Monday, June 20, 2016

A Little Of This and That

 Summer Solstice has arrived here in the northern hemisphere in true form. Record high heat, brilliant sun and high humidity-worth celebrating to me!

 Speaking of celebrations it's the time of year for graduations of all sorts. Here is a card made for our good friend Andrew who got his MBA while working full time and we couldn't be more proud of him!

 I thought glitter was hard to capture but metallic card stock is even worse!

 Last week we went to a Mexican restaurant with our friend and his wife. It was a bet they made with hubby because hubby says he hates Mexican food and they said they could change his mind. It's called La Morena and it's about an hour's drive away in Hatboro, PA.

                  ceiling decor in this very small restaurant - love it!

    We started out with a huge plate of nachos along with free margaritas-yum!

     I had the vegetarian chimichanga which provided me with another meal the next day:) $8.50

Lynn is showing her chicken chimichanga and that hot plate of chicken and veggies is just for hubby's order of fajitas! More second meals:) $8 and $14

 Andrew had  Churrasco, a Guatamala dish of grilled steak, scallions served with rice sour cream, refried beans, vegetable salad and fried plantains. $14.75

 And if that wasn't enough they insisted we split a dessert to try:

 Sopapillas - fried triangle pastry drizzled with honey and chocolate and topped with whipped cream, powdered sugar and cherries-OMG- and only $4! I ate one triangle and they all finished the rest.

 SO, did finicky Bill like it???

                                            A big "SI SENOR"!

 SO worth the drive -all homemade authentic Mexican food made by the Mexican family that owns this place!! Can't wait to go again!

 Sharing with all of you (sorry if I made you drool) and T Stands For Tuesday!

 Here is another installment in my large art  journal for the Radiant Faces class:

My marker drawing of my "Doodle Face"- another great lesson-this one by Joanne Sharpe!

The completed page:

 Done with alcohol markers and a black and white gel pen. This is what came about after having all the recent tragedies in my mind. The Beatles song wouldn't go away so I made my page full of love.

 The next lesson I plan on tackling will be of a more refined nature-The Dreamer. Hope to have it done for next posting.

 Until then, be well and enjoy!  Linking to Art It Friday - Show Your Face and Paint Party Friday.

" Art is like singing. Some do it better than others, but everyone can and should be doing it for their soul."        Barbara Mason


  1. I LOVE your face this week. She is radiant Linda. I think you have found your face niche. And YUM! I love Mexican food and this food looks great. I haven't had it for a bit and now I want to go get some. Yup, we have the heat too. But I am so glad it is here! Hugs-Erika

  2. Perfect quote as always ♥
    and your lovely lady is right Love Love Love is exactly what we need...beautiful Linda.
    A Mexican food convert now that makes me smile.
    What lovely paper decos and that food sure is generously portioned.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day oxo

  3. What a great graduation card. Metallic papers are very hard to photograph, and even worse to scan. I learned that recently, myself. But it's a beautiful card.

    Your face is great and the lady holding the heart is beautiful, whether she's drawn or colored. Of course, I enjoyed how you tied her in with the Beatles.

    That restaurant reminds me of the one I sometimes take people to with the cut papers on the ceiling, only that restaurant seems to take better care of their papers than the one I go to does.

    Free margaritas? We get nothing like that in KS, because no hard liquor is ever served in restaurants. It sounds wonderful, though. Those were generous portions, too. Second meals indeed. Glad your husband enjoyed the meal, because it looked like he had a good time. I would have gladly helped with the sopapillas, even though they are quite fattening.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your lovely meal, and your margaritas with us for T this nearly Tuesday

  4. Well, having just got up, the thought of that wonderful food really has me drooling, it all looks sooooooooooo good! Love the card you made for your friend, congrats to him for his wonderful achievement, and the face is fantastic. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Wow, that food looks gooood!
    Thank you so very much for your lively comment on my blog! Have a great and creative week! - Irma

  6. Oh gosh....fascinating all that food and I like your card and the fisnished doodle face is just AWESOME Linda! Fabulous!

    Happy T-Day!
    oxo SUsi

  7. your doodle painting is so wonderfully Retro, brings me back to my youth. the Food Looks and sounds yummy and your hubby Looks very Content:)
    have a beautiful t-day!

  8. The restaurant and food looks so inviting and it all looks so tasty. Your Radiant face girl is beautiful, I am now humming the Beatles song.
    Happy Tuesday.

  9. I love your quote at the end. I keep thinking I'm no good at art but this quote, which I know to be true, has encouraged me. I should print it out and hang it above my desk. Print it out? No, draw it!
    Yes, you have me drooling at all that lovely food. It is midday as I am typing this and we are going out for lunch today. You got my appetite working overtime!
    Happy T-Day,

  10. That food looks delicious and I'm glad you made a convert of your husband so you can go back again. I really like your colorful journal page and look forward to seeing the next installment.

