Monday, March 2, 2015

Sharing a Cup of Warmth

 Last week I had a flare up of inflammatory issues thus making it a bit difficult to do a whole lot. The accumulation of bitter cold days took its toll. Thankfully, my body is healing and improving with each day. And art helps. Last week I also mentioned that I began an online art class recently. The first lesson itself had 6 videos to watch (Jane Davenport teaching)!! So far I have nothing to show for it-very intense and detailed-so I'm just trying to absorb it before delving in. I may even go with another lesson before tackling this one. There's a lesson by 8 other teachers including Joanne Sharpe, Tamara LaPorte, Dina Wakley, and Christy Tomlinson whom I might be more comfortable with to start. And it's all about faces so I created this simple page to warm up a bit. The above is a part of it and this is the complete page:

 I only wish you could see the shimmer from using Twinks over the acrylic painting and page. The words were added digitally. Sharing with T Stands For Tuesday and Express Your Creativity.

 This was our Sunday:

 And guess what? More of it is to come later Tuesday-snow, and a wintry mix!!! ENOUGH!

 It IS March and so my thoughts have turned to St Patrick's Day so I made an ATC and have a postcard in the works:

 The sentiment is an old Ann-ticipations rubber stamp. I used a gelli print paper for the background and added some printed napkin at the top and bottom. Linking to the Simon Monday Challenge whose theme this week is "Just a Hint of Clover".

 Wishing you a cuppa warmth wherever you are.

 "Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes the heart warm."  Augustine Birrell


  1. She is adorable and love the words ~ very creative and great wintry shots~ I agree ~ enough is enough ~ time for Spring! xo

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. Beautiful Linda! Your girl looks fabulous! I hope you feel better! Sending warm sunny thoughts from Arizona!

  3. Wonderful painting and great sentiment for Tuesday.
    Spring is teasing us here in nice and warm for a couple of days, then the storms start rolling through. At least we are getting that long awaited rain.
    Happy T-dau

  4. Yes to healing,and art's part in it. Love your ATC- cute verse!

  5. Wow Linda, your yard looks a lot like mine, except I didn't get quite as much snow as you. Tomorrow our high is supposed to be in the 20's, too. Nights are brutally cold. I can't even work in my craft room, it's so cold.

    I love your gal with the hot cuppa. She is beautiful, and I suspect you don't really need that much help with faces. Your face is gorgeous. I agree that twinks are hard to photograph so the shimmer shows through. Good thing I know what they look like.

    Thanks for sharing your art AND your bitter cold with us for T this Tuesday. I really like that ATC, too. Hope you are feeling better soon. I really understand how cold can take its toll on your body.

  6. Your girl with her warm cup is wonderful!
    She looks lovely on the book page.
    That is a fine line up of teachers.
    I am already feeling overwhelmed but have decided to watch the videos (Misty is SO generous and shares so much too!) and try not to stress about it. I'll be doing good just to get to class.
    Happy that you are doing better again...there is light at the end of the tunnel with spring much closer than before!
    I almost forgot about St Paddy's Day and my maiden name is Mahoney hah!
    Happy T Day ... stay warm!

  7. I've never taken an online class. Will be interested to see how it goes for you. Meanwhile your girl with tea cup and your ATC are really nice. Hope you get some warmer weather and feel better soon.


  8. Your gal is wonderfully done. Our snow has started falling at a brisk pace. We may end up with more than they had predicted if this continues.
    Happy T day!

  9. Happy T-Day and I so adore your girl -- lovely!
    I feel with you... gosh sooo much snow.. horrible at the beginnning of March..
    we want to have spring.. here it is also so cold and icy all the time..but no more new snow since days and the most is gone.

  10. Happy-lateish-T-Day :D Your girl is fabulous. I love to see art on text paper, yet haven't done any myself, lol. Silly really, I know. Maybe one day. :D
    Thank you for your lovely comment for me & Wee Man :o)

  11. I'm sitting here with my cuppa warmth (coffee) and our dreary wet day, and I agree with you: enough! We're expecting more wintry precipitation tomorrow night. I'd love a foot of snow, but I'm tired of ice :( I look forward to summer lol

  12. We are both stuck in this "winter wonderland" mode--it just started snowing here, too. I had a new inflammatory issue myself and actually had to run out to the doctor this morning. Fortunately, it was a pretty benign issue. I hope you feel better soon. I don't do well in these deep freezes either.

    I applaud you for taking the art course on faces--something I have never been able to accomplish. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork and sharing more tea!

  13. Just what is needed to combat the cold. A nice warm cuppa. Hope your online course goes well.

  14. Glad you are starting to feel better, Linda - I am in the same place, just starting to get over a cold virus, complete with fever. And now that I am getting better, Steve's got it! I guess that is better than both of us being totally sick at the same time.
    I think your simple pages are really beautiful! Plus, I am having a warm cup of lemon ginger tea right now so I can further relate :0) feel better - all of us!

  15. Love your art page :) The cold has gotten to be too and it 's been a heavy pain medication week. Today is warmer but the cold is back in force tomorrow with all of the other nastiness :(

  16. Oh! I do love your girl hugging her mug - with temperatures like those though I'm not surprised!
    Love your ATC! Happy T day! Chrisx

  17. Oh Linda, I do hope you are feeling less achy! I know quite a few people who are affected by the weather changes and it's been a difficult winter for that. Love your little gal...a warm beverage can be comforting. My hubby says a hot cup (or even warm dish water) makes the arthritis in his hands feel better. The class you are taking sounds like a fabulous line-up of teachers, so looking forward to seeing what you create! feel better!

  18. So glad you are beginning to feel better, Linda! I love your pretty girl with her mug. And your green ATC is very appropriate for March. Today was warm and rainy, but the rest of this week will be snowy and cold here in Ohio. I'm hoping next week will be warmer each day!

  19. Your painting is gorgeous Linda - I admire your courage in launching into new art areas!
    Yeah just think of your friends and looking at that snow you will feel warm all over!
    I hope you are starting to feel better,
    Big WARM hugs,

  20. Wish I could send some warmth from here Linda. We have too much of it here.Your girl looks adorable. Hope you are feeling much better now.
    Take Care

  21. Poor you - hope you can better and get better weather soon :)

    I really don't like the cold.... I need to feel warm to get my shoulders down from my ears!!!!

    I love your sweet girl and her warming drink....

    Waiting for Jane's book to arrive.... good luck with the lessons and your class.... look forward to seeing your work when you do get stuck in.

    Chin up - not long till spring and the warmer weather :)

    Karen x

  22. Well i think you are warming up quite nicely! Love your art! i like making postcards so i really enjoyed your St. Patty's Day theme. Stay warm and feel better. Moving to Arkansas is going to be an eye opener for us.... they are snowed We are in warm sunny CA.... oh boy!!! Happy Belated Tday my dear!!! Hugs! deb

  23. Glad you are feeling better. You have a nice girl there, very sweet. Your ATC is fun and delightful.


  24. Sweet ATC love the sentiment and perfect for a luck challenge. The page is lovely and your girl sweet. Thanks for playing along with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

  25. Love her Linda :) Now I know how you feel...So much of snow! I never seen snow in real.
    Hope the weather calms down a bit :)

  26. This is so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! and gave me a warmth!!! lovely piece!!!!


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