Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winter Projects

 Hello all! And how is your new year going so far? The winter has finally settled in here in my parts and so I am not only creating more art but also crocheting (see what I have made so far here), and reading a lot.

 I am currently rereading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "Being In Balance" after seeing it while putting away xmas things. Hmmm, perhaps balance is my word this year...

 Hubby and I participate in "the healthy plan" of medical insurance thru his work. The main incentive is that it costs less than the other plans but there are some requirements. It was a pain in the you know where at first having to cram in dr. visits and lots of bloodwork and paperwork at the beginning of last year. We also were sent a tracking device to track the # of steps we take each day and they encouraged continued efforts at 7,000 or more steps daily by offering gift cards. Anyhoo, I recently received a $50 card for Amazon so I got the following books!

 I am always looking for a good account of life in France  and I have yet to read anything about the Dordogne so I cannot wait to sit back, read and dream:)

 This is a compilation of letters, diary notes etc. on the time Julia Child, James Beard, and M.F.K Fisher found themselves in the South of France and how they cooked for each other and formed special friendships, and discussed the food culture. I have just begun this one and I imagine t won't take long before I'm finished and in the kitchen cooking French cuisine again!

And this wonderful book by Chris Cozen is brilliant!! I have only skimmed through it but I can see how it is jam packed full of information on color theory, values, etc. along with excellent techniques, step outs, demonstrations and completed projects! Chris is a working artist for Golden Artist Colors, Inc. and so those are the products she uses but you can use other brands and I can even see using the guides for my cold wax and oil projects! 
 So, not a bad selection of books free for staying healthy:):) 

 Now onto my winter wonderland journal page. You saw a bit of it at the top of the post.

  The background is a Gelli print deli paper. The trees were painted on using Golden fluid Acrylic in Jenkins Green with my very favorite new fan brush! Here's what they look like. They are perfect for making trees! I also used stencil paste and a palette knife to create the textured snow on the ground. It was completed with a spattering of watered down white acrylic.
 Now look at this:
See those white "spatters" on the shirt?? Well, I about freaked out because I had been doing laundry and left my son's new shirts behind my art table on the bed and turned to see this! After my heart rate slowed I realized this was the way the shirt is made. WHEW!! Lesson learned!

 Linking this post to Art Journal Journey (winter wonderland theme); Art Journal Every Day; Moo Mania and More (Anything Goes); Paint Party Friday; and the Simon Wednesday Challenge (theme is Something New (my fan brush art).
 Will be around to see what you've been up to this new year!
" Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."          Victor Hugo



  1. Hi Linda, love the post today, your winter art work looks fantastic, I can imagine myself walking there, it is beautifully painted. Love the loo of your new books, have fun. I wish my Insurance would give me a bonus for all the walking I do! Enjoy reading! Thanks for joining us at AJJ and MM&M, and happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. What a lovely winter scene. I love the study colors in the background and those trees are fab!
    How lovely to get rewards for being healthy-a great idea and your choice of books sound intriguing. I'm especially interested in the acrylic colour one-I might need to search for that on amazon myself! Thanks for sharing.
    I'm glad your sons shirts weren't paint spattered-it's easily done!

  3. Wow.. that painting is beautiful! I can tell you that Moo Mania & More and Art Journal Journey are super happy about it - an I am happy too!
    Laughed about your T-Shirt story... lol!
    Super books .. Chris Chozen is just an amazing artist - good book for sure!

    Wishing you an early HAPPY weekend!


  4. Lol, Linda, that is funny about the shirt!
    Your journal page is wonderful. The trees look amazing. What fun that it is a gelli print background too. All your new books look interesting...the color one very creative looking too : ) Enjoy your reading and playing!

