Monday, June 27, 2016

Travels and Dreams

 It's that time of year again and beginning July 2nd thru the 24th I will be doing lots of armchair traveling (and telly watching) with the Tour de France!

 I have everything ready...

 to "ride" along very closely so as not to miss any of the beautiful towns along the route! Any of my followers here would know this is an obsession  something I have been following for many years now:)

 I even made a simple cut and paste collage page about it:

This is my last entry at Art Journal Journey for the "maps" challenge hosted this month by Mary Nasser.

 For my wonderful peeps at T Stands For Tuesday at AlteredBookLover I have -yes-more food to share-along with a beverage of course:)

 I took a friend for lunch at the cute café I had gone to with my Mom a few weeks ago. My friend had the Cobb Salad special with Boarshead jerk chicken and I had the roasted beet salad with goat's cheese walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette ( a fave of mine). We split a savory scone (I was dying to try cuz I never heard of savory scones before-have you?). It's at the top left in the second photo. Rosemary, garlic and parmesan-OMG! I could be in lots of trouble with these-SOOOO good!!

 My latest installment for the Radiant Faces online class is "The Dreamer". Taught by Jamie Dougherty. Here is Jamie's inspiration piece-colored pencils on a wood substrate:

  Isn't she just stunning?? The colors are off because my ink was running low when I printed it for my workbook.

 I'm doing all my faces in a large mixed media journal but I thought I'd give the colored pencils a go (even tho it's not my thing). It began like this:
  I wasn't liking the look or feel of the pencils one bit so I covered it up and went with acrylics. And this is my finished version:

 I wanted her to have her eyes open and have red hair. I LOVE Golden Transparent Iron Oxide for hair and am quite pleased with how she turned out-because-it was  a big HUGE challenge to get the profile proportions right!! The background was done with Pan Pastels. And of course I had to have a bunch of brightly colored feathers in the mix! Linking to Art It Friday- Show Your Face and Paint Party Friday at the end of the week.

 Thanks so much for popping in. Take care and have a fabulous week and weekend! It will be a long weekend for many in the US as we celebrate our Independence Day on Monday July 4th - so bring on the fireworks, and the picnic food!

" You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination."              Roman Payne


  1. Enjoy your screen time :) Love the art and yes profiles are much more difficult but it mastered it well :)

  2. Enjoy your 'tour' and happy 4th to you. Theresa

  3. Such delicious looking salads. It is the meal of choice lately I think. Hope your early summer is going well. Your face this week is spectacular! She has so much personality! And love the AJJ journal page about the Tour de France, I can't say I know much about it. Do you have a favorite or do you just watch to see what happens? Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. I remember you obsessing over OOPS, I mean enjoying the Tour de France in years past, and I simply adore the piece you created for AJJ. I hope to find it on TV, too, because I love seeing the countryside and scenery.

    Your face turned out great. I'd be proud of it, too.

    Your salad looks wonderful. REALLY wonderful. And I have had savory scones before, and like them much better than the fruit filled ones. Yours sounded tasty and delicious. Thanks for sharing your lemon water and salads with us, as well as your awesome art for T this Tuesday.

  5. Your radiant girl is GORGEOUS; well done! Love the journal page you made for AJJ, thanks, and have fun watching Tour de France. Your food looks and sounds delicious, I just got up and am hungry already! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. your tour-de-France Collage is perfect for your addiction to this Sport Event (i can´t relate to... i will never understand why somebody goes through this torture by own decision;)
    your face painting turned out gorgeous! yes, dream with open eyes and the hair Color is beautiful. of course only Vibrant feathers had to be the perfect Addition!
    have a great week, linda!

  7. We are armchair viewers of the Tour as well Linda, though we did see a couple of stages live when it started here in the UK in Yorkshire.
    Delicious food, cheese scones are a favourite of mine and your looks yummy.
    Its a beautiful drawing, love the red hair.
    Happy Tuesday.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Oh my gosh.. a fabulous page.... I made a bicycle tour today with my friend ... had to use an ancient bicycle of her it was o.k.
    And the meal makes me more hungry than I am just now after the tour... like a bear...
    the face is awesome dear Linda!
    Thanks a lot for such a cool Tour de France Collage for the collection at Art Journal Joureny! Always super to see you !♥♥♥
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  9. Great pages. I really like face. I'm not fond of working with colored pencils myself although your instructor's sample is lovely. I like the more intense colors you used and colored pencils don't give me that when I've used them.

