Monday, March 23, 2015

Tea (Earl Grey, that is) on Tuesday

 It's Tuesday and once again it's time to visit Bleubeard and Elizabeth with a cuppa in hand for T Stands for Tuesday. I was there last week but for some reason my link didn't show and and dear Elizabeth was kind enough to leave me a comment to let me know I hadn't linked up. Thank you Elizabeth! Here is last Tuesday's post if you wanted to see some birthday celebrations pics, news and a bit of art.

 Speaking of.... the Friday before that-the 13th- was a special post celebrating my bday/blogiversary, and also Paint Party Friday's blogiversary where I made a celebration portrait. That week there was a prize being offered-AND I WON IT!!! A $40 gift card for Dick Blick! You can bet that will go to good use:)

 On St. Patrick's Day my friend LuAnn picked me up and took me for lunch at McCarthy's Tea Room in town.

  We both had the same delicious meal which was a turkey melt on brown bread, homemade chips(which I actually ate because there was not one bit of grease on them nor were they salty!) and coleslaw. Along with that we shared a pot of Earl Grey tea. Mmm, mmm good! I was so full after that but took two scones to hubby which he put away in no time. LuAnn also gave me a gift card which she tucked into this adorable basket:

 She told me it was made from a Sizzix die. I have now put a few Easter candies in it as it will be my only holiday basket :) Thank you Ms LuAnn!!!

 Sorry but this is it for now. My day began at 9AM to pick up Betty and then Truman to get some outpatient procedures done. A lot of back and forth driving, including a dr. appt. for myself that was squeezed in. Home by 5:30 PM and must be out for my own bloodwork by 8AM tomorrow which is why I'm posting this Mon eve. And you can bet I will be taking a mug of coffee to have in the car the minute I get out of the office:). As I'm typing here I have a loaf of banana bread in the oven almost ready to come out so I really must go. I'll be around to visit during the day Tuesday and see what everyone else has been up to.

 " Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish."     Ovid


  1. Earl Grey is one of my go-to teas! So glad you and LuAnn had a good day to celebrate your birthday. Sure wish I could have been there. :*) What a cute basket, too!

    BTW, I met a guy from Doylestown the other day who was headed back home and told him that you had mentioned 4-6 inches of snow in Bethlehem that day. He told me Doylestown is about 30 minutes south of you. I think most of it was gone by the time he got there. :)

    Hope your blood work shows nothing but good results.

  2. Congrats on winning the dick blick gift card! Looks like you had a nice lunch with your friend, too. I can practically smell that banana bread!

  3. What a wonderful meal. Yours looks SO much better than the one I had that day. And there's nothing better than sharing a pot of tea with a friend. Wow, the dies they now have from Sizzix. I'm impressed.

    So glad you found a few minutes to share T with us this week. Really enjoyed the lovely photo of the food. Hope the appointments you have scheduled and all the running slow a bit soon.

  4. So glad you won the gift card..It was a well deserved win!Congrats again my friend! Love your meal and the quote. Hope things go smooth for you!

  5. What a fab meal! The basket is so sweet! Wishing you the best dear Linda -- always busy helping!
    You are an angel!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Congratulations on your $40 win, how fine it will feel spending 'free money', hehe.
    Your lunch sounds very tasty, I'm glad you had a very good day.
    Good luck with the test results.
    Happy T Day {{hugs}} Mo

  7. First let me say i LOVE that quote at the end and totally agree. :) What a sweet birthday celebration you had. And a big WIN for some Dick Blick...crafting there any better present? ! I hope everyone's doctor visit went well. Happy happy Tday! Hugs!deb

  8. Your lunch looks delish!!!
    Enjoy your winnings.
    Happy T-day

  9. Those chips and coleslaw look yummy. Such a unique way to gift the card! Once again dear friend a big Congrats on winning the dick Blick card.
    have a lovely week

  10. Those chips look amazing!! Very sweet little basket. Happy T day!!

  11. What an attractive table and festive basket! :)

  12. Your lunch looks lovely as does the basket :)

    Congratulations on your continuing winning streak :)

    Good luck with your results x

  13. oh my, that meal looks delicious, and what an adorable basket for your gift! aren't friends wonderful?! hope all the appointments worked out... & happy T day♥

  14. Happy birthday and congrats on winning the Dick Blick card. That's my favorite place to buy art supplies. Sweet birthday/Patty's Day lunch and gift. Sounds very busy there. Yummm--banana bread! Happy T-Day! :)

  15. The lunch looks amazing!!! Plus the gift basket is just the cutest. I bet it looks great with your Easter candies in it. :) The Banana Bread baking has me hungry for it now and I"ll probably end up baking some as Hubs is wanting something baked. Sounds like your week will be busy busy... take of yourself ♥

  16. Looks like a very enjoyable tea, and with a lovely companion.


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