  5. Hi Linda! What a super cute project and SO creative. I just wanted to let you know about our Anything Goes challenges at Word Art Wednesday. Our sponsor this week is Simon Says Stamp $25. I hope you will stop by to play along with us!
    Karen Letchworth, Owner
    Word Art Wednesday

  6. Linda, love your winter world.Super adorable!

  7. Great book choices hope you enjoy those.

    Wonderful page for the Art Journey Journal Theme this month. Thank you for joining us

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Wow, Linda. I really enjoyed this post. I had no idea about the healthy plan, but it sounds like a fun way to stay fit and in shape. Your chosen books are genuinely right for you, too. I've seen Chris's book and it is enlightening. Although color is about the only thing I'm good at in collage and mixed media, I found the color palettes of the masters quite interesting. I know you will enjoy this book.

    And then there's the AJJ entry. Golly, you did a fantastic job painting those trees. This is incredible.

    Of course, I had to laugh at the shirt story. I'm sure it wasn't funny when it happened, but it was a great fun story in the end.

  9. Happy PPF! Have a great weekend, hugs, Valerie

  10. I LOVE your winter landscape! BTW, I would have freaked out too if I thought I had ruined one of my kids new tops while working on my artwork - LOL! Enjoy your walking, reading and happy PPf!

  11. Lovely post again, Linda.
    Your Winter painting is tremendous and what a wonderful sky you've made.
    Making art, crocheting and reading (with an occasional walk outside) - oh bliss!

  12. Linda, your painting is fantastic. I love that you used the deli paper to do the background, but those trees are just awesome. I will have to remember the name of that green color as it is perfect for those trees.

  13. What a treat and quite an incentive to keep on walking and get more books. I've got the book about colour on order (great minds!) and now thinking about the learning French book. Only problem is finding the time to read. Perhaps I could try and learn how to walk and read at the same time!

  14. Really a beautiful piece .. love the colours, texture and depth. Your books look marvelous, enjoy! Good luck with your health .. hope you have a healthy, purposeful, prosperous and peaceful 2016. hugs, Donna

  15. Looks a wonderful forest.
    Happy PPF and weekend ♥

  16. Those look like great books. I love your winter scene and your description of how you did it. (Minus the shirts of course, lol.) The whole neighborhood was upset about the larger tree by the street that was taken down. Yes, they had to replant something but no shade from those small palms. Condo living is rarely good anyway. Thanks for visiting. Blessings, Janet, PPF

  17. This is just beautiful! I've actually been thinking of intentionally splattering some old jeans. Saw some at Delia's years ago and always regretted not buying them. Hee hee!

  18. Love your winter piece today it is a lovely post too but sorry about the shirt sigh

  19. A beautiful Winter piece Linda!

  20. Hahaha, I can imagine you were relieved when you realized the shirt was supposed to be this way :-) I am always amazed by the many places I find paint after I've been in a painting frenzy.... I love how you did the sky in your winter wonderland. And getting free books for exercising more ..... Oh, I really wished my healthcare would offer that! I would be fit in no time ;-)

  21. Thank you for making me laugh...not at you but because I could relate to your panic about possible paint speckles ;-)
    Your trees are wonderful Linda. I have a fan brush but have never used it. You did a brilliant job for that perfectly lovely winter wonderland.
    Your books DO sound very interesting...busy busy friend!
    Happy beginning of the weekend oxo

  22. Wonderful winter wonderland trees. Great texture too. Happy New year Linda

  23. Love your wintry page. Happy PPF

  24. your crocheted mug warmers are so pretty, i used to crochet a lot, havent in quite a while though

    luv yor winter evergreen art

    Happy PPF and thank you for dropping in at my blog today

    much love...

  25. Your winter landscape is beautiful and great texture! LOL the shirt story -- oh my, well thank goodness! That made me smile!

  26. So my new favorite piece ever is your winter trees.... oh my goodness this is Stunning beyond words!! You should make it your winter blog banner, I still love the one above, but gosh these trees are so special too. I was trying to figure out which part of the whole the first trees were.... also you could use part of, or all of your journal page for Christmas cards next make some prints of it!! Linda it is so gorgeous!! Or sell it to a card company...seriously so wonderful!! Kind of took my breath away when I saw it... I feel like trees are your symbol...

