Love Giggles

  33. I love your posts which are a combination of happy Real Life and fascinating art.
    Love the stencils, a nice present for yourself, a good choice.
    Happy New Year, I hope it is a very good one for you.

  34. Love the pup and the gift of stencils. What a treat! I just got on Google+ and learning the ropes (or trying). Have a happy weekend and New Year!!

  35. Dear Linda
    Wishing you and your family happiness and joy in 2016,
    I will continue to be inspired by your wonderful art this year!
    Shane x

  36. Happy post, gifts galore and gorgeous art... what more do you need in a blog post? We always exchange gifts between my hubby and me but I'm always rather nervous opening his. I can never predict what it will be even when I've put the widest of hints out there. He always comes up with his own idea. He hasn't done too badly so far in the 36 years of marriage!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with your stencils.
    Happy New Year to you and yours Linda ;D

  37. Lovely post! I am sure you and your husband had a great time opening up each other's surprise gifts.

    Happy new year and best wishes for a happy, healthy and art filled year.

  38. I can see you've been a good girl :)
    Happy and Creative New Year 2+16!!!!

  39. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Stencils can be rather addictive, as can gelatin plate printing!

  40. What a wonderful post. Happy new year. I love your photo's and the stencils look yummy.


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