  10. That is a great collage of the Tour de France! My dad used to love and follow the tour de France and I remember the radio commentators from my childhood in the days before we had TV. And then there was Eddie merckx in the late 60s early 70s. It's a great race to follow once you understand how it all works. Of course once I moved to Italy we followed the Giro d'Italia, a similar thing only in Italy. Nowadays the Giro d'Italia comes through the little town we used to live in and passes past my house! My son who still lives there sends me photos of the whole 'circus' as we call it. Have fun!
    The salds look delish! I would like the goats cheese walnut beetroot too. Yes, savoury scones are lovely. I used to make cheese and onion scones for my husband's elevenses.
    And the drawing is awesome. I love that 'red' colour!
    Well done!
    Happy T-Day,

  11. Lovely face. The color of her hair IS quite beautiful. Great way to tie your Tour obsession into AJJ.
    Happy T day

  12. Have a gorgeous trip! It sounds like a great idea to do such armchair travelling. I might go to Venice that way! And I also love the quotation you have used at the end of your post. Might borrow that for my Daily Quotation in the side bar that is far from daily at the moment.

  13. Hello Linda,
    Yay, the Tour is coming : ) I have been watching it too since 1988, when I met my husband. Back then he was racing too, and it was thrilling. I love seeing the countryside during the tour too. Your new class and artwork is wonderful! Such expression of contented joy on her face.
    Have fun,

  14. Your page is stunning!She's so adorable!I am eager to see your tour.Love your gorgeous food!And yes, Linda is beautiful in portuguese.Your artwork is beautiful.Sua arte é linda!Art is feminine word in my language.!Linda/Lindo= it is a feminine/ masculine adjective because in Portuguese words are divided in grammatical genders being either masculine or feminine.Happy t day!

  15. delicous food and lovely drawing..I remember seeing the tour de france quite by accident when in France many years was amazing at the speed of the cyclists whizzing by

  16. She is amazing! Her feathers are the perfect touch for her :)

    I may have to give the tour a go.... it's not something I've even thought about watching.... but I do like to be open to new things:)

    Karen x

  17. Linda those salads look so good!!!i don't think i've ever had a scone but it looks yummy! And that face! that glorious face!! Woman that turned out so well!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb Ppsssstt... sorry i'm a little late...

  18. Yes I am looking forward to the Tour de France too! Hubby reminded me that I haven't bought my magazine yet although I know that the first day is starting at Mont Saint-Michel and is going through some beautiful countryside and that on Tuesday it is going from Saumur where we went with my SIL last year! I love your journal page! The face is beautiful - love the addition of the feathers! I would love to visit the place you went to for your salads - savoury scones are delicious cheese and chives or mixed herbs are my favourites! Hugs, Chrisx

  19. Lovely artwork Linda! Those salads look delicious. Happy T day :-)

  20. Nom nom nom! Between your salad/scone and beautiful art I am drooling. I hope you are surviving the heat (had a cool down for a day in Michigan and it was most welcome) and have a Happy 4th!

  21. She is so creative and beautiful ~ gorgeous work ~ Have fun with the Tour de France and the wonderful food you always seem to have ~

    Happy Day, Week and Happy 4th of July to the USA.

  22. Now, that's a fun idea for a virtual tour :) The food at that cafe looks yummy. There's so much that can be done with salad. Happy T Thursday, as I finally get to my computer to check out the links.

  23. Happy PPF Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  24. I love how you made the face your own! Enjoy the Tour de France, and happy July 4th!

  25. Your profile portrait is GORGEOUS! The way it's posed looking off into the sky with her red hair flowing in the air makes it very powerful too. Enjoy the Tour de France!

  26. Wonderful painting.
    Have a great Tour 😃

  27. Wonderful art, lovely lady. Enjoy the Tour.

  28. your face is lovely; i love the feathers. Happy PPF!

  29. You have made me aware of the tour and I'll see if it's aired on my stations! I do worry about the falling, tho. :) Your painting is really fun! How does the acrylic work in a journal? What kind do you use? I like acrylic for crafts but haven't tried it on paper. Thanks!!