    Hugs Giggles

  27. lovely snowfall. Especially the last image. Love the words too. :)

  28. Beautiful and magical snow scene! I love it and that you explained how you got those trees looking so alive. The fan brush has always intimidated me. Great snow, too, and of course, the quote...I'm a huge fan and have made three books (going on my fourth) that I keep of my favorite quotes, sayings and movie lines. Sometimes while driving I'll see an inspirational quote on a billboard or bumper sticker and make a note of it to add to my latest book. Have fun curling up with those good reads! The French Lessons book seems interesting.

  29. Hi Linda! I want to wish you a very happy 2016!! My husband's and my insurance give us breaks in insurance cost by doing the same kind of wellness things, but we sure don't get gift cards! I love the books you picked out - you will definitely have to let us know what you think about the ones about France! And wow! I absolutely love your work of art. So pretty!! (I am glad that you didn't get paint splatters on your son's new shirt, too! Whew!!)

  30. That truly is a beautiful winter wonderland Linda,
    You must be thrilled with it. The trees are spectacular.
    I also love those cute mug warmers... just what you'd need in a winter wonderland.
    I'd be intrigued to see how many steps I do in a day, but how fantastic that you get rewards too. It looks like you've got some great reading ahead.
    Happy PPF to you

  31. Love your winter wonderland scene. It's really beautiful. i love the trees. have a great weekend and wishing you peace.

  32. Love your art and thank you for posting the book on acrylics. I am self taught and have a heck of a time finding information lately on art that does not have anime influences! I am new to the blogging world and happy to find new art friends. I am happy to say I am a new follower. Dea xo

  33. Gorgeous winter piece! It really feels like being out in a snowy field. And you've inspired me with book list. I've seen that Provence 1970 and have wanted tor read it, so I ordered myself a cheap used copy off of Amazon. Let me know what you think of it. Hugs!

  34. Haha!I can imagine how terrified you had been with the shirt-:)Thank God it didn't get the paint splatters. Your wint er wonderland is fabulous. The trees look realistic. Fan brush is so good to create these kind of trees. Wonderful books you have got from Amazon. I'm going to check the Acrylic related one. It's great that you get reward cards from the Insurance company. Really enjoyed your art this week.

  35. Haha, love the part of your sons shirt Linda. I can tell that I have some splatter on our printer....from creating! The journal page is simply gorgeous.

    Love and hugs

  36. Gorgeous journal pages Linda! Love the beautiful winter wonderland scene that you created!

  37. Love your beautiful wintry trees... they look so pretty....

    I can imagine your panic about the tshirt ;)

    What a sweet reward for being good :)

    I got a fitness band for Christmas.... I lost clip on pedometers last year! One to the washing machine (!) and one fell off! So this one is firmly on my wrist. I'm not in the habit of constantly wearing it yet (Practice!!!) but today I did and totalled 10,687 steps to make up!!!

    Karen x

  38. Oh your shirt story made me smile! But yes, spashing about paint for snowy effect can make a bit of a mess. But it looks great, I love your winter trees! And what a great selection of books! The colour one really sounds interesting. I've had many years of compulsory French at school, but I'm afraid it's a language I will never ever master. I think you simply can't have a passion for English/Britain and French/France at the same time, at least not if you're neither. And with me, it's Britain and English that won :)

  39. Love the painting Linda!! I'm late getting here because my eyes are bothering me again. Not able to look at the screen long.

  40. Love the Wintry Tree creation ~ and so glad your son's shirt was okay ~ snuggle in with your great books! I love to read.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ~ ^_^

  41. A great post and beautiful artwork, Linda. I like all the different pieces that brought it to fruition. That is a pretty neat health plan and you did a good job to get a reward. I especially am attracted to the last book about color. Thank you for stopping by my blog to leave a comment. Have a good week. I would have panicked about the shirt, too!

  42. Wow! That is beautiful!! Such lovely work!!

    Thank you very much for joining us this week at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog!



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