  11. Happy Solstice! I love Mexican food, and that looks soooo tasty. Going back would be irresistible! Happy T Tuesday :)

  12. My mouth was watering as you described your Mexican feast!! wow, now I may have to visit the local place for some Mexican food, but this looks amazing.
    Love your doodled lady- she is beautiful. And i agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly! happy T day dear! ♥

  13. Your art is glorious this week Linda and that FOOD ! OMG!!!!!!! I love a good Mexican restaurant where they fix the food right there. I need to make a trip to one again. :) Thanks for sharing and Happy T Week !

  14. i'm now very hungry but sadly no Mexican place anywhere close so instead I'll remember the love!

  15. Definately drooling :-). The food looks scrumptious, mexican food is one of my favourites and the potions look so generous and so reasonably priced, I love that you got free mageritas too! Your doodle face is fab, you are so right, "all you need is love" and as a result I am now playing my Beatles cd :-). Happy T Day! :-)

  16. She is beautiful ~ lovely graduation card and delightful restaurant and such fun ~ love the ceiling decorations ~

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  17. Keep cool! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  18. I'm not such a great fan of Mexican food either, but I have to say, this looks absolutely lovely and yummy! Definitely drooling now! :)
    Beautiful card and page, I love the colours and happy feel of it.
    Enjoy the summer days, personally, I'm glad when our sun, heat and humidity is over.

  19. what a lovely card, the food looks delicious and I like the doodle lady

  20. Looove your doodle face!! Great job!! <3

  21. Lovely card and page Linda, glad your hubby liked that Mexican food

  22. Beautiful work with the alcohol markers, Linda. Yes, the descriptions of your food made me want to rush out tonight and enjoy Mexican food. You could get a job as food editor of a newspaper, I think. And the masculine card is beautiful. I know it was so appreciated.

  23. A wonderful drawing Linda, lovely photos from the restaurant, it looks so yummy.

    Love and hugs

  24. beautiful card and journal page. Mexican food...sounds yummy. I haven't had that!

  25. fabulous card and the restaurant look awesome... love great food like that...especially when it is warm and humid like it is most of the year here... not right no though we are all shivering as we had the rare occurrence of the temps in the 40's overnight... only happens a few times a year thank goodness... have a great week!

  26. That lady love is very inspiring. And your food photos yummy. Thanks for sharing Linda. Im happy you dropped by my blog

    Much love...

  27. Really, you had to show ALL that food? Yum, yum! Also love the doodle. Love, love, love.

  28. My mouth was watering. I'm hungry right now! I looove your girl, beautiful details and color!!

    Have a great day!
    Nora Clemens-Gallo

  29. What a great post!!! Your hubby sure had a BIG smile on his face and I bet the owners of the restaurant were smiling too! Your card was beautiful and makes for a great keepsake for the wonderful accomplishment. And your pretty girl all full of love is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Rasz

  30. Gorgeous tribute can only know I feel the exact same way as you...and that song stuck in my head too!! Love the food photos and the Mexican decor is soooo fun! I would be happy there too!! I knew he would like his food... Authentic Mexican is so good if done right!! For your sake I'm glad he liked it!! But wow soooo much food!!

    Hugs Giggles

  31. Fabulous card and what great photo's especially of Senor!
    It's a good job that I've just eaten otherwise I'd have been wanting Mexican

  32. What a wonderful card. The meal looks delicious! I love your girl, love is such a wonderful theme and she looks so peaceful and beautiful.

  33. The card looked lovely. I do agree that sparkle and shine are hard to photograph. The face looks truly radiant! The food, of course, is drool worthy. I also love mexican food and I am glad you converted another one to this wonderful cuisine.

  34. omg, I can't believe the heaps of food you got in that place, and for so little money! It looks great, I sure would make that drive quite often I think :-) Your doodled page looks beautiful and touching, I love the combination of colours you used, and the sentiment is one we all need right now ...

  35. I love your two interpretations of the faces. The doodle one is wonderful and the colors in the other one are so vibrant and pretty. Your girl is beautiful. You were able to put on paper such a radiant and sweet face. I know you are enjoying the classes. I agree with you...all we need is love. genie

  36. congrats to Andrew. It takes a lot to graduate. My granddaughter did so to a month ago. :)

    Love his medals :)

  37. Ohh that is something to be proud of for sure. The food looks so good and of course your art is wonderful.

  38. Great post - the food looks very yummy!
    Fab card and beautiful doodle face.
    Have a great week.
    Gill x

  39. An MBA while working fulltime - I admire people who can do that. With my job, I could never do it. Kudos.
    That Mexican food looks absolutely delish - yum! Dinner time!!

  40. so much to drool about in this post! The MBA card is lovely - congratulations to your friend. And I love mexican food - it's another cuisine where I can always find something vegan! That's some amount of food you got served and I'm glad your husband decided he liked it after all!
    Your doodleface is lovely - so serene and full of an inner glow - like she's got a secret!

  41. Love the doodle face and beautiful colors!


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