    1. I think acrylic works well on anything! I tend to use mixed media journals as the papers are stronger. I also use watercolor journals. Any journal paper will do but if the papers are thin I glue two pages together. And I almost always add a thin coat of white gesso to the page before painting. HTH!

  30. You've done a great job Linda! Get profile is beautiful and I too love her hair...wish mine was that colour!

  31. such great fun drawings, and the ride... super inspiring

  32. Fabulous work!! I looove your collage. Enjoy the tour!

    Have an amazing weekend!
    Nora Clemens-Gallo

  33. So many wonderful things here! I love your lady, her expression is beautiful!

  34. Linda, your profile portrait is so gorgeous. I love her red hair. Enjoy the bicycling race. Some years I watch too.

  35. Your face drawing is fabulous Linda, love the hair and the feathers.
    It's a great journal page, enjoy the race.
    Your salads look delicious and the savory scone - my favorite is bacon, cheese and mustard.
    Have a great weekend.
    Avril x

  36. My dear friends sister was in tour de France one year and loved it! I'm wondering if there is part of your heart that would love to bike.I have a friend that travels the world with a group bikers they're all over sixty. Love your girl, she is stunning. Your vibrant style makes it such a treasure! You should attempt the savory scone. Very easy to make great with salad!

    Hugs Giggles

  37. Hi Linda! Thank you for visiting me earlier and leaving such a sweet comment.You are certainly ready for your "trip". Your face is beautiful and I love the embellishments you added to her. Great food too! Nice of you to bring some food to today's party, haha! It looks delicious. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Robin

  38. Hi Linda, she is super-gorgeous and exuding a very magical and inspiring essence!Fantastic art!
    Enjoy the T-d-F !! Beautiful creations! Thanks for a wonderful post!

  39. I love the addition of the feathers in your dreamer girl's hair.

  40. What a fabulous talent you have. I so avoid faces!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  41. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for your lovely sharing. I'm happy you dropped in at my blog this week

    Much love...

  42. Your lady's portrait is terrific with the tremendous hair-style, and the feathers give it added oomph. I like the pastel background too, a good idea.
    Have a great time watching the Tour de France, some of us are watching Wimbledon Tennis this week.
    By the way, savoury scones are quite normal here and most cafes who serve scones would have cheese scones as well as the sultana ones and maybe other flavours.

  43. Vive le Tour!! The color of your dreamer's hair is gorgeous - wow.

  44. Enjoy watching the Tour de France Linda...can you believe some clowns are trying to get away with using motors on the bikes??

    Yes I love scones and savory scones and scones with clotted cream....

    Your dreaming lady is so vivacious I just know she has some very colorful daydreams

  45. Your dream girl with her ginger hair is so lovely Linda!
    Sorry to be so late to wish you Happy T Day.
    Computer issues have just about taken me over the edge this week, but I'm back.
    You have me looking into when le Tour will be broadcast.
    Your lunch looks and sounds delicious. Big fan of beets and scones when they are not the pasty flour/cake kind.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  46. Your profile painting is lovely! I hope you have wonderful armchair trip...

  47. I love the coloured feathers in her hair! Such a nice addition. Enjoy your fourth of July, and of course your chair traveling :-)

  48. Love that red hair and she has a beautiful face. Getting hungry looking at your lunch. I hope you enjoy your "chair traveling." You are always so busy. Enjoy and be well.

  49. Wonderful work, Linda. And enjoy the Tour de France - you are obviously well-prepared :)

  50. I've never thought to follow Tour de F like you...This is a great idea to travel at home :)
    We had Helsinki Pride yesterday, beautiful faces, hairs like your in your art.
    Have a creative week ahead!

  51. What a beautiful portrait Linda, the colours are wonderful! I love that red hair! xx

  52. Your Tour de France "obsession" made me laugh! It's not something I've ever thought of watching, but I can see the reason you enjoy watching it. The food looks lovely! I only know cheese scones, though I never had one. I prefer to have them with clotted cream and jam :) But I can imagine their lovely too. Your Dreamer looks gorgeous, love her red hair!

  53. Beautiful projects Linda! Thank you for keeping my family in your thoughts :) Amazing collection of fantastic artwork! Your girl looks outstanding! Lovin' all the colorful feathers! Happy PPF :)


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