Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy 2016!

 My first post for the new year!

 Of course I have some new things up my sleeve, like this page in which I played with creating dangles in my watercolor journal.

 And this is a background page I created in the same journal. Feel free to "save as" and print it out to play with (if I formatted this right with a good res.) Please let me know if it works and I'd also love to see what you do with it! :

 Tis the season and we are now experiencing the coldest frigid weather we have had so far this winter( 29 degrees F but feels like 2 degrees F with the wind!)  so that means trying to stay warm. And another new thing I recently did was to make these mug cozies to keep not only my coffee or tea hot, but keep  my hands warm too! 

 I was in AC Moore in the yarn dept. when I saw a tablet of sheets with directions for crocheting these and I thought why not? It does say it's for beginners:) And it is!! I made each one in less than an hour and sewed vintage buttons on them.

 Here's what it looks like opened flat:

 You should be able to find the directions online at the AC Moore site if you wish to try making some yourself. Or I can make one for you!

 I also signed up for a new online class to start my new year with something different and new to me but more on that in another post.

 So how are you beginning your new year? Anyone choosing a word? Nothing is resonating with me right now so I'll just leave it.

 My latest mixed media art journal is about finished so I did purchase a new one. Once I have begun it I'll share about that too.

 I'll be taking down and putting away all the Christmas things this week and when that's done I plan on making lots of new art and reading in the comforts of my warm home, dreaming of summer:)

 Linking to the Simon Monday Challenge (theme is "something new") Moo Mania and More (anything goes), and  T Stands For Tuesday.

" And now we welcome the new year; full of things that have never been."    Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. Your dangles look like they were fun to make, Linda, and I like how you I'd the lettering. Do the cozies really work? I may just have to make one. A great yarn stash busting project!

    1. Yes Debbie they do work! If my mug sits a bit it can cool off fairly quickly, esp. on really cold days. Our old house isn't as insulated as it should be.

    2. I'm going to give it a try then, because I am forever warming my tea up in the microwave to keep it hot!

  2. Sounds like you are a busy girl. I like the cozies. It is cold here too so it is nice to stay home and create.

  3. Love the cozies! I've heard of these but never thought of making them. Think I might need to. And love you page!

  4. Hello Linda, Happy New Year! Let your Light Shine is a very pretty page! The dangles off the letters are fab! That must have been a fun page to create. Your mug cozies are so lovely too! I have never tried those, I think I might like to give it a go. I do not have a word yet for this year. I am beginning this year being as present in the moment as I can be.

  5. total clever!!! Happy new year!!!

  6. Great art!!! Love the cozies too. I may have to see if I can find the pattern.

  7. Although I don't make dangles, and my letters would never look that lovely, I certainly like what you did. That's a beautiful background. I was really impressed with the colors and design.

    I LOVE those cozies. I wish I could crochet or knit without my hands going to sleep or cramping badly, because these are beautiful.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. I look forward to seeing your new journal and your latest projects.

    Yes, I chose a word for 2016: experiment. Although I haven't started experimenting yet, I hope to before the end of the week.

    Gosh, I took my decorations down the day after Christmas. I just couldn't stand the sight of them anymore. The house just looked too cluttered (not that it doesn't always look it to me), even more so than normal.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your background, and your adorable tea cozy with us for T this week.

  8. Wow, those tea cozies look wonderful, great idea. Love your dangly art journal page to welcome 2016, and the other page, thanks for offering it! Have a great T day, keep warm and healthy, hugs, Valerie

  9. ....And thanks for joining us at Moo Mania and More hugs, Valerie

  10. You have been busy dear Linda!
    Your dangle 2016 page is really wonderful and so generous of you to share your background page too.
    It will be fun to see which class you're taking.
    I hadn't planned on signing up for any UNTIL I saw Misty Mawn's new online course and could not resist.
    Cute cozies for your cups and brrrr they are right on time aren't they. It had to happen that "real" winter would find us.
    Stay warm my friend and Happy T Day oxo

  11. Wonderful art Linda - and the cozies are so cute!
    Happy T- Day!
    Very cold and snow here as well!
    Great to stay inside and create!!! lol!
    Thanks a lot for joining us at Moo Mania and More Linda!
    This is always appreciated!

