Tuesday, March 1, 2016

T is For A Special Treat!

                                     Chocolate Mousse (recipe at end of post)

 I know, it's a bit indulgent but VERY easy to make and oh SO good! I made it specially for our son's girlfriend who came over for dinner on Sunday. She is an even bigger chocoholic than hubby or son, and she's addicted to coffee too:) Usually I also make this for a dessert one evening during our gathering at the beach with friends-it's always a hit!

 And woohoo-it's March!! SO much happening this month- St. Patrick's Day, Daylight Savings Time which will give us light yet an hour longer:):), Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, tickets to see Neil and Ryan at our local PBS station to promote Celtic Thunder's next concert in September!!, my birthday, and tickets for another show at the State Theater to see the Fab Faux tribute to the Beatles with the same friends we went to see Il Volo with. And speaking of....

 There was a 2 page write up in the theater program. It was a sold out show and to let you know just how spectacular they were they got a standing ovation for 90% of their songs throughout the show!!! I even got to shake hands with Pierro when he came down the aisle next to me:):) Oh I could just squeeze these boys!

 We all had dinner at a nearby restaurant called Valenca before the show. I had salmon with coconut rice, garlic sofrito, pea shoots, snow peas salad with a ginger soy sauce. It was divine!! Unfortunately some of the selections  others had were NOT so good, and not hot. Then hubby's dinner came a few min. after ours and it wasn't the right entree to boot. Service was VERY slow despite the fact that they were aware we had show tickets. And they weren't busy. They did give us complimentary desserts but we were rushed so we wouldn't be late for the concert. We'll be going somewhere else for our next show. And I won't be recommending this place to anyone as they are very inconsistent and a bit pricey.
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 Ok , let's get to some art. It's just a card though.

 This is for Moo Mania and More for the theme of "my favorite pet".  The stamps are older and I'm not even sure if they are still in business but here's the info anyway-dog-Rubber Cottage, sentiment-Rubber Tree Stamps, paw print-Rubber Stampede. The charm says "love".

 Wishing you a great week ahead!

 " The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog."
                                                                                              M.K. Clinton

                                      Chocolate Mousse

1 c. heavy whipping cream           1/4 c. unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 c. confectioner's sugar            2 Tbsp coffee liquor

garnish- espresso beans or shaved dark chocolate

 Pour cream into a large bowl.Sift sugar with cocoa powder together into the bowl of cream. Beat with mixer gradually adding the coffee liquor. Beat til soft peaks form. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Tips- I used a square of 86% chocolate and made the shavings with a vegetable peeler. You can make this without the alcohol but use a coffee syrup in place of the liquor. Serves 6 - 8 as a little goes a long way in richness and flavor. Enjoy!


  1. First, I think I mentioned how much my friend Sally LOVES Il Volo. I must remember to tell her there's another die hard fan out there, too.

    So glad you enjoyed the concert, even though the meal beforehand was not so hot. At least your entree looked good. I've been eating salads with snow peas lately, so your meal sounded wonderful, although I checked out their menu and it was rather on the high end of what I would pay for salmon in Wichita. Their steak prices were about right, though.

    Yes, March is FULL of wonderful events, that's for sure. I look forward to sharing them with you, too.

    LOVED the cute puppy. You stamp so well. And thanks for the recipe. I am also a coffee/chocoholic.

    Thanks for sharing your meal, your concert, the Chocolate Mousse recipe, and your card with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Yum, yum, yum. The mousse looks delicious. Your March sounds like a lot of fun. And when is your birthday? Mine is in March too. I wish I could get more excited about the month, and I am trying, but part of me is just waiting for the next dreaded winter storm. Not a good way to be. Maybe I need to fill my month with some fun things like you and focus on those fun things. Happy T day, and enjoy all your exciting upcoming events.

  3. Sounds like you have a really full and fun month of March ahead! Oh boy, if I were a chocolate mousse fan, that recipe would be dangerous! Thanks for sharing it, and Happy T Day!

  4. Yummy food and art, love the card and thanks for linking to MM&M! Hugs, Valerie

  5. The mousse looks delicious Linda - great you enjoyed the concert and I wish you am exciting March!
    The dog card is so lovely - thank you for linking it to Moo Mania & More!

    Happy T-Day Linda!

  6. May March blessing follow you all through the month and beyond!
    Adore the dog card!!!
    I'll give that mousse a try.....looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing it and for the visit and comment.

  7. Looks like you had a yummy time of it!

  8. have fun with your cultural Events! beautiful dog Card... and the mousse is bookmarked and will soon be on my hips;)
    thanks for visiting and happy t-day!

  9. Love your new header. Looks like a fun time was had by you.

  10. so much to love in your post! we will be expecting updates on all those activities in March--great blogging topics! and your 'just a card' is really adorable! ... you pretty much had me at 'chocolate mousse!'

  11. I'm glad your meal was delicious, even though the service was poor and slow. Yup--can't go back before a show unless you went another hour earlier--LOL!
    Cute card. My dogs taught me about unconditional love and pure joy. My cats have taught me about earned love, forgiveness, and that I am not all that--LOL! ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  12. What a shame the service was so poor, glad you enjoyed the concert! I love your card - if I could have a dog it would be a Spaniel! I too am looking forward to March! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Yum that dessert looks nice....

    Shame you were disappointed with your restaurant choice.... although you were lucky :) at least you will know for next time.

    March sounds like fun :)

    Karen x

  14. Love your card!!! Bummer that the restaurant wasn't a good part of your evening but so happy you got to enjoy the fantastic music. It's been forever since I've been to a live show.

  15. Sounds like you've been having all the fun, though I'm sorry the restaurant was a disappointment. Inconsistent and pricey isn't a good combination. The food looks good, though :)

  16. Sounds like that restaurant may not stay in business if they keep it up. At least you had a fabulous theater experience which sounds special in every way!
    You DO have a busy month ahead don't you birthday girl.
    Happy March oxo

  17. It sounds like you are going to have a VERY busy March. Your dog stamp is wonderful. You've gotta love those ears and the snooty way he has his nose stuck up in the air. I have never made a chocolate mousse, but I am thinking of trying gout your recipe. It looks like I could follow it. Not so many ingredients.


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