  12. your watercolor pages look so lighthearted, what a joy! and i like the cozies (if for beginners, i should be able to master them... just right now there is a Cup of tea i hardly can take into my Hands, too hot...)
    i´m staying tuned to hear of your online class...
    have a wonderful 2016, linda, and happy t-day!

  13. Linda
    Your pages are soooo bright and cheerful on a cold winter's morning! Happy New Year dear lady! I am trying to get myself back as how I am starting the new year. I am in PT again, but anxious to create art! HUGS!

  14. LOVE those dangles and the dreamy feel of the whole page!

  15. Happy New Year Linda! OOOOOOOh! I really like the mix of water colors and dangles. Fantastic page. Yes, I'm also going to down load your little freebie too.
    Cup cozies, LOL, what a great they really keep your drink warmer for longer? I might have to try making one.
    Thanks for the visit and the comment.

  16. The cozies look like a wonderful idea!

    I like what you wrote in your art piece. That's a good thought to take into every new day. Thx!

    Happy T Tuesday :)

  17. A beautiful page to start the New Year with. Can't wait to see what you'll be up to this year and see your art!

  18. Love the crocheted cozies and your journal pages!! I do love watercolors...those danglies are adorable and a lovely sentiment on your page. Thanks for the AC Moore project idea! Happy New Year dear!

  19. Oh!!! Those cozies are SO SO Cute! I actually did some "knitting" for the first time this December and had so much fun! I "arm knitted" (so no needles) and actually created over 20 scarves! I loved it - and can totally see myself getting into that more and more. BUT I don't think I could pull that off - I just love the idea and look of it! AND what a great page. I really REALLY need to get back to art again, it feels like it's been forever - and no word for me yet either. Humph. xoxo

  20. Love the dangles! Want to hear what class you signed up for, too.
    I have never seen mug cozies. Cute! Mine is thermal, so it stays hot a long time...but it doesn't keep your hands warm--LOL! Sorry I didn't make it around last week after posting. Happy T-Day this week, though. :)

  21. Oh Linda, I love that dangle thing you did. I do tangles, so I should be able to do dangles, but funnily enough I have never tried....
    Those mug warmers are a hoot!
    Thank you for visiting earlier,
    Happy T-day,

  22. Happy New Year Linda.You did those mug cozies for the first time and that too in less than an hour!wow they look awesome. Love your new year art they are so colorful, something cheerful to look at in this cold cold weather.

  23. What a lovely cosy blogpost.
    Love both colourful pages and your super-useful crochet.
    Also looking forward to hearing more about the online class you are taking.
    Happy new Year!

  24. Hi Linda!
    i really find this page inspiring! Love the way you played with words!

    Thank you for joining us over Simon Says Stamp - Monday Challange!
    Have a great day! Zoey

  25. Those are wonderful mug cozies!! What a good job and love your vintage buttons...I have a few similar ones!! When I see the word Shine I can't help but think of you!! I just bet you light up a room with your kindness!! Wonderful journal page!!

    Hugs Giggles

  26. I love your journal page and the mug cozies are way cute!! I'm heading to the site now to check out the pattern.
    Happy T day...way late!

  27. What a great sentiment to start off the year with. Thank you so much for joining us at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge in our first challenge of the year. Happy New Year!

  28. What an enjoyable visit! I love your journal page...the sweet dangles and beautiful lettering.

    I'm very impressed with your mug cozies.... I haven't got out my crochet hook this year yet.... but now I have been inspired!!!

    A new journal is always exciting.... as is a new class :)

    My word for the year is Practice..... because for me it relates to just getting on and actually doing art rather than just thinking about it! and also Practice for Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness and all the other things I have good intentions about ;) Your word may find you yet!!!!

    Karen xxx


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